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Here's How To Get Off “The Income Rollercoaster”…
And Fix The Deadly Mistakes You're Making Now..
So You Can Attract a Steady Stream of Your Ideal Clients…
And Finally Create The “Expert” Business and Life of Your Dreams!

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SWolowyk The Income Acceleration Coach


Welcome! Hope you got a lot from our Special Webinar Training session for “Expert” business owners…

“The 3 Deadly Mistake Most Expert Business Owners Make… and How To Fix Them Before It's Too Late!”

You've heard my story… how I was working way too much in my coaching and consulting business, and not getting the results I wanted. How I’d have enough income some months and was struggling to pay my bills the next month. I was frustrated because I had tried so many things to turn my business around and nothing seemed to work. Then one day …

I met a coach that showed me the things I was doing wrong in my business, how I could fix them, and just as important, how I could do fewer things and have more time and more of a life. My coach showed me the things that I was wasting time on, and showed me the key things that I should be doing to earn a lot more without all the stress and overwhelm I was feeling. Once I learned these things I made some changes to my business that turned things around so I made a lot more money than ever before, worked with clients I absolutely adored, and used leverage and automation strategies to work way less. Not only that….

I was able to duplicate my success over and over again creating 4 million dollar businesses and teach
my clients the same principles I had learned so they could create their own business success.

You can too!

Here's YOUR second chance, to finally create the “expert” business and life of your dreams. To take the steps you must take to get there, with my help. To fix the root causes (aka “The Deadly Mistakes”) of not approaching what you do as a real business. Leaving money on the table every day and not building leverage into your business.

Not setting yourself up to attract a steady stream of your Ideal Clients…

Not building your list and creating new relationships every day…

Not communicating with your prospects in a way that lets them know “Wow, I'm in the right place!”…

Not continually turning your prospects into clients and customers, then repeat customers…

Not maintaining a strong, meaningful connection with your clients and nurturing your list…

Not retaining clients for the long term, who feel a connection and a commitment to your business.

Well this can all change for the better. When you join my Income Acceleration Coaching Program for coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and all “expert” business owners like you.

When you join us today, you will discover how to use certain foundational business and marketing principles you're not using now, to set you free from being stuck on “The Income Rollercoaster”. Enabling you to help many more people, have a bigger impact in their lives, all while working much less.

Very Important Note: My Income Acceleration Coaching Program is NOT for you if you are not serious about attracting a steady stream of Ideal Clients. If you're not 100% committed to having a bigger impact on people's lives. If you're not serious about creating a real business, that can provide the “Expert Lifestyle” and income you desire.

With that said, if you are serious about helping more people in an impactful way, and creating the business and life of your dreams…

My Income Acceleration Coaching Program was specifically designed for YOU!

Over an 8-Week period, you will get access to 6 intensive 45 minute training sessions… straight and to the point…all designed to help you fix The Deadly Mistakes you're making now:

  • To help you approach what you do as a real business.
  • To help you stop leaving money on the table every single day.
  • To help you build leverage into your business.

So you can help more people, get off The Income Rollercoaster, and escape The Time for Money Trap. While achieving the lifestyle and income you envisioned when you first decided to become an “expert.”

In your first Training, you'll get started with the foundation of having a real business…
Income Accelerator 1 – Making Contact Consistently and Systematically

Where you'll get step-by-step direction for fixing Deadly Mistake #1 – Not approaching what you do as a real business. Get this right and you'll have a steady stream of prospects (who fit the avatar of your Ideal Client) entering your world every day, automatically.
No more “Income Roller Coaster”… and no more struggling to get new clients!

You'll find out how to deliver your message using the proper “media match” that your target market prefers over all others. Get this wrong, and no one is listening. Get this right, and you'll have new prospects entering your world every day.

You'll also get my special “Know Your Customers” Analysis Template.

A valuable tool to help you dial in to exactly who your Ideal Clients are, the “avatar” of who you should be attracting to your business. Helping you define the demographics of your Ideal Client, plus the behavioral psychographics that drive their motivation and actions, so you have no doubt what they are looking for, and what's most important to them.

