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Steve Olsher – Day Two “12 Days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift

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In What Is Your WHAT? Steve Olsher, award-winning author and founder of of The Reinvention Workshop. 

docxSteve’s FREE gift can be download here. Access to his book What Is Your WHAT? Featuring inspirational stories of trial, tribulation, and triumph, as well as examples of 18 public figures such as Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, and Jack Canfield who Steve sat down with them to discuss how they made their critical shift from pursuing commodity-driven opportunities to honoring their singular blueprint, What Is Your WHAT? will help you identify what puts fire in your soul.



Petra Mayer – Day Three “12 Days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift

IMG_3023-EditPetra Mayer is a passionate Website Strategist and loves helping her clients gain the clarity they need to turn their website project into a client winning website launch.

Petra believes that strategy is personal. One size doesn’t fit all—what will work for your business is as individual as your fingerprint. This is particularly true if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

Is Your Website Making Money?

How to Leverage What You’re Doing Online into Making More Money!

  • Learn how to apply the 7 Levers online and increase your bottom line
  • Understand how you can build your own personal Online Sales Funnel that will bring you ongoing happy customers
  • Turn your Website into a Money Making Machine

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Liana Chaouli – Day Four “12 Days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift


Expert Elevation Radio Guest - Liana Chaouli

Get Noticed, Stand Out and Shine!  Transform Your Personal Style to Attract New Business and Success

Over the past two decades, Liana Chaouli has developed the theory and practice of Image Therapy®, an educational and therapeutic process today taught worldwide.

Liana Chaouli offers a 3-part video training series as a free gift to you!

“Virtual Style Academy” Video Series. This video series will show you how the RIGHT clothes can build your confidence and empower you to showcase your true, unique beauty. Join me and …

  • Discover YOUR “Essential Formula
  • Determine Your unique body structure
  • Learn one KEY element that impacts the type of clothing you should wear (this might really surprise you!)
  • Understand the one aspect of clothing that is essential to enhancing (or hiding!) your authentic self
  • And much more.
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Laura Clancy – Day Five “12 days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift


Muffin_Toppled_Composite_5x4Want the skinny on how to fit into your lean jeans again? Let Laura Clancy of Muffin Toppled® Enterprises teach you how to blow your fat to smithereens!

In an industry filled with “magic pill” mentality, there are truthful and smart answers on how to get to and stay at your ideal weight. After all, Magic Pills are in the aisle between Unicorns and Yeti's. Truthfully, your jeans CAN fit again when you know how to think, eat and move. It's not necessarily “easy” to lose fat, but Laura Clancy of Muffin Toppled® Enterprises Inc. can make the truthful pill easier to swallow by sharing her 3 component philosophy and how it's worked for her and all of her clients.


Have you noticed that it's getting increasingly difficult to fit into your “lean jeans” no matter how many diets you endure? This C.E.O. report gives you the succinct solution to losing fat and becoming Black Dress Ready (or Black Tie Ready)-Ready to step into your little black dress or tie at any moment!

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Rochele Lawson – Day Six “12 Days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift


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Have you ever wondered why people choose to use holistic medicine instead of traditional western medicine or why they choose to use both?  Did you know that when you are able to connect and balance the mind, body and spirit in a holistic manner, that the success you are striving for in your health and well-being and in other areas of life becomes natural?  Ayurveda is a holistic medical modality gives a person access to information about their mind, body composition, that’s unique to them.

This information allows you to be able to connect with you spirit side in an easier flowing fashion. Rochele Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS shares her wisdom on Ayurveda and why learning your unique composition (dosha) can help you succeed in connecting and balancing the mind, body and spirit, as you travel down your path to Bliss. 

You will receive Rochele beautiful “21 Tips to Instantly Reduce Stress” e-book, a free report on “The best foods to eat anytime, especially during Stress,” a mini “dosha” (constitution) quiz in which you can see, possibly what they are and an opportunity for a free 45 minute Wellness Session with Rochele.

