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Episode Summary

December 22, 2016

Stefan Aarnio – Part Two

Stefam AarnioResize250x300Stefan Aarnio is an award winning real estate investor, award winning entrepreneur and author of the book money people deal. Early in Stefan’s entrepreneurial career, he had to learn how to sell high-ticket items to customers and create relationships fast. He developed a system called “7 Level Selling” to create fast relationships on the spot and make customers feel comfortable with spending big dollars. He has implemented his system in both his investment company where he has a $150,000 minimum and in his consulting practice where he charges a minimum of $1,000 per hour.



If you sell high-priced products or services in your business you won’t want to miss this episode of ExpertPreneur® Radio. During this interview Stefan shares his 7 level sales process guaranteed to get your prospect to yes. Many people spend weeks, months, even years trying to build rapport, and get prospects to buy, while Stefan can show you how to get them to become a customer in minutes. If you’ve been looking for an accelerated approach to increasing sales and revenues in your business you won’t want to miss this interview.


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December 15, 2016

Stefan Aarnio – Part One

Stefam AarnioResize250x300Stefan Aarnio is an award winning real estate investor, award winning entrepreneur and author of the book money people deal. Early in Stefan’s entrepreneurial career, he had to learn how to sell high-ticket items to customers and create relationships fast. He developed a system called “7 Level Selling” to create fast relationships on the spot and make customers feel comfortable with spending big dollars. He has implemented his system in both his investment company where he has a $150,000 minimum and in his consulting practice where he charges a minimum of $1,000 per hour.



Selling high ticket items – 7 level selling. This is the process or the system for selling high ticket items and building fast relationships.



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December 8, 2016

Brad Hart


Brad Hart is a committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the grand challenges of our time. With extensive experience in real estate, investments, trading, marketing, sales and peak performance strategy, he’s been teaching entrepreneurs from every walk of life the skills to thrive in the modern world, growing their incomes, increasing the value of their assets, and making wise investments into their future, and the future of the world. You can use his simple, no nonsense strategies to increase your income and your impact exponentially.



In this episode of ExpertPreneur® radio you’’ll gain insights into what you need to do to attract more ideal clients and why you’ve been struggling with your sales conversations. Brad will share insights into how to grow and contribute at a higher level by becoming the best entrepreneur you can be, raising your income and your impact in the process.


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December 1, 2016

Maribel Jimenez, BScM

HeadshotResizeSMMaribel Jimenez, 
– is an international speaker, bestselling author, and marketing mentor. She is founder of Creative Solutions Consulting, the New Superwoman community, co-founder of Bake Your Book mentoring and her newest brand Your Dream Launch. She works with Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants teaching how to launch to 6 and 7 figures with successful product and program launches.

For the past 15 years, Maribel has written successful marketing campaigns, curriculum and training programs for multi-million dollar organizations and won numerous awards, including “3 Keys to Creating a Bigger, Better Launch to Fill your Programs.”


Where to start in designing powerful launch partnerships that attracts your favorite clientsimagine your program FULL of all your favorite clients;

The biggest key to attracting a flood of people to your launches with partnersand bring them in by the thousands;

The top 3 mistakes many entrepreneurs make in asking for partnership support and how to avoid them…why not learn from others mistakes instead and save tons of time and frustration;

The 5 key steps to building Your own 5-figure Dream Launch so you can quickly grow your community and build your 6-figure business.

If you are frustrated with trying to launch your programs only to get little to no sales and you know you’re meant for more then don’t miss this call!


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Before you craft your next launch, use this Prepare to Launch Checklist to guide you in preparing so you understand all the elements to put in place. This will also help guide you in an appropriate timeline for how much time you need to allow for a successful launch.

November 24, 2016

Episode Summary

Tom Volkar


Business Coach, Tom Volkar, founder of CoreU Coaching, guides pioneering solopreneurs who want to create and build their ideal business. For 17 years, Tom has worked with solopreneurs from concept to business launch and beyond. His proprietary business-building-from-within system, guides you to validate your true calling, so you can fearlessly choose and confidently build the business that’s most aligned with your individuality.



Do you struggle with self-promotion and marketing effectiveness? Have doubts about your chosen niche? Are you still holding back and playing a smaller game than you want to? Want to fearlessly make that big decision that you just aren’t making? If you do; this one’s for you. Business Coach Tom Volkar will share the little known secret to confidently building your ideal business in the way you want to build it.

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FREE GIFT:  Choosing Your Ideal Niche: “How to Decide with Confidence and Prosper from Your Signature Edge“, is a self-coaching guide that walks solopreneurs through the process of choosing an ideal client niche that is most suited to who they are. By choosing a deep and narrow niche that makes their heart sing, they will be able to exploit their marketplace edge.


November 17, 2016

Dave Sheahan

hrbpclosebarDave Sheahan is a well respected High Performance Coach and Founder of “Formula 4 Success” coaching Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Corporations to achieve sustained high performance and realize their full potential. Dave’s Coaching is designed to educate, motivate and inspire individuals, teams and corporations to realize their full potential.
An important part of the process is regaining control over one’s body,mind and health and in so doing achieve success and balance in the other 3 key areas of their lives – relationships, professional and wealth. As Dave says regaining control over your body/mind/health is the catalyst to success in all other areas.


The modern fast paced world which we live in has most people living a hamster wheel existence full of stress. Happiness and fulfillment are lacking for most as everyone strives for more and more. While wealth and professional success are what everyone is driven to achieve there are 4 key areas that most need to regain control of. Without doing so, one´s true potential can never be realised. In regaining control of these 4 areas one opens up the door to unlimited success and fulfillment in life.

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6 Weeks To A Cover Model Body is a step by step program for regaining control of your mind/body/health in just weeks. This book educates the reader on each of the 4 key areas – mindset, exercise, nutrition and sleep – as well as offering readers an exact 6 weeks program to follow.


November 10, 2016

Jane Deuber
Jane Deuber

Jane Deuber is a sought-after business strategist, author, international speaker, and seven-time successful entrepreneur who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs transform their expertise and passion into a profitable business that they absolutely love.
While armed with a Master’s in International Business, it’s her 30 years in the entrepreneurial trenches inspired her programs on how to master the game of entrepreneurship and her technology solutions that help experts entrepreneurs attract, engage and enroll their ideal clients.

Today, Jane will be sharing her latest innovations in eLearning excellence. As the founder of Virtual Academy Builder, she and her team help entrepreneurs monetize their expertise by designing and producing eLearning programs that impact lasting change and create raving fan clients.

Then, utilizing her ground-breaking eLearning platform and her “three tiered launch formula” she moves experts quickly into profits and lays the foundation for creating recurring revenues for years to come.
So sit up, grab a pen and paper and discover how you can create your signature program to become the epicenter of your business.


Join our very special guest, Jane Deuber, who will share how to use Assessment Marketing to…
  • Personalize your communication with your list so people feel seen, heard, and understood
  • Build your credibility by offering guidance and next steps based on where they are on their journey
  • Identify the “tire kickers” and the “brain pickers” who are not truly committed to taking action
  • Offer Strategy Sessions only to the highly committed rather than those looking for free support
  • Conduct powerful one-on-one conversations, knowing where they are and what they need
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Discover where you’re on track and what missing pieces may be holding you back in your business. Take Jane’s quiz to find out where you are in your business. You will receive an email of your results and your score. You will also be able to access a special report that is designed to help show you how you can attract your ideal clients through targeted marketing.


November 3, 2016

Linda Cain

lindacaincolorLinda Cain is all about events. With her diverse background and experience she has found a comfortable place to work and design events for her clients that meets an emotional experience for attendees and profit margin for clients but does not take on that hard core event model mirrored by many in the industry. Her team is all about the “heart” and “relationship” for the client and the attendee…

Linda’s client list and rolodex is the “who’s who” in the live event industry. Linda especially loves to work closely with her clients to map out a full strategy using the live event model as part of their marketing strategy. Linda loves and enjoy speaking about events whenever the opportunity arises and particularly likes the site selection, contract negotiation process for her clients AND helping them get clear on their budget from the get go and sticking to that budget along the process.