Then once you know that, I'll show you the critical steps you must do next. Miss these steps, and all of your efforts are in vain.

By the time you're finished with our Income Accelerator 1 training… You'll have a solid understanding of how to identify your Ideal Client… How to reach them where they hang out… and how attract your Ideal Clients to your world.

Enabling you to build relationships, make many more sales… and transform lives in a way where you have a much bigger impact on your clients than ever before. In addition… as part of your Income Accelerator 1 training session…

You'll also get my Pareto Principle Process Sheet, to help you grow your income by attracting more Ideal Clients. Enabling you to leverage the 20% who will be your best clients… and not waste your efforts trying to attract the other 80% who are not your Ideal Clients.

Then you'll move on to your next Training…
Income Accelerator 2 – Capturing Your Ideal Prospects and
Building Your List

Sure, they say “the money is in the list.” But much of that money may have not been coming your way…until now. When you'll discover how to build a strong lucrative list that will pay off for you over and over again. Enabling you to move away from your reliance on inconsistent referrals and an inconsistent flow of new leads to your business for good.

You'll also get a crash course in developing an irresistible “lead magnet” that will be Step 1 for attracting new prospects to your world. Client RetentionsYou'll use the knowledge you gained in Income Accelerator 1 about your target prospects to create a Lead Magnet that gets their attention… and makes them want what you're offering.

You'll uncover exactly how to create Your Lead Magnet so it speaks directly to your target prospect's pain, frustrations and problems… along with their big goals, dreams and desires… While starting a conversation that leads them down the path to knowing, liking and trusting you… and becoming one of your clients.

Next, you'll also get an A to Z training on proven methods for creating targeted Landing pages… Plus a look at proven “optin” strategies to get your ideal clients on your list… That gets more of your leads to give you their contact details, and access your Lead Magnet.

Get Landing pages right, and you'll enjoy more new prospects entering your world than you ever imagined possible. Get them wrong, and your business will continue to lack the steady flow of new prospects you must have to thrive and succeed.

Then in your next Income Accelerator 2 training, we'll take what you discovered about creating your irresistible Lead Magnet and effective Landing pages… As you dive into a full blown training on List Building Strategies of the most successful ExpertPreneurs®. I’ll also show you how to maximize your list with 40 proven list building ideas that will kick-start your list building in a big way. Including funnel marketing and occasional promotions… that can literally create “money on demand.” So you finally get to see first hand, what “The money is in the list” really means.

By the time you've attended the Income Accelerator 2 training session … you'll already be miles ahead of where you are today. Primed for major business transformation that will enable you to help many more people, and live the life of a successful ExpertPreneur®.

Then you'll get access to your next Income Accelerator Training Session…
Income Accelerator 3: Communicating Your Marketing Message

Now it's time for you to begin fixing Deadly Mistake #2 – Leaving money on the table every day.

You'll get a full tutorial on crafting compelling messages, including using the foundation of great copy… the AIDA formula.

Plus you’ll get tips and tactics for:

  • effective headline creation,
  • structuring effective communication, and
  • leveraging your prospects top of mind problem to get them to take action.

Communicating Your Marketing Message:
“The Secrets of Top ExpertPreneurs®”

You'll see how to pique your prospects interest in what you have to say, so they want to hear more… how to stir their existing desires, so your solution becomes the obvious choice… and how to get even the most indecisive prospects to take action with excitement and anticipation.

You'll also get in-depth training on leveraging content to continue the conversation you've already started… and creating processes and systems that will develop your relationships automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you work, while you're on vacation, while you sleep.

Education Based Marketing

Then you get a crash course on Education-based Marketing. This is the factor that separates great marketing from hype and noise. Because the more you educate your prospects about how you can help them, and what they have to gain… the more they will begin to know, like and trust you… and become one of your clients or customers.

You'll discover the best ways to use education-based marketing… to intrigue and engage your prospects while helping them bond with you… every time they get the feeling you are just like them.