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On the right you will see the “21 Tips to Instantly Reduce Stress”. Grab your free ebook there!

And as a bonus, CLICK HERE , take an assessment test to understand the relation to your stress, how your respond to stress, eating and lifestyle habits, where you feel you may need assistance in regards to managing your well-being, the value you have placed on your health and well-being.  Once you have finished the assessment, you will get immediate feedback on the results of your assessment.  Also be sure to download a free meditation, schedule a free Wellness Session with Rochelle and receive a free copy of Rochelle monthly e-zine that is filled with helpful tips from meditation to holistically running a successful business.

CLICK HERE for your free STRESS Assessment Test.


Deanna Maio – Day Seven “12 Days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift


Deanna Maio

The Mechanics of Making More: 5 Steps to Power Up Your Systems, Delegation & Automation to Catapult Your Business into 6 or 7 Figures.



  • The Easy-to-Make BIG mistake that keep most business owners feeling stuck, frustrated, over-scheduled and generating less income. (and how to turn it around.)
  • The critical steps to leverage your support team so you can catapult your income, but not your hours! (doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or already have a team.)
  • The 4 critical areas of your business to streamline (before you hire your first or next team member) to make more money in less time.
  • And More

Deanna loves giving things away – like really loves it. I’ve seen her list of gifts for those of you and it’s ridiculous.

url-iconFor starters, just for registering, she’s offering her “Top 10 Apps to Systemize & Delegate Your Business” tool. Using some of these has saved me hours and hundreds!



Sheryl Wolowyk – Day Eight “12 Days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift

documentHow To Avoid the “Time Money Trap” …From Expertpreneur® Sheryl Wolowyk

  • Are You Working Long Hours?
  • Feel Like You Have A JOB Again?
  • Overwhelmed And Burnt Out?
  • Disappointed With Your Income?
  • Well Don't Worry… Because It's Not Your Fault!

If your business feels like a JOB And you aren't living the life of a successful “Expert Business Owner”…
You'll discover Sheryl Wolowyk's proven strategies that have helped thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants to:

  • Help More Clients Than Ever Before
  • Fall in Love With Their Business Again
  • Earn More While Working Much Less

 Download your FREE PDF “Income Acceleration Blueprint” via email. 

Please check your email inbox for special delivery of the “Income Acceleration Blueprint Guide.”



Karen Rowe – Day Nine “12 Days of Christmas” Gift

ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift

KarenRoweWhat would it be like to have a book be PAIN FREE? What would it be like to have a book that accurately captures your genius and sounds like you? What would it be like to be positioned as a trusted authority in your industry? Everyone knows you need a book to help your business. That’s a no-brainer. But half of America is writing a book. What is going to set you apart? Are you paralyzed by the task? This no-holds barred episode addresses the most frequently asked questions in the book business, as well as what questions you should be asking.

eBook: How to Write a Book in 6 Weeks (and have fun doing it!) 

KarenRowe-OurLittleSecret-1This content rich eBook is filled with strategies to help you get your book written in record time. All my best tips and tricks to complete with velocity, hit “PUBLISH” and free up your time so you can run your business and do what really matters to you.




Michelle Nedelec – Day Ten “12 Days of Christmas” GiftExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift


Stop Banging your head against the wall!

How to create a business with ease

According to Vince Lombardi’s Top 6 success principles

Sadly most business owners today are living lives of high stress and burnout. It doesn’t have to be this way! With a few simple tweaks to overall strategy, some techniques and most importantly some mind set shifts, every business can be run smoothly and efficiently. It all begins with you!

Vince Lombardi's Top 6 Success Principles

MichelleNedelec-VinceLombardis6Principles-1Vince Lombardi was and still remains one of the most successful coaches in the NFL. In fact, not only was his success record breaking, but to this day, over 50 years later, those records still have not been broken. Vince's quotes can be found around the internet, from brainyquotes to Youtube and everywhere in between. Most often Vince is associated with Hard work and Determination, but I believe that to be somewhat of a fallacy. I believe that what Vince Lombardi taught the Green Bay Packers was how to succeed with Ease and Joy and I'm here to show you what I mean.