Tune in to hear what it really takes to plan and host live events.

Linda will tell you the good, bad and ugly about hosting and using live events as part of your marketing strategy.

  • Full production of your live event, retreat or mastermind program
  • Site selection and contract negotiation
  • Vision and budget strategy sessions
  • Onsite event management and support
  • Event Ready” assessment and coaching program, specifically tailored to planning your live event.

When not planning or attending live events, Linda spends her time at the Colorado River with her family, likes to read and raises Pomeranians. Linda is married and has 5 boys and 1 girl – all gifts!

Holding your own live event is the best way to gain credibility and position yourself as the expert. Sharing your passion by turning it into a purpose driven presentation that will bring you profit is a great use of time, energy and talent.

  • Are you ready to look at hosting live events?
  • Are you currently doing live events and would you like to know more of the insider secrets to profit making
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BluDiamond's Event Ready guide and program will do just that for you, and today as a gift for listening in, you can schedule a FREE Q&A call with Linda Cain and pick her event brain, ask any questions you have or strategize about your next live event.



This action-packed report will show you how to quickly and effectively transform drab, fake, and salesy messaging into irresistible and authentic marketing. Apply any one of these 7 secrets to your already existing sales pages, blogs, emails or social media posts, and you'll increase your engagement, inspire more “shares” and potentially even get new customers or clients!



October 27, 2016

Robert Rice

Robert RiceRobert Rice is the founder of the Authentic Voice Formula, combining his experience as both a professional actor and a copywriter to help expert business owners tap into their Authentic Voice to take their online messaging from fake, salesy, and Invisible to emotional, engaging, and Irresistible.



Having worked with way too many struggling ExpertPreneurs®  who've spent a fortune on tech, systems and “miracle solutions” without having their authentic core messaging in place… his mission is to flip the script and get their messaging on point first so they can attract their Ideal Clients, become “Abundant Leaders” and make a lasting impact on the world.

How to Channel Your “Authentic Voice” to Stand Out Online

The kiss of death in online messaging is coming across as fake, “salesy” and inauthentic. Not only will you struggle to be heard in the sea of competition… you'll also grow to hate talking about your business to others. And without joy and passion, what's the point?

The key to transforming your messaging from invisible to irresistible is by channeling your “Authentic Voice.” You'll connect with your Ideal Clients on an emotional level… build a prosperous business… and finally do what you were put on this earth to do.

During this interview, you'll discover:

  • The 3 major obstacles ExpertPreneurs® face when taking their businesses online… and why they could end your business before it even gets off the ground…
  • How leveraging successful marketers' templates can be disastrous for your business, if you don't do it right…
  • The secret formula for making a deep emotional connection with your audience, that'll transform them into loyal fans for life…
  • And much, much more.


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gift-1This action-packed report will show you how to quickly and effectively transform drab, fake, and salesy messaging into irresistible and authentic marketing. Apply any one of these 7 secrets to your already existing sales pages, blogs, emails or social media posts, and you'll increase your engagement, inspire more “shares” and potentially even get new customers or clients!


October 20, 2016

Yoon Cannon

Yoon CannonYoon Cannon, Top Business Coach – LinkedIn Marketing Expert
Top business coach and LinkedIn marketing expert Yoon Cannon helps small business owners and solopreneurs attract more clients and boost sales, so you can create a thriving business and life you love. Yoon is a seasoned entrepreneur. Since 1992 she started, turn keyed and sold three
other businesses ranging from B2B, B2C, brick and mortar and online businesses.

Yoon has been featured in CNN & Money Magazine, Inc. Magazine
Entrepreneur, Fortune magazine, The Wall Street Journal and more.



Today, she is going to talk to us about how we can Attract More High Paying Clients and even build 6 and 7 figures in new business using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the #1 social media channel for business, but many small business owners don’t really know how to use LinkedIn to attract a steady flow of new clients.

In my interview with Yoon Cannon you’ll discover:

  • Why LinkedIn works even better than you website to get KNOWN as the go to
    expert in your field, so you become a client magnet.
  • The 3 minute market test to know if LinkedIn is the right social media platform for
    your business.
  • The critical mindset shift to monetizing your time on LinkedIn, including low and
    no cost ways to instantly double and triple your leads from LinkedIn.
  • Yoon’s simple 6-step formula for 6 FIGURE LinkedIn success even non-techies
    can follow!
  • Secret tool to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to help you get found by
    high paying clients looking to hire someone like you right now.


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October 13, 2016

Morgana Rae

morgana-raeMORGANA RAE is the international #1 best selling author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. A sought after teacher, speaker and pioneer in personal development, she is widely regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for creating wealth has featured her on ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, NPR, CNN, United Press International, Yahoo Finance and The Wall Street Journal online. She wrote the “Life Magic” column for a national women’s magazine, and was named a Top Woman In E-commerce by WE Magazine. Morgana’s been a featured expert alongside Deepak Chopra, Marcia Weider, Christopher Howard, Bob Doyle, Loral Langemeier, Reverend Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale, Arielle Ford, and many others. Morgana’s books, recordings, magazine articles, and classes have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Morgana writes, speaks, and coaches from a desire to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and artists to have a big impact in the world… and to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money.

Does Money love you? Or is your relationship a mess?

Morgana Rae is here to help you figure that out.


International wealth coach Morgana Rae walks you through six time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance. “Your financial situation reflects your inner Relationship with Money,” says Rae. “If you don’t like your finances, something has to change in your relationship” and Rae shows how to jumpstart that transformation.

“When you imagine your money as a real, flesh and blood person, worthy of your deepest admiration, you embark on an amazing, love-at-first-sight affair of the heart. Pennies on the ground are like chocolates on your pillow,” says Rae. “I’ve had people report that within hours of hearing my talk, they’ve received unexpected money – tens of thousands of dollars or more!” (Read their stories at

Morgana will:

  • Uncover your hidden blocks to financial abundance (and they’re not what you think).
  • Abolish your financial anxiety.
  • Change your relationship with money from a monster into your “money honey”
  • Reveal your next step to creating wealth.
  • Give you a Revolutionary System you will use for the rest of your life.

Morgana’s life-changing approach will give you a totally new experience of money, enabling you to take a quantum leap toward creating the wealth and abundant relationships that you deserve.


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October 6, 2016

Amy Reedman

amy-grassAmy Reedman RA EOT, Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist, is the founder and owner of The Blending Bar Aromatherapy Inc. that has grown into a full service online and on the road Wellness and Self-Care Bar, since opening in 2009. The Blending Bar serves up custom blended aromatherapy products, gentle Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga classes, Mindfulness Meditation workshops, Self Care sessions, Wellness Retreats and Private Sessions online and from her private practice in the small town of Maple Ridge, outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Amy is also a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioner and has been practicing in the natural wellness field since 2000.


Her latest venture is the outcome of requests from her brilliant colleagues and clients who are entrepreneurs and having trouble building, branding or expanding their businesses. Amy Reedman recently launched her Build, Brand and Expand your Business Course, for Entrepreneurs with Integrity and Sanity and it will also be available online in the new year.

In this interview, be sure to bring an open heart, curious mind and a sense of humor with you as I introduce you to Amy Reedman.

  • Discover how your nervous system can be what’s standing in the way of your creativity, enthusiasm and drive in your business and what simple tips you can do to change it.
  • Find out what easy modification you can make in your follow up calls that can make or break the connection with your clients. In this call, we’ll explore simple mindset shifts that can dramatically enhance how you relate to your clients, your technology tools, your pricing structure, your business as a whole, and perhaps most of all your fabulous Self!