And in case you're thinking that this sounds like it's going to require a lot of content, that you just don't have time to create… Don't worry because inside your Income Accelerator 3 training is a step by step tutorial on my personal 6-Step Content Creation Process that helps you get it done quickly and in a way that you can re-purpose it to create many more touch points with your prospects than ever before.

In Income Acceleration Training session 3, you'll find out how you can leverage your content creation… In our Repurposing Content training. You'll see how one piece of content can be transformed into many different types of content… and be distributed across many different channels where people consume content. I’ll even help you get organized and schedule your content delivery with my Editorial Calendar Template.

Our Income Accelerator 3 Training session enables you to leverage the traffic you get… and have content easily created to be used again and again and again.

That's a lot of value so far, and we're not done yet. In your next Training session, you'll move on to:
Income Accelerator 4: Converting Prospects into Clients

Income Accelerator 4 is where the rubber meets the road because these trainings are all about turning as many of your prospects as you can into paying clients…some of them, even lifetime clients.

Allowing you to not only fix the mistake of leaving money on the table every day… we'll solve the big expert problem of not having a steady stream of clients… so you can finally leave “The Income Roller Coaster” behind for good.

First, you'll get a revealing training on the Principles of Conversion. Foundational concepts you must have a solid grounding on, before you write even one word of sales copy. You also must have this education when you're hiring outside copywriters to craft your sales messages… or you'll never know if it's good or not. In this training, we go deep on “insider tactics” for influence and persuasion.

Converting Prospects Into Clients

Clients And Prospects Converting LeadsProven methods, triggers, words and ideas that bring people to your side of the fence, and get them to take action. Used for almost a century by the biggest names in marketing and business… to create sales copy that makes the sale, in a cool way. Using a non-slimy sales approach that is the opposite of “pitching”… that builds a connection, and gets them to know, like and trust you.

First we focus on Influence and persuasion techniques specifically for use when selling online. You'll be able to apply what you uncover to all of your sales pages, webinar scripts, video scripts and even video sales letters. This training will even help you make your Landing Pages work much better. Plus, we'll talk about the 3 steps every funnel process must have, to make your conversion strategies work like crazy.

Then we focus on using your new influence and persuasion skills when you're selling face to face. Whether it's a presentation to a packed live event, or a one-to-one consulting proposal presentation… You'll be able to craft your message to close the deal, and maximize sales.

We even have a specific influence and persuasion training for your phone selling activities… Which will come in handy the next time you do a free strategy phone session for a prospective client, and you want to easily get the business speaking in an authentic way… instead of feeling awkward, not confident, and afraid to make an offer.

Then, I have even more must-have resources for you… For asking the right questions, and getting important information from your prospects by being a good listener… and reading body language… for working through sales objections so you can get to the YES… And even a worksheet to help you attract and close more clients.

You'll be able to use these skills to increase sales… in many different selling situations… and create a steady stream of new clients while not having to rely solely on inconsistent referrals ever again.

Next, let's move to what you'll get in our next Income Acceleration Coaching Program Training Session:
Income Accelerator 5: Creating (and Maintaining) A Connection With
Your Customers

Here we fix another BIG problem causing you to leave money on the table every day… Not making your clients feel special and wanted… and not continuing the conversation with them, even after they have made a purchase.

In your Income Accelerator 5 training session, we're going deep into Client Relationships and developing that crucial connection. The fact is, if your client feels like you are ignoring them, or don't value them… they will be happy to give someone else their business who appreciates them.

You'll get a big look at the world of Customer Satisfaction and how to get your customers THRILLED with you and the value and solutions you provide.

You'll find many ways you can do this… as you use my Loyalty Ladder strategies… giving them the VIP treatment, and other special perks your best clients deserve.

Creating and Maintaining a Connection With Your Customers

You'll see how you can embrace a culture of customer “delight” in your expert business, and watch your profits soar. Learn how to communicate with your clients to find out what they really think about you and your products and services, giving you valuable insight into how to keep them engaged and satisfied and coming back for more.

