Crafting Your Irresistible Offer (Action)

Today we're wrapping up our A.I.D.A. seriesaida-action, by diving into the final element of a good sales letter – Action.

This is where you lay everything on the table, making an already enticing offer completely irresistible. By the time you are through, the prospect will believe your offer is valuable and worthwhile, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Even with a fantastic letter, you must eliminate all resistance to purchase. Because even if someone is sold before the close, they may see the price and start to panic. Or, buy it and immediately get buyer's remorse…

Dramatically reducing your sales and profits.

So, you have to finish your letter in a way that incites action. That makes them want to pull the trigger without reservation.

And there are a few tried-and-true ways to do it.

Today, I'm going to show you how to create a whirlwind close that springs your prospects to action, without a hint of doubt in their mind.

You'll learn how to combat anxiety…

How to sell at full price, and still have people rabid for your product…

And why channeling Miss Cleo can get you more sales…

Reversing Risk

risk-miscalculationBuying something new is really exciting.

Especially when it's something big, like a motivational seminar, or an expensive course. We believe our lives are going to change dramatically, and the cost is totally worth it.

Until a few days go by, and we start to question our decision.

Buyer's remorse can be a real headache for you. The more expensive the purchase, the worse it can be.

And that's typically when the returns start coming in. Customers think “why did I do that?” and try to get their money back. Meaning lost revenue for you.

But, something happens when you put a no-risk guarantee into your sales letter. Suddenly, that fear of making the wrong decision vanishes, because they know if it really doesn't work, they can return it.

And ironically, more often than not, they won't.

Think about any infomercial you've seen. There's typically a no-risk money back guarantee for 60 days, or so. That is risk-reversal in its purest form.

You promise your prospect a “get out of jail free” card in case they don't like your product or service. That eases their concern of wasting money on something they may not like.

So, you need to craft a reassuring no-risk guarantee for your product or service. It might seem scary as a business owner, but I promise it will result in less returns than you'd imagine. Especially if your product is of the quality and value you promise.

norisk2Services, like coaching, should offer a short-term full-refund guarantee. Perhaps 30 to 60 days, depending on how your sessions work. It gives the customer ample time with you to see how they like it.

And in the process, they'll get to know you and love you, forgetting entirely about ever wanting their money back.

The miraculous thing about this sort of risk-reversal, is it also reduces anxiety about price. Because no matter what, they know they can get their money back.

Getting Top Dollar

Myth: the internet is just one large price war. No one actually cares about value, and just wants to shop around for the best deal.

There is some truth to this. It's easy to do a quick Google search to find the cheapest item. And when dealing with commodities like food, entertainment, etc… this type of shopping is common.

But that's not the case with educational or transformational products and services, like information and coaching.

People want their problems solved. They need someone who gets them, and can help them achieve their desired outcome.

If you connect with them from the beginning, showing them you understand them and have a solution to their specific problem, they will gladly pay you top dollar for your services.

Now, there is an element of price testing you have to go through to make sure your product isn't going for too much or too little. To find the most profitable selling price, as part of the optimization process.

But I don't want you to ever think you have to get into a price war with your competition. You deserve full price for what you offer, and you can get it.

First, you have to sell your product as a full-priced product. Pull them in with the big benefits, stir their desire, engage their interest by affixing a real-world, outcome-oriented value to each part of your offer, address their potential objections, and they will be ready to buy at full price..

Then, you shock and delight them, by adding even more value to your offer.

Bonuses are extras that add more value to a purchase. They could be anything, an ebook, a worksheet, a set of videos with more information, even a free ticket to your next live event… And they can even be something you have sold in the past, or is part of your subscription service.

However, they must have tremendous value on their own.

When you start adding them in (and plainly stating their monetary “results” value), you have to build up each bonus as much as you have built up the product or service. It doesn't require the same length of copy, but you must go through A.I.D.A. for them, as well.

Do this with two or three extra bonuses, then throw in the big surprise: everything is included for free, when they purchase your program or service.

They will be shocked and amazed at the value, and eager to enjoy all of your extras. However, there is one more thing you can do…

Add scarcity.

The fear of loss is the single most powerful emotional trigger you can tap into. People do not want to feel like they missed out on something.

So, if this incredible deal you've laid out is only available to the first 100 people who buy, or as a one-night-only special… then suddenly they have to make the decision now, or risk losing out on your amazing deal…

And you'll get a lot more sales.

One important note about scarcity, though: you must stick to it. If you say it's only available for one night, then it can only be available for one night. If you lie, people will find out, you'll get a bad reputation, and they won't believe your scarcity next time.

Anyway, if you incorporate these three elements into the close, you will increase the value of the product considerably without lowering the price at all! And they will be chomping at the bit to get it.

Dreams Realized

Now, you have your prospect pumped and ready to buy. They believe your product is worthwhile, the risk has been reversed (it's now on you), and they're getting a bunch of extras to boot!

But there's still more you can do to cast away doubts and seal the deal.

Remember last week's blog when I asked you to deduce core desires and product benefits? Well, you're going to use them again.

You see, this is a great time in your piece to show (not tell) your prospect what life will be like after they've consumed or used your product or service. Not just life after buying it, but 6 months later after they've gone through the transformation they're supposed to experience.

For example, “you wake up at your leisure, and prepare for your live webinar, coaching 100 new clients. After you wrap it up, you send out a few emails, do some social media marketing, and then have the rest of the day to focus on your family.

Money is flowing in from all of your sales, so you book that trip to Cancun you've always wanted to go on. It's the middle of winter, and all of your friends are working, but you have both the time and the money to do it anyway.

And all of your friends are jealous.


You have thousands of clients evangelizing your business, because they have all had great experiences working with yo

u. They buy products, join events, and even have a community just to talk about you and your amazing service.”

This is called “future pacing”, and it paints a picture of life after using the product or service. It allows the reader to really see and feel the transformation they are meant to experience.Sounds great, right?


And it works them up to buy, because they want it to be a reality!

The Home Stretch

If you've been following my blog throughout this month, you now know the basics of crafting a great sales letter, that will stir your ideal prospect into buying your product or service.

Honing these skills, and developing more advanced copywriting skills, is well worth your while – as you'll sell a lot more, and you'll be sure to attract only the clients that are right for you. Improving your profits, and reducing the “getting sales” headaches you could face down the road.

The next time you create a marketing piece, take time to consider A.I.D.A. and how you can use these principles to make it better.

Copy may seem intimidating, but at heart, it's based on a simple formula, A.I.D.A. Follow these tips every time and you'll see a dramatic improvement in your results.

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