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20-self-care-amy-isms-picAs we tend to forget in the busy-ness of our daily lives, here are our 20 SELF CARE AMY-isms to remind you how fabulous, powerful, radiant and amazing you are. When you feel good, it will be reflected in all areas of your life and certainly in your business. You can frame it “all fancy” to honor your fabulous fancy self or cut out the ones that resonate and place them on your desk, in your car cup holder, wallet, on your nightstand and bathroom mirror to keep your beautiful Self on track or fold them up, tuck them in a pretty jar and pick one each day or week to focus on.

Use as you please and most of all use IN-JOY!

September 29, 2016

Isabelle Mercier – Turcotte

Expert Elevation Radio Guest IsabelleIsabelle Mercier-Turcotte is a ‘no-nonsense' gal, born to catapult passionate entrepreneurs to build infectious and impactful brands, businesses and lives. As one of North America’s Top Small Business Influencers; best-selling author and TV show host, Isabelle’s sole purpose is to empower ONE Million Entrepreneurs to rock their businesses and lives into shape by creating a worldwide “My Life, My Biz, My Way” Movement.

In this episode you will learn what branding is not, and more importantly what it really is and how it affects your growth.

  • A simple yet powerful Brand Success Formula that will get people to want to work with you — regardless of price
  • The “core truth” of what makes your business the only one like it out there, regardless of your competitors!


Branding Book Cover.smallFREE Gift offer from Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte 
Free gift download (ebook):Brand From The Inside Out. Be The First, The Best Or The Only“: 12 Smart Principles to get your prospects and client to choose you over your competitors; regardless of price.



September 22, 2016

Steve Kloyda

SteveKloydaSteve Kloyda of is going to share some powerful ideas that he has developed, used, refined and personally tested with more than 1,000,000 (yes that’s one MILLION!) sales and prospecting calls. Since 1980, Steve has made over 250,000 sales and prospecting calls, listened to and analyzed more than 25,000 sales calls, and facilitated over 6000 one-on-one coaching sessions with sales people and entrepreneurs.



The ideas that Steve shares are based on this personal experience and the experience of thousands of individuals that he has had the privilege and opportunity to work with.

The individuals who have applied these ideas have experienced amazing results and Steve is confident that you will experience similar results as well. These are the simple ideas that changed his life. Do you want help with getting in the door and driving more sales? In The Prospecting Playbook,

Steve has provided you with a game plan to take you to the sales levels you have always dreamed of reaching. He walks you through the art of prospecting, where to find prospects, and then what to do with them once you have found them! Steve provides six key principles: your approach, your purpose, asking the right questions, listening and learning, working through objections, and asking for the sale.


Click HERE to access FREE GIFT  from Steve Kloya

Take advantage of this fantastic free offer and use The Prospecting Playbook shake up your sales numbers and find the success you have been searching for!


September 15, 2016

Lena Shkud Valmore

LenaLena Shkud Valmore is the Founder of the Spiritual Business Academy and the creator of Sold-Out Workshop System.

She grew up in Russia, where entrepreneurship was a little known idea. She began teaching workshops on a variety of topics in 2007, and courageously quit her well-paying job in 2009 to do this full time.




By now she has taught more than 200 workshops, in 5 countries, in two languages. For the last several years she has been teaching coaches, trainers, and workshop leaders, as well as coaching people who have big plans for changing the world for the better. Her clients reside in 15 different countries, giving her a global reach. Through her Sold-Out Workshop System, she is passionate about teaching people to fill their live workshops with ideal participants. She believes that transformation is more powerful than Education. And live workshops are the best way to create profound transformation in people’s lives. That’s why she started a movement of workshop leaders who change the world.

Lena has been featured on the Brian Tracy Show, airing on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox affiliates around the United States, and was also invited to the television show, Moving America Forward, created and hosted by William Shatner, which honors entrepreneurs who are making important contributions to the country.

Episode Summary:

Lena Shkud Valmore will be sharing the trends and myths in live workshops. Through her Sold-Out Workshop System, Lena is passionate about teaching people to fill their live workshops with ideal participants. She believes that transformation is more powerful than education. And live workshops are the best way to create profound transformation in people’s lives.

In this episode Lena will be sharing the single thing that is done wrong most often by workshop leaders, and what they should do instead, the best strategy to fill live workshops these days, and some of her Secrets on how she fills live workshops.


Click on the FREE GIFT Box above for your free gift on 10 Strategies I used to 10x the number of participants at my live workshops:

5 Strategies to Live WorkshopIn this Special Report Lena shares 5 different tips that she used to fill her live workshops. These tips together increased the number of people at her live workshops by 10x. Now you can use them too.

Strategies I used to 10x the number of participants at my workshops. If you already doing live workshops it will help you to have even more right people at your workshops.

If you are thinking about doing live workshops, this free gift help you to avoid main mistakes even experienced workshop leaders make when they fill their workshop rooms.

September 8, 2016

Liz Wright

Liz Wright is the author of “Bare Naked and Nomad” and since 2009 has traveled, lived, or worked in almost 30 countries as well as many states around the U.S. while building her own mobile business. She brings a wealth of knowledge not only from her own travels, but from several years working in the hospitality and time share industry as well as experience in the direct sales, internet marketing, and real estate industry where she worked directly with top income earners in her company. She is an expert at finding creative ways to travel and grow a business even on a small budget.



Episode Summary:

From $30 in her pocket, to 30 countries around the world and owning a profitable mobile business. What resources and systems do you need to create a successful business? How do you do it all on a limited income? Join us for 30 minutes to hear life and business lessons from author and Vacationpreneur Liz Wright.


bare naked nomadClick on the FREE GIFT Box above for your free PDF and ebook:

  • 40 Ways to Make Money from Anywhere in the World (Attachment sent via email)
  • 2 FREE Chapters from the book: Bare Naked Nomad (Attachment sent via email)
    Chapter 11“Becoming a Vacationpreneur”
    Chapter 12- How to make money online- (Includes a List of Online Business tools)

September 1, 2016

Lynn Schulte

Lynn SchulteLynn Schulte uses intuition, energetic body-work and her extensive knowledge of aligning the male and female energies to empower women entrepreneurs to magnetize and receive more clients, more money, more success and more love in their life.

Lynn teaches woman how to claim their value, charge their worth, cultivate their creative expressions and live more authentically by reconnecting into the power in their pelvis. Through her online programs and private coaching, women learn to live with greater ease, joy and balance in their life. They feel more fulfilled, connected, powerful and confident to live and play BIG in life to share their gifts with the world.


Attention Women Expertpreneurs:

  • Do you know there is something blocking you from greater success but can’t figure out what or why?
  • Are you wanting to get to the next level in your business but are struggling to make it happen?

Come learn how to unlock the blocks in your energy field and how connecting into this one area of your body can show you what you need to do to get you where you want to go. Listen in to hear this completely unique approach to creating the success you desire in your business and life!


FREE GIFT:  Many women have energetically blocked their ability to receive what they really want, making it harder to manifest their desires.
How do you know if you are blocked to receiving and what can you do about it? Find out in this FREE E-book.

August 25, 2016

Kim Fuller

Expertpreneurs Radio ShowKim Fuller is a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, and Solo parenting Mom. She is founder and CEO of Fuller Life Concepts, Inc., personal coaching to professional women and small business owners. She works with clients who struggle with getting important tasks on their to-do list done. She shows clients how to create systems for life and business, implement strategies to stay accountable to their goals and maintain the mindset needed to be successful.  Her website is

Kim is co-author of #1 Amazon best seller, Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 Essential secrets for Mompreneurs and was featured in Balanced Mom Magazine.


