Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake (Desire)

aida-desireThis week, we're going to discuss the third letter of the A.I.D.A. acronym – Desire.

By definition, desire is, “a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.” And that something, ideally, would be what your product or service delivers.

Now, how do you think you can stir that kind of desire?

Many believe you have to tell prospects all of the wonderful things your product and service offers. Convince them of how great it is, and they will want it.

Basically, creating desire within them for your offering.

Well, I'm here to tell you this is patently false. And doing so will drastically affect your sales.

True, you need to stir desire in your prospects; but how you do it is more important. Go about it the wrong way, and you will turn off a vast majority of your prospects. Hurting your bottom line.

So today, I'm going to show you the three keys to desire, priming your prospects to buy before they finish reading…

You'll learn the #1 rookie mistake, and what you should do instead…

The question you need to keep asking until you get to your prospect's core…

And how to tie your offer to your prospect so it will be irresistible…

Are You Marketing the Wrong Way?

When is the last time someone made you want something just by talking about it non-stop?

Sometimes in conversations with friends and family, they'll talk up something they bought recently they love. Perhaps so much you'll rush right out and buy it yourself.

But how do you react when a salesperson does that to you? Probably quite defensively. I know I've gone car shopping only to quickly turn away when a salesman leaps on me and starts spouting off on “specs” and “leather interiors.”

It's off-putting.

Worse, that salesperson shows absolutely no concern for me. He doesn't know anything about my situation, how badly I want a car, where I am in the buying process – nothing. So how the heck can he know what to talk about?

The truth of the matter is, it's impossible to create desire in someone. Unless your product is a completely brand new item, never before seen by the world, people can't be made to care.

Your job as a marketer is to identify and stir up a desire that is already inside of your ideal prospect. Something deep down keeping them up at night.

For example, if we meet at a convention, I wouldn't just say “Hi, my name is Sheryl, and I am the best Expertpreneur™ coach you will ever find. If you're building your business, there is no one with more experience and success than me to help you along.”

First of all, that sounds desperate. It's also terrible networking. But more importantly, how the heck do I know that you even need an Expertpreneur™ coach?”

However, if we got to talking, and you expressed to me you're having a hard time getting clients for your new coaching business… And you're frustrated because you put a lot of money into it, and are struggling to stay afloat… Well, suddenly we've identified a problem, and an obvious desire.

You have to find this out about your prospects before you get started. That's why I keep talking about prospect research. It's relevant for your headline, it's relevant for generating interest, and it's relevant for stirring desire.

However, it's generally not quite as obvious as my example conversation. For one thing, people tend to not be so candid. And, you have to consider that everyone is in a different stage of the buying process.

Some already know they have a problem, and want to fix it. Others may not even know they have a problem yet! Your job is to create self-identifying copy that recognizes these stages and helps them through their uncertainty to making a purchasing decision.

This may require more than one piece with different target audiences. But putting in that extra effort will pay you back tenfold down the road.

Making Them Care

You have to get to the core of your prospects' desire, or your marketing won't have the impact you are hoping for. So what can you do?

Implement what I call the “three-level system.”

Basically, when you find a “need”, ask yourself “so what?” at least three or four times to get to the core desire, and the dominant emotion connected to that desire. That's the level you need for the best copy, and to incite action.

For example, let's say your prospects want more people at their events. This makes a lot of sense. Who doesn't want to have a bigger audience for their presentations?

So-WhatBut you have to ask, “so what?”

Well, you would sell a lot of tickets, and get more attention! “So what?” You will make a lot more money with less time and effort. Better, but “so what?”

Well, your spouse has been supporting your career for ten years. You dream of the day he can retire because of your success. And this will allow you to afford him the lifestyle of freedom. You'll go on those holidays you've forgone for years, etc.

Now, that's a real cause for desire. It's specific, deep, and is focused on the bigger picture.

(I should note that “So What?” is a classic copy method of digging deep into benefits. If you go the extra mile and actually interview your ideal prospect, I would recommend rephrasing the question. Ask them “why do you want that?”. And ask it at least three times.)

Anyway, doing this exercise will reveal the true motivation you need to connect with your prospect in your sales copy. And it works for your product or service, as well.

Take a feature, like “my product teaches people how to get clients”, and keep asking “So what?” until you get to the core benefit. Perhaps “more freedom for your family to live the life of their dreams.”

With both of these answers, you are on the right track to creating the best copy possible…

Connecting Your Product to Existing Desire

Once you've found the deep-seeded benefits of what you offer, you need to combine that with the deep-seeded desires of your prospects.

If your prospect is struggling with growing a business and needs some guidance, your product would help them grow their business successfully, enabling them to break free from frustration and debt, and live the life of their dreams. And every line of copy must lead them down the path of understanding that.

This is also where your expertise comes in to play. I've discussed how important it is to establish your authority; positioning yourself to have some clout when talking to prospects.

If you help them recognize a problem they have, (i.e. borrowing money and not making nearly enough.) Break it down for them, (i.e. you're not filling your speaking events because your marketing isn't working.) And let them know how your product can solve their problems (i.e. giving them a surefire formula to bring them the business of their dreams, and enable them to live a life of financial freedom.)

Suddenly they believe you know what you are talking about, and are grateful for you helping them see the light!

Approaching selling this way turns it from a stigmatic task into a true service. You are helping them work through difficulties by providing a solution.

Good copy should not feel like a slog. When you tap into your prospects' real desires, and connect those to your offer, you are walking them through the “waffling” stage, and helping them create a real transformation in their lives.

When's the last time you had a hard decision to make, and a well-timed sales letter or effective sales person helped you through it?

I bet you didn't feel like you were being “talked into” anything. You probably felt like that person understood you, wanted to help, and had a solution. Not to be dramatic, but it probably felt a little like you were “saved,” or at the very least you felt like you were being served and you probably felt grateful about having found a solution.

That's how it should always feel.

The Road to Action

The beauty of A.I.D.A., and of desire specifically, is that if you've done everything right up to now, you've sold your prospect before you even finished your “pitch.”

I've seen sales presentations and read letters that are just so good, I was ready to buy before I even got to the end. And that is a darn good position to be in as a business owner.

Really take this lesson to heart, and break away from the crippling mentality that you have to make someone feel something. You don't. And you shouldn't.

Everyone has desire within them. Once you identify it, and have a product or service that can satisfy it, you have the equation for a perfect buyer-seller relationship.

Next week, we'll conclude our conversation about A.I.D.A. by going through the final act of your sales message – Action. While you may have already gotten your prospect on board by this point, you will be surprised by how many people can talk themselves out of the purchase without the right push.

But with the tactics I'll share, even fence-sitters won't be able to resist your offer.

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