Be On-Stage Selling 24/7, 365 Days a Year

microphone-on-stageImagine how many clients you'd get if you were able to sell all day, every day.

Obviously, it's not physically possible to stand on a stage and sell all day, every day. For me, it conjures an image of an Expertpreneur® chained to a podium, refusing to leave until they sell every last product. Which wouldn't work out too well.

However, with the advent of technology, this seemingly impossible feat is quite doable. As long as you set up the right system.

You see, now that we have audio and video recordings of presentations, slide shows with voiceovers, and automated systems connected to our CRM software (customer relationship management software), you can be “present” to your clients at all times. And consistently draw in new clients without lifting a finger.

In this week's Essential Marketing Campaigns article, I'm sharing the process for creating an automated webinar system. Essentially, a way to sell your products and services, generate leads, and create life-long clients even while you're asleep, on vacation, or perhaps playing a round a golf.

You'll discover the power of “repurposing” your efforts…

How you can set up a “trackable” page to continually improve your response…

And the secret to getting your prospects to watch your presentation all the way through…

Developing Your Powerful Presentation

The foundation of a good webinar is a strong sales presentation.

That means it should be compelling all the way to the very end. And much like a lead magnet, it needs to showcase your knowledge and expertise, offer actionable solutions, and build enough curiosity to get your prospects to want to know more.

This may sound like a tall order, but if you know your prospects inside-out, it shouldn't be a problem at all. If you've been reading my articles, you already know how to do prospect research properly.

The fact of the matter is, a good sales presentation flows like good copy. It has a strong, intriguing headline or title, tells a great story to draw the audience in, and brings them along, point by point, getting them to nod their head in agreement along the way.

And at the end, you present an irresistible offer for your product.

The first step for creating an effective presentation is coming up with a topic relevant to your target audience. If you are segmenting your list properly, this could result in a few different possibilities. However, to start, choose one audience, their “top of mind” big problem or desire, your one “goal” (i.e. product or service you want to sell), and start there.

For example, if you are working with young Entrepreneurs and you sell a productivity coaching course, you would want to pick a pain point or goal they clearly want to achieve. Often, young people are very competitive and want to show off their success to their peers, or prove themselves to their families.

So, you could start with that angle, talking about how you overcame your hardships at a young age to become a successful Expertpreneur®. Then, show them how your productivity program can help them achieve their goals faster than their peers, and become rich and successful before age 30.

Once it's solidified, record your presentation (it could be in any format – video, audio with slides, or a video sales letter), and you're good to go. The great news is, if you speak often, you can just record a sales presentation from the stage and repurpose that for your webinar.

One caveat, though: if you are well-versed in copywriting and want to create your own sales presentation, that's fantastic! You should absolutely do it yourself.

However, if you aren't confident in your skills, remember the value of delegation. Find a professional copywriter who can create a compelling piece for you, and pay them to do it.

Setting Up Your Webinar

WebinarOnce you've developed your sales presentation and recorded it, it's time to set it up through your CRM system.

First of all, you need a landing page for your prospects to be able to “reserve their spot.” It can be designed similar to a landing page for a lead magnet. However, there are a few key differences.

One important distinction of a webinar is its positioning. As it is pre-recorded, it can technically be seen anytime. However, prospects will put off anything they believe they can see anytime.

So you have to present the webinar as an exclusive opportunity to attend a free online training session, and offer only a few select dates to attend, positioning it as a live event.

Now, you should never lie and say it is “live”. However, the implication is that you, the Expert, are giving the presentation at that time. This gets your prospects to believe the event is special and exclusive, triggering scarcity and lighting a fire under them to sign up and attend.

You need to offer dates and times for your prospect to attend, which requires selectable options in your opt-in form, so the prospect can choose whatever is convenient for them. Two or three times is sufficient to fit in most people's schedules.

Once they “reserve their spot”, they should be sent to a “Thank You” page reminding them of their chosen time, providing access details, and giving them instructions to share the online event with friends through email or social media. It should also encourage them to put the time and date in their calendar so they remember the date and time they chose.

