Affiliate Marketing: The Benefits of Building a List

Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make a full time income from home. Whether you are just focusing on promoting other peoples products and services and not offering anything of your own, or using affiliate marketing to help sell more of your own products and services, it a great way to earn income.

You can build your business to be as large or as small as you wish, you are the person in control, no boss telling you what to do. There are endless possibilities in terms of products and services to choose to promote as well as lots of other affiliate marketers happy to promote your products. When you are the one doing the promotions its recommended when you first start that it’s a good idea to choose topics that you have some interest in, particularly if you need to write content for your website.

However, you should try and steer clear of the scams that tell you if you buy their product you will acquire a fortune virtually overnight, because that doesn’t happen. Whilst there is no denying six figure incomes can be made from affiliate marketing you have to be prepared to do some work to make that happen for you, and avoid the shiny object syndrome chasing after anything and everything that catches your eye.

There are quite a few things you can do to increase your affiliate commissions, and one of the most effective is building your own opt in list of potential customers. This is very important for growing your business whether you are mostly supporting other peoples product sells or focusing on your own.

Many people that visit your website not only don’t buy anything they also don’t come back. So it is up to you to make your site enticing and also to capture information about your visitors so you can keep in contact with them and keep them informed about new products and services you are promoting.

Email sign & envelopeThis is done by getting them to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list. You can offer incentives to get them to sign up such as a free downloadable eBook or something else that you think has value to them. It’s needs to appeal to their top of mind problems, challenges, goals, or aspirations. You want to make sure it’s something that people will be thankful to receive, so put in some time and effort to ensure it’s of a decent quality.

It’s a good idea to sign up with an auto responder service like Aweber or Infusionsoft where you can pre-load a series of emails to be sent out to your prospects to provide valuable content and from time to time promotions for things you are selling. The advantage of using a professional auto-responder service is that your customer has to opt in which avoids you facing spam complaints down the track. Another benefit is that professional providers have a high deliverability rate, which helps your emails actually get to the intended receiver.

Don’t try and sell your new signups with every email, provide some useful information as well. People will soon unsubscribe from your list if you are just doing a blatant sell every time you contact them. But having your own list is also a good way to start building credibility and trust with your customers, especially if you provide useful information that helps them solve a problem, or help them attain goals or outcomes they want.

It’s commonly acknowledged by affiliate marketing gurus that their lists are extremely valuable to them and particularly when they are intending to launch new promotions they don’t have to go through all the hassle of getting on the front page of Google because they already have a list they can pre-sell to that knows, likes, and trusts them.

3d man affiliate marketingThere are many ways you can build up your affiliate marketing commissions or increase the sales of your own products and services, but one of the easiest is to start building your list of potential customers right from the beginning. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put an opt-in-form on your website and will pay a lot of dividends in the future.

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