With so many things to do and being pulled in several directions at once as an entrepreneur, how do you manage it? The idea behind branching out on your own did not include extra long days with endless to-do lists. You imagined less work, more autonomy and control. In this episode Kim shares the following:

  • How to get more control back and manage your to-do list
  • How to stay motivated to get more done
  • How to manage the most challenging part of being a Solopreneur


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There are times in our week, day or even hour when we struggle with motivation. I have a free audio ‘Staying Motivated’. There are 5 ways to get back in action when you most need to but have the “I don’t feel like it” syndrome or feel tired, discouraged or frustrated. I share 5 ways to get back into action but strongly desire success. You will be able to implement each of these strategies immediately!


August 18, 2016

Deborah Crowe

Deb Crowe Professional Head Shot 2015.ResizeDeborah Crowe is a natural born leader. Her clients have welcomed her high energy, sense of humour, mentorship, positive attitude and the ability to never see barriers, only opportunity.

As a Work Life Balance Specialist, Deborah supports men and women who have placed themselves on the backburner in life. She boosts them emotionally and gives them the tools to manage employment, family and self so that they can regain their Work Life Balance. It’s not about strategy, it’s about a new way of thinking.



If you are in a position where it’s time to make that decision for a change in your life, whether it is a relationship, new career or just a simple change to embrace Work Life Balance, Deborah can assist you.

Three simple words. Work. Life. Balance.

It is an element of frustration for many men and women as we live in a society that is accelerating at warp speed. Work Life Balance can seem impossible or can it? Join Deborah Crowe (Mama Deb) as she discusses strategies and a new way of thinking on how to look at Work Life Balance. There is no set methodology or magic equation to getting and sustaining Work Life Balance. Listen in and learn some tips and strategies and also get a copy of her new e-book and bring some harmony into your life today!


free ebook2Click on FREE GIFT BOX above for your copy of “Work Life Balance is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle” –Mama Deb

free e-Book on 12 Tips for Work Life Balance. Are you looking to bring more harmony into your life? Mama Deb’s has created a free e-Book with 12 Tips that will help you with Work Life Balance!



August 11, 2016

Diane Currie Sam

DianeHeadshotWebDiane Currie Sam – “The Business Story Coach” combines intuition and encouragement with nuts-and-bolts marketing and business expertise. Her coaching and training programs show business owners how to discover their authentic stories, share their viral-ready stories through social media, and boost their business results. If you are interested in becoming the kind of business customers return to over and over again, and learning more about story-based marketing, click here to apply for a complementary discovery session with Diane Currie



Did you know that you only have 3 seconds to attract a new client on your website? And most small business owners set up a website that is actually repelling potential clients and they don't even know it? Join story-based marketing expert Diane Currie Sam, as she explains how most ‘ExpertPreneurs' do their marketing entirely backwards, what costly mistakes you are making on your website, and how you can completely supercharge your brand with story-based marketing.


Click on FREE GIFT BOX above, to access Diane's 2 Part Honest Truth Assessment Tool: Does my Website Repel? Am I telling a Good Story?  Want to know if your website is repelling potential clients? Interested in a simple assessment of how to tell if your website is using stories effectively to  connect, captivate & convert more clients?


August 4, 2016

Rochele Lawson, RN, AHP, CMS

Rochele pictureHave you ever wondered why people choose to use holistic medicine instead of traditional western medicine or why they choose to use both?  Did you know that when you are able to connect and balance the mind, body and spirit in a holistic manner, that the success you are striving for in your health and well-being and in other areas of life becomes natural?  Ayurveda is a holistic medical modality gives a person access to information about their mind, body composition, that’s unique to them.

This information allows you to be able to connect with your spirit side in an easier flowing fashion. Rochele Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS shares her wisdom on Ayurveda and why learning your unique composition (dosha) can help you succeed in connecting and balancing the mind, body and spirit, as you travel down your path to Bliss. 


You will receive Rochele's beautiful “21 Tips to Instantly Reduce Stress” e-book, a free report on “The best foods to eat anytime, especially during Stress,” a mini “dosha” (constitution) quiz in which you can see, possibly what they are and an opportunity for a free 45 minute Wellness Session with Rochele.


Click on FREE GIFT BOX above, and learn Rochele's “21 Tips to Instantly Reduce Stress”. Get your free ebook there!

And as a bonus, take an assessment test to understand the relation to your stress, how you respond to stress, eating and lifestyle habits, where you feel you may need assistance in regards to managing your well-being, the value you have placed on your health and well-being.  Once you have finished the assessment, you will get immediate feedback on the results of your assessment.


July 28, 2016

Patty Farmer

Expert ElevationPatty Farmer is a multi-award winning Marketing and Business Growth Strategist, International Speaker, Radio Host and Best-Selling Author. Patty has created a network of 100,000 + connections while teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and authors to connect, collaborate and convert in less time and make more money. Patty was awarded the 2014 “Social Media Influencer of the Year” as well as “International Collaborator of the Year” and is known internationally as “The Networking CEO.” A passionate community builder, Patty founded BizLink, a global business development, networking and speaking association that has helped thousands of speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs how to build an online and offline community of influencers, create profitable joint ventures and build a large and responsive e-mail list using a non-competitive and dynamic collaboration strategy.


As CEO of Patty Farmer International, Patty works with her clients to develop new revenue streams, attract more of their ideal clients and design the lifestyle they want to live. Patty provides a definitive system and level of accountability that ensure her clients’ success. A brilliant business trendsetter, Patty utilizes strategic vision to redefine, reshape and remake stagnant or struggling businesses into thriving, prosperous entities.

Leveraging Your Li$t: Conversation to Conversion Effective list attraction, retention and monetization skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term success! Today, your list is your virtual audience or marketplace. It’s true that the size of your list matters, but the real secret is in knowing what to do with your list once you’ve built it. Patty shares simple but effective list-building strategies to grow a big list, position yourself as an expert and receive a return on your relationships. “Permission-based relationship marketing is the fastest, most effective way to grow your list AND your bank account.” ~ Patty Farmer


Click on FREE GIFT BOX above, and receive Patty's checklist to creating a profitable partnerships! Create profitable partnerships no matter how small your list. Whether it’s your first joint venture or you have many under your belt, you can double or even triple your income this year. This how-to checklist and tip sheet will fire up your joint venture results—you’ll grow your list, gain more visibility as well as expand your reach AND your bank account!

July 21, 2016

Tonya Hofmann

Tonya-Hofmann-HeadShotTonya Hofmann, CEO and founder of the Public Speakers Association, is a globally sought after speaker, host of the “Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show”, author of 2 books: “A Client A Day The Coffee Shop Way!” and “Change Your World”, The Coaches’ Coach, profit strategist, corporate and entrepreneurial educator, winner of the International eWomenNetwork conference 2008 Business Matchmaker of the Year Award, nominated for the upcoming 2015 Global Influencer of the Year Award for the influencHer Conference, nominated for 2014 CEO of the Year Award by the Austin Business Journal, nominated for the Most Connected Person in Dallas by the Small Business Conference, and nominated for the Austin’s Business Journal’s Profiles in Power!

Her focus has always been to help business professionals become more successful in Sales, Marketing and How to Change the World from the Front of the Room! I know how fabulous you are and that you know your “stuff” so it is time for you to get out there and change some lives! Becoming a speaker is the fastest and most productive way to really effect so many people and create real change. Plus it is one of the best ways to create significant income for yourself and your business. If you never thought of yourself as a speaker or that anyone would even want to hear you speak, Tonya will explore how she went from being unknown and an extreme introvert to one of the world’s top speakers and how you can too!


Click on FREE GIFT BOX above, and enjoy Tonya Hofmann’s free audio recording…”How to Get Booked and Paid to Speak!”


July 07, 2016 and July 14, 2016

Judith Wentzel

Judith WentzelJudith Wentzel, owner of EFT Coaching and Consulting LLC, is a certified coach specializing in profit acceleration coaching for women in real estate. Since 1997, women in real estate have been hiring Judith to make more money and generate greater profits.

