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ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift


Steve Olsher's  award-winning author reveals What Is Your WHAT? Featuring inspirational stories of trial, tribulation, and triumph, as well as examples of 18 public figures such as Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, and Jack Canfield who Steve sat down with them to discuss how they made their critical shift from pursuing commodity-driven opportunities to honoring their singular blueprint, What Is Your WHAT? will help you identify what puts fire in your soul. 
Free Access to Steve's book, What Is Your WHAT?


ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas GiftPetra Mayer is a passionate Website Strategist. Learn how to apply the 7 Levers online and increase your bottom line. Understand how you can build your own personal Online Sales Funnel that will bring you ongoing happy customers.Turn your Website into a Money Making Machine.
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ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas GiftLiana Chaouli – Get Noticed, Stand Out and Shine! Transform Your Personal Style to Attract New Business and Success. Over the past two decades, Liana Chaouli has developed the theory and practice of Image Therapy®, an educational and therapeutic process today taught worldwide.
Liana Chaouli offers a 3-part video training series as a free gift to you!




ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas GiftLaura Clancy – Let Laura of Muffin Toppled® Enterprises teach you how to blow your fat to smithereens!
Have you noticed that it's getting increasingly difficult to fit into your “lean jeans”, no matter how many diets you endure?
This C.E.O. FREE report gives you the succinct solution to losing fat and becoming Black Dress Ready (or Black Tie Ready) to step into your little black dress or tie at any moment!



ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas Gift


Rochele Lawson – You will receive Rochele beautiful “21 Tips to Instantly Reduce Stress” e-book, a free report on “The best foods to eat anytime, especially during Stress,” a mini “dosha” (constitution) quiz in which you can see, possibly what they are and an opportunity for a free 45 minute Wellness Session with Rochele.
And as a bonus, take an assessment test to understand the relation to your stress, how your respond to stress, eating and lifestyle habits






ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas GiftDeanna Maio – The Mechanics of Making More: 5 Steps to Power Up Your Systems, Delegation & Automation to Catapult Your Business into 6 or 7 Figures. The Easy-to-Make BIG mistake that keep most business owners feeling stuck, frustrated, over-scheduled and generating less income. (and how to turn it around).
Download “Top 10 Apps to Systematize Delegate Your Business” tool. Using some of these has saved me hours and hundreds!



Sheryl Wolowyk 

ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas GiftHow To Avoid the “Time Money Trap” …From Expertpreneur® Sheryl Wolowyk

Are You Working Long Hours?
Feel Like You Have A JOB Again?
Overwhelmed And Burnt Ou
Disappointed With Your Income?
Well Don't Worry… Because It's Not Your Fault!

If your business feels like a JOB And you aren't living the life of a successful “Expert Business Owner”…You'll discover Sheryl Wolowyk's proven strategies that have helped thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants to:

  • Help More Clients Than Ever Before
  • Fall in Love With Their Business Again
  • Earn More While Working Much Less

 Claim your FREE “Income Acceleration Blueprint” Today



ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas GiftKaren Rowe – What would it be like to have a book be PAIN FREE? What would it be like to have a book that accurately captures your genius and sounds like you? What would it be like to be positioned as a trusted authority in your industry? Everyone knows you need a book to help your business. That’s a no-brainer. But half of America is writing a book. What is going to set you apart?
eBook: “How to Write a Book in 6 Weeks in Six weeks (and have fun doing it!). Download your PDF copy today!



ExpertPreneur 12 days Christmas GiftVince Lombardi was and still remains one of the most successful coaches in the NFL. Stop Banging your head against the wall! I believe that what Vince Lombardi taught the Green Bay Packers was how to succeed with Ease and Joy. It all begins with you! You'll receive the breakdown of how these principles apply to your life and your business and you'll get tools and tips on how to apply these principles to your life.
Download Your Copy of Top 6 Success Principles.




Holiday Holidays!

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Christmas flat icons6December 24th on the 11th Day of Christmas: Get your complimentary tickets to “Be The Change” 2015.

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Suzanne Evans' commitment to help EVERY business owner willing to work, willing to take action, willing to receive and apply guidance, to experience the rewards only a profitable, thriving business can deliver. Be the Change is Suzanne’s brain child: an outrageous combination of education, information, and entertainment. Every attendee also receives their own copy of the Be the Change Profit Secrets Binder. Tickets for “Be the Change” event sell for $ 1,000/person.

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Be The change ticket


Christmas flat icons9 December 25th on the 12th Day of Christmas: Expert Elevation is offering complimentary tickets to my Income Acceleration LIVE Summit event coming up in June. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with me directly to make sure you have a powerful income acceleration system in place to exponentially grow your business. By the end of this 3 Day “Get it Done” experience, you’ll be a better marketer than 95% of business owners out there. At the Summit you’ll learn a complete client attraction and conversion system so you can start accelerating your income right away. You’ll also receive dozens of done-for-you templates to save you days or weeks of precious time. Take home our free checklists and guides to ensure you have all the steps covered to create an effective client attraction and conversion system. Tickets for the LIVE Income Acceleration Summit sell for $ 997.00.

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 IASummit Ticket



One Year Free Access ExpertPreneur® Magazine

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  EDITION 07                     EDITION 08                     EDITION 09

Day One  “12 Days of Christmas” Gift Giveaway will help you improve your business and your life.
Summary of sample editions of ExpertPreneur® Magazine
  • In Edition 07 you'll learn how to reach your goals twice as fast; tips on how to get more organized to have more time to do the things most important to you; and 10 power habits that will change your life from our very own Noah St John.
  • In Edition 08 you'll discover the revolutionary new way of selling. Whether you’ve never picked up the phone to have a one on one sales conversation or have been at it for years and are looking to improve your results, the information in this edition will forever change the way you approach the sales conversation.
  • In Edition 09 you'll learn how to add six figures to your bottom line by hosting your own Mastermind Group; increase sales with a clear elevator pitch; and use pain and pleasure marketing to paint a picture of where your potential clients are now compared to the destination they can go to with your help.
You get all this and many more insightful articles, tips, and strategies from our Top Experts during our “12 Days of Christmas” Gift Giveaway that will help you to realize success in your business and in your life.
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