Are You An Easy Sell?

I have to get something off my chest.

This is something I've seen quite often as a coach. So many well-meaning, eager, and talented Expertpreneurs™ get bogged down by it.

They want to get ahead and set themselves up for success. But they inevitably become overwhelmed and “paralyzed”, setting themselves up for failure.

And I don't want it to happen to you.

There really is no easy way to say this, so I'm going to come right out with it: you're buying too much stuff… and it's ruining your business.

That social media tool, the fancy WordPress plug-in, the guaranteed internet marketing success formula… All of it is so enticing; the solution to all of your problems. Or at least that's what the sales letter tells you.

But are they really?

Today I'm going to give you some motherly advice, and talk about the dangers of “miracle solutions”… and how they can destroy your business.

You'll learn what to watch out for, and when to close your browser…

How you can scare away a potential business coach or consultant…

And the best way to navigate the wide world of “solutions”…

The Solution to All of Your Problems

solution-How often have you been stressed with your business, and stumbled across an offer for something that you think could really turn things around?

You start reading the sales letter, and you're sucked into a compelling story about how their business was in the dumps, until they discovered this secret. Now they're living the life of their dreams, have a lot of cars, a big house, and are traveling whenever they'd like.

Slowly, they pull you in, hitting all of your buttons. They've been where you are, and they get you.

And they have the solution for you.

So, without even thinking about it, you pull out your credit card, plug in all of the information, and click “buy”. Five hundred dollars later, you feel a rush of excitement – this could be it! Your business is finally going to take off. Your business will finally grow. You will finally be free of debt, and earning the kind of income you've dreamed of.

A few days later, the product arrives. You excitedly flip through it. There's a lot of info, but you're ready to hunker down and work on it over the weekend.

But, another obligation comes up, and you put it off.

Days, months, even years go by. And there it sits on your shelf. All five hundred dollars of it. Next to all of the other products just like it that seemed like the big solution you needed, yet go unused.

This is the plight of the ExpertpreneurTM. Some call it “shiny object” syndrome. It's the temptation to buy the next big thing that will transform your marketing and your bottom line. The solution to end all solutions.

And most of the time, it's a load of malarkey.

The next time you come across a sales letter like this, I want you to do something: Close the browser. Press the “x” button, and never look back. That's all there is to it.

You'll not only save yourself a lot of money… You'll also prevent yourself from becoming paralyzed by the sheer volume of information coming at you.

There's no shortage of content and solutions in today's world; it's pretty mind boggling. But the most important thing is to focus only what you need, at the time you need it. Just In Time… not Just In Case.

Otherwise, you're going to burn out trying to cover all of your bases. And you'll have a lot of trouble finding someone who is willing to work with you…

How to Scare a Coach

So, you're ready to take your business to the next level.

tools-resources-entrepreneur-innovator-300x249You've bought five different tools for WordPress, an SEO content spinner, 3 Social Media tools, a video course, some Infographic software, webinar software and two monthly newsletters from marketing gurus on how to get things going. And now you want a consultant to make a plan incorporating it all.

Good luck with that.

I can tell you from personal experience, and through some of my good ExpertpreneurTM friends, that when a client comes to us with all of that stuff, it's extremely off-putting. In fact, many coaches and consultants will politely decline the work.

You might be surprised how many people try it, anyway. They've paid for all of these things, and in some cases have been paying for them for months now. So they want to make use of them all.

I can't blame them, really. It's such a waste to spend all of that money and not implement it in some way.

But that is precisely why you shouldn't be buying it!

I understand the temptation. Personally, I love information products. Especially from my competitors. There was a time when I purchased the entirety of Dan Kennedy's marketing materials – The Whole Enchilada, – that’s actually what they called it.

But, no matter where you are in your business, there's never a need to implement twenty different tactics at once. Even in my articles with multiple tips on how to do something, I always encourage picking just one and focusing on it.

It makes it easier to work through, learn, and test to see how successful it is. How can you do that if you launch four campaigns with ten different tools?

A coach won't even go there with you. Why put their reputation on the line trying to accomplish the impossible, just because you bought too many things, and want to use them all?

The good news is, buying new things isn't always bad. But you have to do it at the right time, for the right reasons.

Solutions For a Specific Problem

crm-strategyBuying things makes us feel better. We fall into this trap, because we desire a miracle solution to all of our problems. It's the “lotto mentality”.

So, I'm going to say this as gently as I can: things don't work that way.

Not to pontificate, but it takes dedicated work and focus to start a business. It doesn't have to be hard, but you have to put in the energy. No one thing is going to take care of it for you.

However, as you go along in your business, and start to grow and implement new ideas, you absolutely can seek out tools to help make things easier. Customer relationship management (CRM) software, for example, that helps you send out autoresponders to potential clients to stay in front of them, and track what actions they’ve taken, including buying from you, is very beneficial Or perhaps something that helps you create and edit Youtube videos.

This extends to finding a coach or freelancer, as well.

I want you to understand that throwing your money at a lot of products won't get things done. It is a waste. If you need guidance, plug into one thing, or one coach or mentor at a time. Then be sure to implement what you learn.

If that doesn't work, try another. Keep going one-by-one until you find something that fits. When you do, work at it until it's in a good place. Then move on.

This is the only way to actually see things through to the end, and avoid the risk of starting many things and never finishing any. Something any Expertpreneur™ has been guilty of at one time or another.

Just by following this rule, you'll not only do better in your business, but you'll be happier (and richer) for it.

Become a Tougher Sell

I have to say kudos to those marketers who write the sales letter for the “miracle” products. They are good at what they do.

They've found a target market, opportunity-seekers, they follow trends, and always make sure to release something that is timely and beneficial. And in many cases their products are useful.

In fact, you should take notes on how they structure their copy.

But do not think you need every single one to make your business a success. This goes for books and courses, as well. There's only so much you can learn at once, and you need to make sure your focus is on building your business.

So, while you may enjoy the occasional sales letter for research purposes, next time, just close the browser. You'll save yourself a world of headaches and expense.

About Sheryl Wolowyk

Sheryl Wolowyk is a best selling author, award winning speaker and business coach. She focuses on service professionals and “ExpertPreneurs®." As an income acceleration coach, she helps service entrepreneurs attract more ideal clients, get paid top dollar, increase their visibility and reach. Sheryl teaches her clients how to create lucrative businesses and influential brands by positioning their expertise, and communicating their value in an authentic and genuine way that doesn’t sound ‘salesy’ or feel uncomfortable. Her clients are able to quickly build connection, garner trust, and attract a steady stream of ideal clients without having to work all the time, or sacrifice their true priorities in life.

She has built 4 million dollar businesses, is Executive Producer and host of the “Expertpreneurs®” Radio Show, hosts Expertpreneur® TV, and has been seen on ABC,CBS, NBC, and FOX affiliate stations. Sheryl has provided her insight and advice in Forbes Magazine and as a National columnist for America’s Premier Experts. Sheryl is also editor and publisher of ExpertPreneur® Magazine, a free digital magazine available on the Apple newsstand and Google playstore in 150 countries. She’s also a founder of the XPRIZE Education Initiatives where she works with billionaire Elon Musk and Personal Development coach Tony Robbins to change how the world educates.

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