Teaching her clients to more effectively leverage time, energies, and resources combined with mindset work and creative unique promotional strategies and plans, Judith reveals the key to consistent business and income generation which can allow her clients to more easily and consistently grow their business and generate profits month after month regardless of the economy.




Whether working with a multi-million dollar real estate firm, a team of real estate agents, or the individual real estate professional, Judith delivers the tools, systems, strategies and resources her clients require to achieve their business goals and enjoy a higher quality lifestyle.

And yes, Judith does work with men, but only the very, very smart ones!

During this episode Judith talks about the profit acceleration through her unique 4 pillar approach to ultimate business and income success.

The 4 key profit pillars are purpose, plan, productivity and prioritize. 



Grab your FREE copy of Judith Wentzel Home study course for business professional!

Judith's gift is module 1 of the Explosive Business Home Study Course for Business Professionals with worksheets that will give you an honest overview of your business just as it is right now and how you want your business to be and the income you want it to be and fine tune that focus down to who your ideal client and market is for you. . Listen in at the very end of the episode Judith has a bonus gift offer for a 30 minute coaching call  and how to schedule your coaching call with Judith Wentzel.

June 30, 2016

Wendy McClelland

WendyMcClelland headshotWendy McClelland is a business pioneer; as one of the first small businesses to get online in the mid 1990’s, her first website was chosen by the NY Times as “one of the best biz sites on the ‘net”. She is an award winning entrepreneur as well as a past nominee for “Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year”. She has spoken to over 10,000 people in live audiences throughout western Canada and the U.S.

Wendy McClelland has been online since 1995 and is a social media pro. She will help you identify WHERE your ideal clients are and how best to connect with them, and move them from interested “looky loos” to customers.





Join Wendy McClelland as she helps “demystify social media” and gives you tips and strategies to for you to get more out of your time online!

  • Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by social media?
  • Do you hate the thought of coming up with what to post, and worse WHERE to post?
Grab your FREE “how to” Bundle of Business Expertise 2016 report!




Wendy has created a free “how to” bundle for our listeners.

In it you’ll find out

  • “How to Win at Trade Shows”
  • “How to do Joint Ventures to Double Your Income”
  • “How to Use all the New Facebook Features”
  • And more!


June 23, 2016
Laura Clancy

Muffin_Toppled_Composite_5x4Laura Clancy, owner of Muffin Toppled® Enterprises, Inc.: Want the skinny on how to fit into your lean jeans again? Let Laura Clancy of Muffin Toppled® Enterprises teach you how to blow your fat to smithereens! In an industry filled with “magic pill” mentality, there are truthful and smart answers on how to get to and stay at your ideal weight. After all, Magic Pills are in the aisle between Unicorns and Yeti's….and honest answers are found in this half hour segment on fat loss. Truthfully, your jeans CAN fit again when you know how to think, eat and move. It's not necessarily “easy” to lose fat, but Laura Clancy of Muffin Toppled® Enterprises Inc. can make the truthful pill easier to swallow by sharing her 3 component philosophy and how it's worked for her and all of her clients.



In this episode, you’ll hear her stories from her well-stocked humor arsenal to educate, inspire and entertain millions of people to get healthier through Mindset, Nutrition and physical Fitness.

Have you noticed that it's getting increasingly difficult to fit into your “lean jeans” no matter how many diets you endure? This C.E.O. report gives you the succinct solution to losing fat and becoming Black Dress Ready (or Black Tie Ready)  Ready to step into your little black dress or tie at any moment!




Grab your FREE report on getting Black Dress Ready!

Laura Clancy, founder of Muffin Toppled® ’s shares tips to losing fat and becoming Black Tie Ready!


June 16, 2016

Michelle Nedelec

MichelleNedelecMichelle Nedelec: Stop Banging your head against the wall! How to create a business with ease According to Vince Lombardi’s Top 6 success principles Sadly most business owners today are living lives of high stress and burnout. It doesn’t have to be this way! With a few simple tweaks to overall strategy, some techniques and most importantly some mind set shifts, every business can be run smoothly and efficiently. It all begins with you!
Vince Lombardi’s Top 6 Success Principles Vince Lombardi was and still remains one of the most successful coaches in the NFL. In fact, not only was his success record breaking, but to this day, over 50 years later, those records still have not been broken.



Vince’s quotes can be found around the internet, from brainyquotes to Youtube and everywhere in between.

In this report you’ll receive the top 6 principles that Vince taught his team. You’ll receive the breakdown of how these principles apply to your life and your business and you’ll get tools and tips on how to apply these principles to your life. The benefits of creating a life of ease are often overlooked by many business people, they think it’s a sign of weakness or sloth, but the truth is that it’s ESSENTIAL to the longevity of your business and to your life!

Learn to enjoy all aspects of your day and you will learn how to reduce stress, get more done in less time, be a more effective leader, and make money! Isn’t that what you REALLY wanted? Starting a business is alluring because it promises a life of freedom and more money; it’s time to bring them home! In appreciation for listening my interview with Sheryl today, I would love to share with you a report that I’ve written on the Top 6 Success Principles of Vince Lombardi. I know this report will help you to see new ways of looking at your day and your life to start creating a life of Ease. It’s only a click away.


Grab Your FREE report on the Top 6 Success Principles!

I would love to share with you a report that I’ve written on the Top 6 Success Principles of Vince Lombardi. I know this report will help you to see new ways of looking at your day and your life to start creating a Life of Ease. It’s only a click away, and I’d love to offer it to you for FREE.

June 09, 2016

Laura Madden

Laura Madden photoLaura Madden – helps professional women look & feel their best by expressing their true style, so they can elevate their image and their brand and stand out in their field. Laura also coaches women to get confident on camera & comfortable in the spotlight, acting as the creative director and stylist to design on-brand photoshoots. Today Laura Madden is going to speak about Boosting Your Self-Esteem Through Style, sharing tools you can use today to create an empowered image. Your image is your storefront and what people see is your first introduction to the world.



Today Laura Madden is going to speak about Boosting Your Self-Esteem Through Style, sharing tools you can use today to create an empowered image. Your image is your storefront and what people see is your first introduction to the world. In today's society, not only do first impressions matter more than ever, but they create stories or judgements about you that often guide your professional path. The good news is you can use this cultural instinct to leverage your place in the workforce and your professional standing.

At the end of this episode you will leave feeling inspired and empowered to take control of your style and have fun doing it. You will gain confidence to put yourself out there as an expert in your field, so you can gain exposure and grow your business?


Grab your FREE copy Video Series!

Video Series: Top 3 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs are making on camera. Master creating an eye-grabbing presence & an image you love both on and off-camera! Learn my insider secrets from almost 20 years as a model, to be empowered to stand up for yourself & find your voice- on camera and off! You will also learn to give your brand a voice through your photos. Your words only take you so far. Your photo is your 1st introduction to the world. That 7-sec rule? It applies here too.


June 02, 2016

Janette Gleason

Janette Gleason April 2015 160.160As the See It, Achieve ItTM Coach, Janette Gleason focuses on guiding individuals to realize their dreams. Through her courses, workshops, strategy sessions and keynote addresses, her expertise and counsel have helped many people, including small business owners as well as leaders and executives at multi-million dollar corporations reach the next level of success. Since founding her company in 2011, Janette quickly developed a reputation as a professional who produces significant results.




The Road to Sweet Success
Janette’s latest book, The Road to Sweet Success, is for people who have high aspirations, want to conquer their goals, and reach success. Listen to Janette talk about how this book and her experience can serve as a road map to get you to your destination. The Road to Sweet Success chronicles Janette’s journey and success in achieving a life-changing goal and will teach you 10 strategies she used to succeed so you can apply them and reach your own sweet success.