I’ll make this easy for you by providing a special resource … the Customer Scorecard Template. Use this to have your customers and clients rate YOU. 95 out of 100 experts never put any attention to this area. Do it in your business, and you'll have an unfair advantage in your market that is unbeatable.

In your Income Accelerator 5 training, we'll also go deep into the next step with your happy clients… Attracting and systemizing your referrals. I have even more resources for you, to help you understand what's really possible with referrals… and maximizing the referrals you get, inside:

Referral MarketingMy 8 Sources of Referrals report… and my short session on how to attract more referrals, including the 9 keys to getting people to send clients your way. These are essential pieces you must have in your systemized referral attraction process with a simple but powerful action plan for getting your referral system up and running in no time… and tips you can use to be more attractive to your clients, which creates more referrals.

This Income Accelerator means the difference between creating lifetime clients that buy from you again and again… and tell their friends about you… or losing clients just a few months after you attract them.

Your next Income Accelerator training session will help you capture that pile of cash you're leaving on the table… and make your clients love you and stay with you longer…
Income Accelerator 6: Customer Retention and Reactivation Strategies

This training is your defense, for preventing as best you can, clients and customers leaving you.

In this eye opening training on creating and using “Stick Strategies”… and leveraging my “Prosperity Pyramid”… you'll see that an ounce of prevention is absolutely worth a pound of cure. Which means it is better to prevent a bad thing from happening… than to wait to fix the bad thing once it has happened.

Customer Retention and Reactivation Strategies

In this training, you'll discover the top tactics you can use to keep people in your membership programs… to retain them longer…consuming your products, and using your services and increase your average customer lifecycle… and lifetime value of a customer significantly. Which means more profits go to your bottom line and you helping these people for a longer period of time.

Now, there will still be some clients who leave. So in these cases, it's time to pull out all the stops…

Win-WinAnd set your “Win back” or Reactivation strategy into action. In this must-have training… you'll get the best methods for winning back a lost client… and the best way to position your communications to them, so they feel you are sincere, and really want them back. You'll find out what to do when a client leaves you… or when they become disengaged with you.

You will recoup so much revenue in your business using this strategy, it's strange that more expert business owners don't already embrace this concept. But now you will, when you see it's much easier to get a client to ‘stick’ than to win them back… And it's much easier (and cheaper) to win a client back, than have to go out and attract a brand new client to replace them.

This training alone has a real value to your business of much more than $5,000 when implemented in a systematic way.

And much more.

Income Acceleration is all about using these foundational principles to create systems that set you free. A system for attracting your Ideal Clients.
A system for getting more referrals on a consistent basis. A system for producing and distributing content that engages and builds the relationship with your prospects. A system for converting prospects into customers.

Enabling you to fix the Deadly Mistake #3… Not building leverage into your business.

So you can create structure, stability, security, and serenity in your life by creating your own Client Attraction and Conversion System.

Join The Income Acceleration Coaching Program Today

By now, you might think I've really gone the extra mile in creating my Income Acceleration Coaching Program… and that you'll have what you'll need to fix your Expert business… transform it into the business of your dreams… and create the life YOU want to live.

Well you would be absolutely correct. Now I want to do even MORE for you because YOUR success is MY success. So I'm going to do something extra special for you today.

When you join my Income Acceleration Coaching Program today… you will also get my Special Bonus Package…available TODAY ONLY.

Which includes:

Income Accelerator BONUS 1:

Recordings and Transcripts For Each Income Accelerator Training Session

Audio Bonus ONEWhen you attend each of our Income Acceleration Coaching Program Training sessions… the last thing I want is you taking notes feverishly… and missing out on most of the training. So as a Special Bonus, you'll receive the recording of each session shortly after it occurs, along with a PDF transcript you can print out. Enabling you to highlight and “mark up” any areas you want, in addition to making implementation notes in the margins.

This Special Bonus has a real value of $597.

And that's not all… because I know you're going to have questions about what you discover in each of my Income Accelerator training calls and I'd hate for you to get stuck on your journey to having a real ExpertPreneur® business, because you need clarity or answers to the questions you may have.