For the webinar itself, full-featured CRM software and Google Analytics are particularly important, because they help provide tracking for many different variables related to your sales video and follow up communication, giving you the power to optimize it in a number of ways.

Tracking can tell you how many people sign up for the webinar vs. how many actually show up. You can see exactly when prospects leave the session, and figure out what about your presentation might be turning them off. And, of course, you can track how many people watch it through to the end and ultimately make a purchase.

Having all of this intelligence allows you to communicate with prospects according to their specific behavior. If they attend your webinar, watch the whole thing, and purchase the product, they should receive different emails from you than those who did not show up.

Once you create emails for all of those possibilities, all you have to do is plug them into your CRM system and they're good to go.

If you don't have a CRM system, this is as good a reason as any to invest in one. It will allow you to earn money passively, giving you an Easy, Simple, and Lucrative business.

How to Ensure Your Prospects Attend

attendThe key to making sure your presentation is seen and heard is setting up a proper email follow up series to get people excited, and remind them why they signed up.

First, you need a four-part series to send to either your list or joint venture partner lists to get people to sign up. Ideally, the emails hit big fears, frustrations, and problems…. or attractive hopes, dreams, and aspirations that your webinar addresses. Make sure each email takes a different angle, so you connect with as many different leads as possible.

And, of course, each of these emails should link to the landing page you've created which enables them to register to attend the webinar.

After your prospects have signed up, they should receive a short email series from you confirming their reservation, reminding them of the benefits of attending your webinar, and showing them what they stand to lose by not showing up. They should also all include access details and date/time reminders.

The biggest point of this email series is to ensure your prospect actually follows through and attends the event. An email should hit their inbox several times until the event – immediately after they sign up, the next day, one day before, and then the day of the webinar (perhaps even twice that day including an email 1 hour before start time).

Ideally, you want the event to be from two to four days after your prospects reserve their spots, so you don't have to create 50 emails to keep them engaged, and so they don't forget they signed up for it.

Once the event happens, your audience splits up. Ideally you want to create three extra email series to cover different outcomes, which don't have to be overly complicated.

First is a follow up for those who didn't show up. Since your webinar is prerecorded, you will be able to offer a “replay” of the event for those who didn't attend. These “replay” emails offer a countdown for how long they have to watch it, as an element of additional scarcity and urgency.

The point is to play up why they shouldn't miss out if they want to experience the transformation they are hoping for. Letting them know you created this replay because you care about them achieving their dreams. However, you have to create a hard deadline so they don't put it off, or they will put it off.

The next email series should be for those who showed up, but left early. There could be a number of reasons why this happened, so these can be a little more forgiving. However, the same principle applies – get them to watch your “replay.”

The special trick with this series ONLY is making sure this webinar replay player has controls so they can start the video where they left off. Nothing is worse than having to be forced to watch thirty minutes of a presentation you already saw. So, make it as smooth and simple as possible for them.

And again, give them a deadline to watch it by.

Finally, there's the “show, no buy series.” This is for those who stayed the whole time but didn't end up buying your product at the end. There could be a number of reasons they didn't pull the trigger – the product could be too expensive, they might be on the fence, or perhaps they don't want it at all.

This is your chance to follow up and extend your “webinar special deal” a few more days. When you can share the benefits of your program, show testimonials of others who had success with your product or service, and remind them it's a special limited-time offer that is expiring soon.

More people will buy from you by doing this. For those who don't, you can segment them into a separate group and offer them a cheaper item which is congruent with your original offer, commonly referred to as a “downsell.”

Enjoy Unlimited Sales Presentations

I realize this is a lot to soak in. After all, you have to create a presentation, write good copy, develop multiple emails, and set it all up.

However, once you've done all of that work, you have a system in place selling your products and boosting your Authority mostly on autopilot, for a long time. All you will ever have to do is tweak it to improve it.

So, think about a presentation you could develop for your business. Make it a goal over the next few months to develop a plan and work on each of the parts. It will take a while, but it will absolutely be worth it. And certainly get help if you feel you need it.

With an effective automated webinar system, you will finally have the Easy, Simple, and Lucrative business of your dreams.

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