Some of the topics Janette will cover include:

    • The importance of mapping out your journey by getting focused on your goals
    • The strategies that you can use to overcome roadblocks and detours you encounter
    • The power of positive thinking and visualization and the roles they play in your goal-achievement process


Grab your FREE copy of 10 actions to Jump-Start Your Journey Toward Success from Janette Gleason

When you're on your journey toward success, there are times when you hit roadblocks and detours. But, don't give up and turn around! You've put so much time, effort and planning toward the goals you've set out to achieve. Stay on the road to sweet success by downloading Janette's free gift, 10 Actions to Jump-start Your Journey Toward Success.


May 26, 2016

Monica Miller

Monica MillerMonica Miller is a content strategists, author, speaker and writer. She grew up in the heart of central Georgia, where she developed her love for writing then and published her first book in 2009 called The Cave Nemesis. Upon marrying and moving to Europe, she began her writing career as a international Human Interest writer in 2012.

In 2013, Monica and her husband moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she began her true passion of owning her own business and writing for business owners. As she grew and her business evolved, Monica found her love for wanting to help people get seen, heard and become unforgettable through their message. This prompted her to write her second book, Write Your Book in No Time, in March 2016.

Monica Miller will show you how to cut your content creation in half and how to implement a easy system that will allow you to know what you're going to say every time!


  • Have you ever wanted to become unforgettable through your content?
  • Do you see yourself as the “go-to guru” in your industry?
  • Is content creation taking too much time so you become easily overwhelmed, frustrated, and don't even care anymore?

If your desire is to make an impact through your content to generate income, business and authenticity, then Monica will share with you the key elements that you need in your content, how to go about getting that desire and why hiring out may not be the best move (yet!). Become an unforgettable brand to your audience and an authority in your industry!


RepurposingPic.smGrab your FREE copy on how to repurpose your blog content into social media content using Monica's simple strategies that saves you time every week and how you can save time, energy and headache


May 19, 2016

David Brier

David Brier 2014 facebook headshot 2

David Brier – has been interviewed by, writes about branding for Fast Company as well as his own blog post. A designer, author and brilliant speaker, David’s skill in distilling complex topics into useful simplicity is respected by entrepreneurs, CEOs, branding professionals and business owners who demand one of the finest branding minds available today.

In this fast-paced episode, David Brier, who is the branding secret weapon used by startups and existing companies large and small, was called by Shark Tank star Daymond John, “David Brier is brilliant with branding.”



Here’s what Micha Solomon had to say!  David Brier is an absolutely EYE-OPENING WISDOM ON BRANDING AND MARKETING. BRIER DOES IT AGAIN.”  ~Micah Solomon, Co- author, “Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit:
The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization”


Grab your FREE copy of the “The Lucky Brand” ebook by David Brier, a powerful tool with immediate action.

This Free Branding Guide is a no-BS, in-depth outline of 10 proven branding strategies you can immediately implement to increase your brand’s effectiveness, attract more customers, increase ROI and get your brand rising above the noise.

If you are a CEO, a VP of marketing or an entrepreneur of a startup or an existing company (whose brand needs a boost), you will find this eBook invaluable. The thousands who have received their own copy routinely let us know how they refer to it over and over. Marketing professional Rick Graef wrote: “The Lucky Brand is 14 pages of marketing and branding dynamite!


May 12, 2016

Liana Chaouli

Expert Elevation Radio Guest - Liana ChaouliGet Noticed, Stand Out and Shine! Transform Your Personal Style to Attract New Business and Success. Over the past two decades, Liana Chaouli has developed the theory and practice of Image Therapy®, an educational and therapeutic process today taught worldwide. Ms. Chaouli is a “go-to” expert for numerous news sources as an image and personal stylist and appears on major TV and radio shows.


She authors articles in international, national and regional magazines, and addresses corporate groups, associations, and trade conventions on the impact of appearance on individual and corporate performance.




Liana Chaouli offers a 3-part video training series as a free gift to you! “Virtual Style Academy” Video Series. This video series will show you how the RIGHT clothes can build your confidence and empower you to showcase your true, unique beauty. Join me and …

  • Discover YOUR “Essential Formula
  • Determine Your unique body structure
  • Learn one KEY element that impacts the type of clothing you should wear (this might really surprise you!)
  • Understand the one aspect of clothing that is essential to enhancing (or hiding!) your authentic self…. And much more.



May 5, 2016

Diane Lefrandt

Diane Lefrandt Diane LefrandtIf you’re ready to take your business to the next level, tune into this episode and learn 3 Easy Steps to Earning Big Visibility Big Profits and creating your brand roadmap to profitable success! Publicity expert Diane Lefrandt, joins us on this call to learn the the ins and outs of branding like the CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies she has worked with while she worked as a PR executive in New York City.



Take your brand to the next level with the Big Visibility, Big Profits tools for success. Free Gift: 6 Strategies & Tips For Visibility Success – Start your roadmap to Big Visibility, Big Profits



April 28, 2016

Orvel Ray Wilson

OrvelRayNeed more clients and more business?  Guerrilla Marketing expert Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, shares the secrets of low-cost or NO-cost marketing for Expertpreneurs®.

You’ll learn how Guerrilla Marketing is different from traditional marketing, the most common and costly mistakes most marketers make, and simple, effective ideas you can use right now to grow your business.  Asking questions is the second most important selling skill after prospecting. Yet many salespeople blather on about features and benefits, instead of asking questions and listening


. ListenNow_Button

Orvel Ray Wilso is an award-winning speaker and best-selling co-author of six of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing business books, including Guerrilla Selling, Guerrilla TeleSelling, Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla Negotiating Guerrilla Retailing and Guerrilla Marketing Remix.


Download your FREE 37 Magic Selling Questions PDF Here

pdf-iconAsking questions is the second most important selling skill after prospecting. Yet many salespeople blather on about features and benefits, instead of asking questions and listening.

Download the 37 Magic Selling Questions PDF by Orvel Ray Wilson, that will help you get to know your prospects better.


April 21, 2016

Nan Akasha


Nan Akasha, is a 6X #1 Bestselling Author, 30 year Conscious Entrepreneur & co-founder of the Award Winning BlissLife Press Publishers, innovators of the World’s first ‘Strategic Philanthropy Book Launch”. Nan, featured in Fast Company believes 'Books Save Lives', and is on a mission to launch books that raise money for charity & build tribe and income for the author at the same.

“How I added $525K in Sales to My Business” in 145 Days Using Something We Call Strategic Philanthropy” .

Learn how Nan did it and how you can use her strategies to publish a book, help charity, grow your list, and earn more in your business all at the same time.

Tune in to this episode of ExpertPreneur® Radio show to learn how you can earn a lot more money in your business while doing a lot of good at the same time.




Join Nan Akasha as she shares with listeners how to turn your ideas into a bestselling book…
Your book into a Tribe … and your Tribe into the Movement you are meant to lead.


Grab your FREE audio to help you Write Your Story, Teach Your Method, Change Lives

Express Your Purpose and Transform Lives – yours and others and the world. Training Audio Reveals . . . How to Write a BOOK that Shares your system, method or story AND Uplifts, Transforms and Heals. Plus it INCLUDES a Guided Process on Finding your Story and Integrating Your Book.


April 14, 2016

Odette Laurie


Odette Laurie is a professional speaker, author and business coach for entrepreneurs who want to make serious money in their business and create the life they truly desire. Her first business, at the age of 27, started from a whim and grew into a seven-figure success story.

Odette has won numerous awards in the past 22 years in Academia and Business including Entrepreneur of the Year (1994), Stevie Award Women in Business-Female Entrepreneur of the Year (2015), and was nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year (2015).

Odette has written two books: “Profit Domination: How Successful Women Get on Top and Stay There — 201 Rules for the Road,” and an account of her personal tragedies while building Women on Top in her most recent book, “Paralyzed: Getting Past the Excuses of Why You Aren't Successful”. Odette holds a Black Belt in Karate and lives in Toronto, Canada with her two teenage daughters.