Which is why I’m also including…

Income Accelerator BONUS 2:

Two Q&A Sessions To Talk About Your Progress and Answer Any Questions You Have – with recordings and “Cliffs Notes” style Action Steps Summaries.

That's right. After our Income Accelerator 3 Training Session, and again after our Income Accelerator 6 Training Session… I'm hosting Special Bonus Q&A Calls for you and our other Income Acceleration Coaching Program clients. Where you can ask me any questions you want about using my Income Accelerators in your business, and implementing all the strategies I share.

Not only will you get to ask your questions and get the answers you need, so you can progress smoothly through your Income Acceleration transformation… you'll also hear the questions from other ExpertPreneurs® like yourself, along with the answers I give them and the conversations these questions spur. Which will be BONUS golden nuggets to apply to your business.

Bonus Gifts from the Income Acceleration CoachPlus, you'll also receive the recordings from each of these Q&A sessions, plus a special “Cliffs Notes” style Action Steps Summary of each session. This will be quick to review and use in your business. because these Q&A summaries are short and punchy accounts of each call… with the big questions, and revealing answers… that you can apply to your business right away.

And as an added extra to this bonus, you'll get access to the entire archive of Q&A Sessions from each round of my Income Acceleration Coaching Program, which takes place several times a year. With all the Q&A recordings and Action Steps Summaries we've done so far… including all the recordings and Action Steps summaries we'll do in the future. All of them!

This special bonus alone is worth $ 500.00.

And I'm not done yet because you'll also get:

Income Accelerator BONUS 3:

IASummit TicketOne FREE Ticket to my upcoming live event…
“The Income Acceleration Summit”

This Special Bonus is limited to new Income Acceleration Coaching Program members who join NOW. Tickets to the general public are $997 each, and you get yours Free.

At our Income Acceleration Summit… You'll be immersed in our “Get it Done” Experience. We'll go deep on all of the expert problems we've talked about today so when you leave…

You’ll be a better marketer than 95% of business owners out there. Plus, you'll meet like-minded Expert business owners like yourself so you can build your valuable personal network… Ask me any questions you want about making your Expert business better… and have a great time at the educational and income accelerating event of the year!

Your Free ticket to attend the Income Acceleration Summit has a real value of $997.

Now, these special Income Accelerator BONUSES are only available for those who join my Income Acceleration Coaching Program NOW. Enabling you to implement these “insider strategies” into your ExpertPreneur® business with clarity. Enabling you to help many more people… and reach your most audacious income goals.

The Income Acceleration Coaching Program has a real value of thousands of dollars but I want to make this affordable for you.

I'm here to help you out today. And even though I could easily charge $5,000 or more for access to my Income Acceleration Coaching Program… with the special bonuses I'm giving you today…

What Being Strategic Means For an ExpertpreneurI want to make this easy for you to get started so you can become one of my next Income Acceleration Coaching Program success stories. You won't have to pay $ 5,000 for access even though I was thinking about it, you won't have to pay $ 3,000 either. You won't even have to pay regular price of $ 2,500 for access.

Though the Income Acceleration Coaching Program is a great deal at $5,000…TODAY only… you can get started with my Income Acceleration Coaching Program… Along with ALL the extras… for today's special price of only $1,997.

Or use our 3-Pay Plan… where you'll make 3 payments of only $723.33 once every three weeks.

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Join The Income Acceleration Coaching Program Today

Now, because I really want to help you out today… I also have a way you can join my Income Acceleration Coaching Program and get my special bonus package (an additional $2,000 value)… plus one more Extra Special Bonus (worth $1,997) that you'll discover in just a moment…

While saving $172 off of our 3-Payment plan.

All you have to do is get started with my Income Acceleration Coaching Program today… Using our easy 1 Payment option of just $1,997 … [By checking the 1 Payment Option on our order page].

You'll instantly save $172 off our 3-Pay payment plan PLUS… I'll give you Free Access to one more Extra Special high-level TODAY ONLY bonus… That will take your results and your business many levels higher… enabling you to get started even faster, with filling your pipeline with a steady stream of potential Ideal Clients… so you never have to worry about attracting new clients again.


