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website photo about us pageI'm Sheryl Wolowyk, founder of Expert Elevation and Expert Elevation Agency.

The reality is you can earn a living doing thousands of different things but the people who work with Expert Elevation don’t want to make a living doing just anything. They are passionate entrepreneurs with a vision, who want to make a difference in the world and make a lucrative income doing it.

I’ve coined the term expertpreneur® to describe the people I work with.

ExpertPreneurs® are consultants, coaches, speakers, seminar leaders, authors, financial planners and other experts who lead, advise, and inspire others from a position of established knowledge, experience and credibility.

I work with these individuals to help them develop a winning business strategy that is built around their strengths, experience, passion, and a viable market. This is what I call your money spot. It’s finding your ideal clients and serving them by doing the things that you are really good at in a way that is authentic and uniquely yours.

I help ExpertPreneurs® like you understand the few critical things you need to do to build a successful business. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, overworked, frustrated or confused about your business. I’ll show you how to organize and simplify your business so that building your brand and your business can be enjoyable, fulfilling, and can bring you the level of income you desire.

I’m known for delivering some of the most innovative and high quality entrepreneurial training in the industry. Working with me you’ll learn how to attract a steady stream of ideal clients using my income acceleration system. This system will show you how to attract your ideal clients, the ones who are ideally suited to your approach, products and services and who will benefit from your business the most.

I’ll show you how to find these ideal clients and position your value with them so you win their business — and, over time, their loyalty so they continue to buy from you time and again.

My company Expert Elevation offers business building programs, coaching, mastermind groups and live events to help you build a lucrative business and influential brand.

I care deeply that you get results and achieve your goals. I’m not here trying to sell you on the next “silver bullet” to magically build your business. I’m here to share with you highly effective business building techniques that are used by strategically minded expertpreneurs® just like yourself.

There are a lot of “business coaches” out there offering their programs and services, but the sad fact is most of them have never built a lucrative business themselves. I always wonder to myself, why do people buy programs, coaching and business advisory services from people who have never done it themselves? Would you have your car maintained by a mechanic who had never worked on a car before, or a heart surgeon that had never done open heart surgery?

Of course not, so why would you take business coaching advice from an amateur who had never built a successful business before?

I’ve built several multi-million dollar businesses in consulting, speaking, seminar delivery and health care industries.

I know first-hand what it takes to build a successful businesses in a way that doesn’t consume all your time and energy or cause you to take unnecessary financial risks — and I’ve learned many things over the years working in and on my own business but I’ve also invested heavily in learning from others.

You see even though I’ve learned a tremendous amount building my own businesses, I also value and invest heavily in learning from others because I know there are always things that I can learn to do better. I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning from dozens of leading business speakers, trainers and authors, in addition to earning an MBA.

So when working with me, you not only benefit from everything I’ve learned from my own business building experience, but also everything I’ve learned from dozens of other entrepreneurs who have themselves built multi-million dollar businesses.

But most importantly what you get from working with me is the knowledge, and experience I have to offer you from working with ExpertPreneurs® like yourself, tailoring all the things I’ve learned, so that I can provide value and advice for your unique business.

So if you’re looking for business coaching, entrepreneurial training, proven growth strategies and marketing advice from someone who has a proven track record then look no further. Check out the products and services that Expert Elevation has to offer and let’s get building your influential brand and lucrative business together.

Sheryl’s Professional Biography

Sheryl Wolowyk, The Income Acceleration Coach, is a best selling author, internationally recognized speaker, award-winning business consultant and strategic coach, who has created four million dollar ‘expert’ businesses using her ESL philosophy. Make it Easy, Simple, and Lucrative.

Sheryl helps consultants, coaches, speakers, and other ‘ExpertPreneurs’® develop business growth and marketing strategies to attract a steady stream of ideal clients, who pay them top dollar, so they can have the impact and the income they desire in their business. Based on her own experience Sheryl teaches her clients how to find their money spot; increase their visibility and reach; differentiate themselves from the competition; and clearly articulate the value they provide to create their own lucrative businesses.

Sheryl walks her own expert advice by amplifying her voice and message across the globe through fast growing marketing platforms. She is Executive Producer and host of the ExpertPreneur® Radio Show, hosts Expertpreneur® TV, and has been seen on ABC,CBS, NBC, and FOX affiliate stations. She has appeared on hundreds of .com websites including CNBC.com, BostonGlobe.com, MiamiHerald.com, Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch.com, YahooFinance.com, and has provided her insight and advice in Forbes Magazine and as a National columnist for America’s Premier Experts. Sheryl is also editor and publisher of ExpertPreneur® Magazine, a free digital magazine available on the Apple newsstand and Google playstore in 155 countries.

Action-focused aspiring experts rave about their success attracting clients, growing their revenues, and charging their worth as a direct result of the lessons they learn at Sheryl’s invitation. To contact her to find out how she can help you grow your business contact her at sheryl@expertelevation.com


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What Clients Say About Working with Sheryl



pic-rachelIn a matter of minutes, Sheryl zeroed in on innovative ways to position myself and my business for streamlined growth. Sheryl’s breadth and depth of knowledge about the industry and its key players is stunning. With the split-second decisiveness of a champion athlete, she cut through my confusion and showed me a step-by-step strategy to move rapidly toward more impact and income.

Rachel Resnick, Writers On Fire


unnamed (1)Sheryl Wolowyk is brilliant at business. Her many years of successful business experience tied in with her coaching approach is invaluable to anyone wanting to expand their business.

Susan Delano Swim, High Performance Business Coach


pic-dianeSheryl Wolowyk blew me away with her power packed coaching. I've never had someone deliver such strong, succinct, actionable training for monetizing expert brands online. Sheryl gives a no-holds-barred, step-by-step approach for creating sustainable streams of income unlike anything I've seen delivered anywhere. I cannot recommend her coaching enough!

Diane Lefrandt, 3D PR Group