Create Momentum in Your Business: Be Seen, Be Heard and Get Clients!

One of the biggest problems in business is that people aren't Being Seen or Being Heard enough to create Momentum in their business.

Momentum is the key ingredient to building that successful business you have always dreamed about. Momentum generates the buzz, the leads, the clients and the money.

In this motivating talk, you will walk away with the:

  • 3 most important things you must do in business to turn a prospect into a paying client
  • Plan to be seen as the expert in your field
  • 3 S system that took Odette from 0 to 7 figures in less than 5 years


Grab your FREE copy of Odette's Confident Woman Manifesto

Many business women lack confidence in areas like their decision-making and their confidence level. Odette Laurie has put together a Confident Women Manifesto that will help you identify some key qualities of a confident woman. How many of these do you have? You can make subtle shifts in your attitude to make others true as well. Download the manifesto, print it and hang it on your wall for daily inspiration!


April 7, 2016

Dr. Christian Turbide

Dr. Christian Turbide is a gastroenterologist, a marathon runner, and a passionate advocate for nutritional wellness care. He has a gastroenterology practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; he is also Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Calgary and Examiner at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons for Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Dr. Turbide is also a radio host on CBC, and a frequent guest on a local television health program.




As a health advocate, Dr. Turbide believes we need to see a paradigm shift in the way medical care is conceived of and administered. Dr. Turbide advocates eating as nature intended, getting our sugars from their natural sources: pure vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

He also notes that we evolved with the need for vigorous daily exercise in order to survive. Today, he says, our relatively sedentary lifestyles are killing us. Tune in to hear some great advice on how to improve your health and well being so you can feel better, and live longer and healthier lives.

FREE Gift offer from Dr. Christian Turbide

Grab your FREE copy of Dr. Christian Turbide Nutritional, Achieve True Health 

ATH Cookbook email versionAt Achieve True Health we believe that food is nourishment for body, mind and spirit. Eating whole, real foods will reduce inflammation and form the foundation for lasting health and wellness. The act of preparing food and sharing meals together creates special social and spiritual bonds. Healthy food need not be tasteless, boring or leave you feeling deprived. We have compiled over 100 recipes simple enough for the most novice of cooks, yet delicious enough to please the whole family.


March 31, 2016

Steve Olsher

Steve Oshler on ExpertPreneurSteve Olsher is known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert. Famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their WHAT – that is, the ONE thing they were created to do – his practical, no-holds-barred approach to life and business propels his clients towards achieving massive profitability while also cultivating a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution.

A 25+ year entrepreneur, Steve is the Chairman & Co-Founder of, online pioneer who launched on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993, New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, author of the Business Technology Book of the Year, Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online, host of the #1 rated radio show/podcast Reinvention Radio, creator/host of Internet Prophets LIVE!, international keynote speaker, and in-demand media guest who has appeared on CNN, Fox Business and other national outlets.




FREE Gift offer from Steve Olsher

Copy of the 2016 New Media Influencers edition: 241 New Media Influencers Who Can Make You Famous With The Push Of A Button. Steve Olsher and his partner Alex Mandossian have scoured the planet to compile this Directory and guide you towards those who can best help you ‘Broadcast Your Brilliance’. And it’s all yours – for free!


Craig Cannings
March 24, 2016

craigcanningspicAs an Internet entrepreneur and e-learning consultant for more than 10 years, Craig has built a variety of online training companies from scratch. In 2008, he launched the start-up, which is now the premiere online training platform for Virtual Assistants and online professionals. He’s had the privilege of creating high-impact training courses for 1000s of students in over 40 countries … and has consulted with 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs, and large non-profits, on how to build profitable online teaching programs.

He lives on the Edmonton, Alberta with his wife and his five young princesses.

Have you ever been interested in creating your own online course or training program, but were not certain where to get started? Well, you are in the right place today as Online Education expert, Craig Cannings will walk through some key strategies he has used to build multiple 6-7 figure online training business over the past ten years!

In this FREE 4-part video training series, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to the amazing opportunities in online teaching, and how to start and build a profitable online teaching business of your own.

Also known as the “3×5 Online Teaching Kit” – you'll learn…




  • 5 online teaching business models
  • 5 top teaching platforms
  • 5 powerful online teaching tactics
  • Plus, what is easily THE most important (yet, least understood) principle for being a truly great teacher!



March 17, 2016

Noah St. John

Episode Summary

Noah St JohnDid you know that asking a new kind of question can immediately change your life?

My special guest today is going to show you how to instantly change your life using a simple method he discovered, called AFFORMATIONS.


His name is NOAH ST. JOHN, and he’s the author of an amazing new book from Hay House called The Book of AFFORMATIONS: Discovering The Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness.


zipiconTune in to Noah St. John’s Radio episode to learn more about AFFORMATIONS. Noah will be offering 3 fantastic tools to help you create the life of your dreams. You will get access to 10 Power Habits, How to Reach Your Goals Faster, and the Secret Sauce of Human Motivation. All 3 tools will guide you as you discover why and how to make Afformations work for you.



March 10, 2016

Rachel Resnick

Rachel ResnickIn this raw + real conversation, my hyperkinetic friend and colleague Rachel Resnick reveals ways to identify your signature story, what makes it memorable – and why authentic voice is the missing piece that will make your story pop. She explains why expertise is no longer enough. To stand out in today’s noisy world, you must both emotionally engage and entertain. It’s all about connection. Your stories are your most valuable marketing tool. You are sitting on a goldmine! You just have to craft those stories the right way. Rachel gives us an overview of her powerful, groundbreaking new Seven-Step System to Unleash Your Signature Story. On the call, Rachel also shares simple, clear writing tips you can use to write and speak your story for more impact and income. This is a don’t miss!


The Power-Punch Of The Personal Story: 5 Fast Ways to Identify, Design and Share Your Signature Story for More Emotional Engagement, More Entertainment — and More Money (Value $49)

FREE Gift offer from Rachel Resnick (Download PDF)



In thireport-icons exclusive report, Los Angeles Times bestselling author and renowned Signature Story Sleuth Rachel Resnick, will reveal five amazing, but simple, steps to finding and crafting your powerhouse story that have helped many of her clients (some of who were really struggling) to fuel-inject their businesses to the next level by adding signature story.

March 3, 2016

Jeff Steele and Joel Levinson

cover-LiveTheRiskHow do you break the confines of your comfort zone and balance sheet so you can enjoy the life you deserve?

Join guest speakers Jeff Steele and Joel Levinson, co-creators and authors of Live The Risk: Escape your excuses and enjoy life, who specialize in helping ambitious, yet exhausted professionals and entrepreneurs re-envision their lives in order to positively impact their business.


Our free gift for your listener is the first chapter of our book, Live The Risk: Escape your excuses and enjoy life. This chapter is all about recognizing what it is you want out of your life, how you are wired to get it, and the major reasons why you don’t.


FREE Gift offer from Jeff Steele and Joel Levinson (Download PDF)

Our free gift is the first chapter of our book, Live The Risk: Escape your excuses and enjoy life. This chapter is all about recognizing what it is you want out of your life, how you are wired to get it, and the major reasons why you don't.


February 25, 2016

Carla White

Carla White.swCarla White
has shown up as a class clown, recovering perfectionist, occasionally late for life but never late for dinner kind of lady. She is at her best when she is engaging with people in laughter, entertaining them with her outrageous stories, or empowering them with her witty wisdom.
Her list of successes includes many certifications and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. If you are really interested in the credentials, she can blow the dust off her resume and get that to you. As an expert in resilience and relationships, Carla supports groups to transform into highly effective teams. Using the C.R.I.S.P. System, in her programs and retreats, Carla empowers professional women to Show Up, Be Real, Be You!