The “How To Create a Lead Generation Machine” Program

Business ElevationIn this Extra Special Bonus, you'll get everything you need to skyrocket your lead generation efforts, with your own lead attracting, client converting online webinar! In this step by step program that leaves nothing out…

You'll get even more help with Identifying your Ideal target audience… Identifying which core desires you can best serve… How to “blueprint” your webinar content from start to finish… The 12 Steps for Creating your compelling, irresistible offer that cannot be refused… Establishing your high-octane lead generating plan for leveraging your webinar… Writing, recording and implementing your on-demand webinar presentation… and much more.

Including testing and measuring the performance of your new lead generation machine… And how to open the flood gates in grand fashion… building your list, your authority, your conversions and your business.

  • You'll uncover pro-level secrets and methods that most ExpertPreneurs® have never been exposed to… to light up your lead generation, your business and your life!
  • This Extra Special Bonus has a real lead-generating value of $1,997… and you get access for FREE…
  • By joining my Income Acceleration Coaching Program using our 1 Payment option today.

Join The Income Acceleration Coaching Program Today

You Are Protected By Our No Questions Asked 12-Month 100% Money Back Guarantee!


That's right. Give my Income Acceleration Program your best shot for the next 12 months. Attend all the training sessions. Ask me any questions you want during both of our Q&A Session. Attend the live Income Acceleration Summit. Apply everything you discover to your ExpertPreneur® business and if you're not thrilled with my Income Acceleration Coaching Program, just contact my office within the next 12 months after you’ve tried everything and I'll make sure every dollar you paid is returned to you.

Here's what just a few people had to say about their experience with me:


Elaine Moorehead

I have taken many “on-line” courses and I would like to tell you that the information I received from the Income Acceleration Coaching program was the most complete, concise, useable information I have ever received in a course to date. The information was not only viable, but presented in a clear step by step format that was easy to follow and in a natural chronological order that made sense when implementing what I had learned. This information will definitely be kept in my reference library for future review and has already helped me to get a handful of new clients.


Holly Stengal:

First this program gave me a ton of valuable information and business insights about how to grow my consulting business! I am now working my way through all the tips and cheat sheets to work out how I am going to expand my business.
Second this program has given me focus, courage and the inspiration I needed to concentrate on my strengths and offer these to potential clients. I am now encouraged to further refine my business foundation so prospective clients can easily identify with me and how my consulting services will help them.
Third, I felt so supported in this program that I wasn't alone in trying to figure out how to be in business. Sheryl's expertise in marketing and business as well as her sincere passion to help us to grow our businesses came through in each session! The question and answer portions of the program provided me with extra information about how other new business owners were struggling to address their business challenges.

When you work on your own, it is so wonderful to find a great resource to help you through your own business challenges.

AnnSinnott.2What participants had to say:

Sheryl helped me to define and refine my target market, which in turn made it so much easier to approach the right and perfect clientele.
Sheryl has lots of great ideas and she is very plugged into how to use many strategies to convert clients both online and offline. The knowledge she shared was concrete and it’s given me so much confidence in moving forward to grow my business.

Ann Sinnott BEd, Certified Life Coach

Now, before I go, I want to make sure you remember these important realities:

1) Most expert business owners struggle to build the business of their dreams.

2) If you continue to make the 3 Deadly Mistakes, you'll stay stuck in a business where you struggle to get a steady stream of clients. Filled with all the stress, endless “busy” work, frustration and disappointment that comes from not having the clarity you must have to be successful.

And 3) Fixing the 3 Deadly Mistakes (with my help!) will enable you to eliminate your stress, reduce the hours you work, and focus on building your successful ExpertPreneur® business… which earns you much, much more than you do now.

So you can help many more people than you are now, and make a difference in more lives… while creating your dream life of enjoyment, fulfillment, wealth, freedom and security.

Enabling you to live on your terms, probably for the first time in your life… and creating the life YOU want to live.

Here's to living life on YOUR terms!

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