In this report you'll receive the top 6 principles that Vince taught his team.

You'll receive the breakdown of how these principles apply to your life and your business and you'll get tools and tips on how to apply these principles to your life.

The benefits of creating a life of ease are often overlooked by many business people, they think it's a sign of weakness or sloth, but the truth is that it's ESSENTIAL to the longevity of your business and to your life! Most people look forward to Friday, or their vacation they never get to when they can finally relax and enjoy life, but they're doing it all backwards!

Learn to enjoy all aspects of your day and you will learn how to reduce stress, get more done in less time, be a more effective leader, and make money! Isn't that what you REALLY wanted? Starting a business is alluring because it promises a life of freedom and more money; it's time to bring them home!

I know this report will help you to see new ways of looking at your day and your life to start creating a life of Ease. It's only a click away, and I'd love to offer it to you for FREE!

Download Your Copy of Top 6 Success Principles of Vince Lombardi Here


Finance concept: arrow with Special Event on grunge wall backgroundHoliday Holidays!

Complimentary ticket to TWO special events you don't want to miss.

Christmas flat icons6December 24th on the 11th Day of Christmas: Get your complimentary tickets to “Be The Change” 2015.  

Be The Change grew from Suzanne Evans' commitment to help EVERY business owner willing to work, willing to take action, willing to receive and apply guidance, to experience the rewards only a profitable, thriving business can deliver.

If you have yet to witness her powerful business strategy mixed with her hilarious take on business LIVE … you are in for a treat. Suzanne will dig deep for even more surprises, insights and one-of-a-kind ideas to help grow your business faster than ever before.

Hurry and grab your ticket here before our allotted amount is gone

                                      Be The change ticket

Be the Change is Suzanne’s brain child: an outrageous combination of education, information, and entertainment. Every attendee also receives their own copy of the Be the Change Profit Secrets Binder.

Last year’s version ran a full 266 pages: Chock full of Suzanne’s most powerful ideas, actions plans and resources. Not to mention actual examples from her own business, and those of her clients. Including amazing templates, check lists and fill-in the blank assessments. So you can walk away knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to create the business you have always dreamed of.

As our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway, Expert Elevation is offering complimentary tickets!

Register here for your complimentary ticket (with a $197.00 refundable deposit) Tickets for Be the Change event sell for $ 1,000 per person.

It’s one of the most dynamic, powerful events for business owners who are committed to create unprecedented profits. I’m so excited for this upcoming event because I’ve seen entrepreneurs make changes that they’ve learned from Suzanne and her host of speakers and it made a difference in their business. Reserve your seat today for Be the Change 2015, May 27-30 in Orlando, Florida!



Christmas flat icons9December 25th on the 12th Day of Christmas: Expert Elevation is offering complimentary tickets to my LIVE Income Acceleration Summit event coming up in June.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with me directly to make sure you have a powerful income acceleration system in place to exponentially grow your business.

By the end of this 3 Day “Get it Done” experience, you’ll be a better marketer than 95% of business owners out there. At the Summit you’ll learn a complete client attraction and conversion system so you can start accelerating your income right away.

Grab your ticket now before our allotted amount is gone!

                              IASummit Ticket

You’ll also receive dozens of done-for-you templates to save you days or weeks of precious time. Take home our free checklists and guides to ensure you have all the steps covered to create an effective client attraction and conversion system.

Click here and Grab your ticket now while the special offer is going on during the Holiday season. Tickets for the LIVE Income Acceleration Summit sell for $ 997.00.

You can grab your seat for free if you register for the live event and pay a “no show” deposit of $ 199.00 which will be refunded to you when you attend the LIVE event!

Check out the details here and if there is any questions you may have about either of these programs, shoot me an email and let me know.

My staff and I want to wish you a joyous holiday this year.

Sheryl Wolowyk