Carla’s passion is to help people who are fatigued, frustrated, and fed up re-energize their life and renew their outlook. She brings love and laughter to her role as an executive mom, best-selling author, and Showing Up radio talk show host.
Her greatest creation to date—besides her three beautiful children of course—is her book, Showing Up: Lessons in Happiness, Humour, and the Courageous Heart.

Showing Up for Success! “Life doesn’t demand perfection. It doesn’t require you to be fearless, confident or self-assured. It simply requires that you keep showing up.” Marie Forlio. In this entertaining episode of ExpertPreneur Radio, Carla White shares her highly effective C.R.I.S.P. System to calm the chaos, and bust through blocks and rules that keep you from showing up as your best self. Carla’s approach will show you how to have more ease, fun, and freedom in your life so you can show up for success!


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21 day downer detox:  A outline with 21 tips, tools, and ideas of energy drains
and distractions to avoid or let go of, so you feel refreshed, enthused, and energized again!

February 18, 2016

Irma Vargas

Irma Vargas
Irma Vargas was raised in a house with 7 sisters and 3 brothers in Los Angeles. She states, “I was not afforded the luxury of thinking it was ok to sit around and do nothing”…hence her business model may not seem conventional but is definitely her!

Her passion lies in helping others find their strengths. She has formed a group of companies that help her share her strengths, give to others to help them find and develop their strengths and be creative in the process.


Her experience and expertise in customer service, project and performance management, leadership and team building, lay the foundation for helping organizations reach a higher level of excellence.

How knowing your strengths will propel your business into customer service excellence. Join me as I interview, Irma Vargas to get your blueprint to nurturing loyal customers who feel you are the person who has what they want.


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“Strengths in Customer Service: Creating Satisfaction for a Profitable 2016”

free gift pictureUse this customer service PDF to identify your top 5 Core strengths, how to use them with intent and nurture loyal customers to see an uptick in sales right away.


February 04, 2016

John English

John English ExpertPreneursJohn English
has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years during which he has successfully founded four companies. Three of which were a complete career change. This has resulted in an intriguing life full of adventure. During this period he was also mentored in the ways of ancient wisdom.
John knows what it takes as an entrepreneur to face your challenges and use them to grow as a person. He coaches other entrepre-neurs, business owners and people who work in the corporate environment. In his spare time he loves to travel and ski.


Using Ancient Wisdom is the #1 way to achieve success and happiness in business and work.

Today I'll be having a conversation John English. John will discussing Ancient Wisdom and how it’s the #1 way to achieve success and happiness in business and work. He’s found that understanding how to use these simple but powerful concepts is truly a gamechanger!

John will also give us a preview of his upcoming free video series, where he teaches how to end workplace overwhelm, create more time and space, and stay in the flow for maximum prosperity and fulfillment in your professional and personal lives.


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The 5 Minute Daily Success Process can drastically improve your life. It gives you the ability to shift your emotional state at any moment you choose, no matter what’s going on around you. In Ancient Wisdom this is referred to as Taking Control of Your Aware-ness.

January 28, 2016

Larry Hammond

LarryHammond.SMLarry Hammond teaches small business owners, managers, leaders and executives how to breakthrough performance barriers to build solidly achieving teams. Through his workshops, strategy sessions and keynote addresses, Larry focuses on helping organizations, that are stuck in “the way it has always been done” thinking without ever achieving true satisfaction, to transform.
By producing an organizational culture that creates a contagious leadership environment, Larry helps them to deconstruct the myths of red tape, budgets and old organizational limitations using a Strengths-Based methodology that empowers organizations to achieve maximum performance, increase employee retention and heightened employee engagement.


“Helping your Clients Succeed by Knowing your Own Strengths”

In this episode of ExpertPreneur radio, you will learn about the value of strength-based training as the newest untapped frontier for maximizing individual potential and that of your team.

  • The positive psychology of strengths-base methodology
  • The importance and power of having strengths focused conversations
  • The benefits of employing strengths concepts to achieve maximum performance improvements


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Do you want your clients to love you and what you do for them? Access our free gift and let us show you how knowing your own strengths will take you and your clients to another revenue level in 2016!


January 21, 2016

Raven Blair


RavenBlairDavisIf you’ve ever wanted to extend your visibility and reach using radio or podcasting then you’ll definitely want to tune in to this one-hour special episode with the Talk Show Maven herself – Raven Blair Davis.

In this episode Raven shares 3 key strategies to creating a winning and profitable radio show. She’ll share her tips on making money, interviewing up, and 3 types of interviews that pay over and over again. You’ll also learn some of the biggest mistakes that radio show hosts make that you’ll definitely want to avoid.



Join us to hear the executive producer and host of Women Power Talk Radio heard in over 120 countries.


RavenBlairDavis-BroadcastYourPassiontoProfit-1Download this free report from Raven Blair Davis to learn the Secrets to Podcasting in Your Business for Profitable Results. Inside you’ll learn 7 fast action steps for starting your own podcast and how to monetize it and other great tips from the Pros.



January 14, 2016

Nicole Bandes


nicole-hi-res-smKnown as ” THE Productivity Expert”, Nicole Bandes is intensely committed to guiding overwhelmed business leaders to transform their businesses and lives.

Nicole has spent over 20 years studying productivity and time management strategies only to find that most systems fall short when life gets messy. Attempting to juggle the many aspects of her own business and family life, Nicole put her degree in Psychology and extensive background in personal development and coaching to work and went on a mission to uncover why these systems were failing.


Using outside the box strategies to successfully help thousands of business leaders increase profits and ignite their purpose, Nicole's clients often tell her that she has the magical ability to create time where it didn't exist before.

There's a secret to being effectively productive, the kind of productive that means making more money with less effort, stress and overwhelm. Most people don't know the secret and that's why they continue to be overwhelmed, overworked and stuck.

You've been conditioned to believe that time management just requires

  • a better schedule
  • a slicker app
  • or a smarter set of habits


FREE Gift offer from Nicole Bandes , you will receive a special gift “The How to Get More Stuff Done: 50 Things You Can Do in Less than 15 Minutes eBook”

A simple but VERY POWERFUL first step to finding more time than you ever thought possible. Written by Nicole Bandes to help her chronically busy personal productivity coaching clients get a jump start on gaining more time in an already packed schedule, this eBook gets right to the point and doesn't waste any of your time.

In just 15 minutes or less, you can begin to get your time management challenges under control.

What will this Strategy Guide Do for You?

  •  Discover how to check off more from your to-do list.
  •  Make the most out of “wasted” time.
  • Conquer the clock one minute at a time!


January 07, 2016

Patricia Barnett


Patricia Headshot 300

Patricia Barnett is an International Best-Selling Author, sought-after speaker, certified coach and results expert who has inspired and supported thousands around the world tap into their genius to achieve results in business and life.

As co-author of Wealth Mastery for Women – 12 Laws to Create Wealth Starting Today, and best known for her unmatched passion for helping others, Patricia serves as a catalyst, propelling others into purposeful action to earn more money, sustain success and live a richer life of fulfillment.


A successful and celebrated business owner and trainer in the direct sales industry for over 20 years, Patricia is an expert in the “how to’s” of achieving results. Her unprecedented style supports people to move through blocks and barriers to go beyond ordinary to extraordinary. Recognized for several outstanding achievements in business one of Patricia’s greatest claims to fame is a dramatic win after a life threatening diagnosis.

Based upon her experience in creating enviable results in business and in life, Patricia founded The Results Lab and now teaches others her formula for success and how to apply the very same principles, systems and necessary techniques in order to thrive in all areas of life rather than merely survive.

Passion. Power. Profit: 3 Keys to Discover Your Personal Formula to Create Real Results

You will learn:

  • #1 thing that stops people from success and how to overcome it.
  • 3 mistakes people make in creating results and achieving goals.
  • A critical step that every top performer has taken to achieve profound success.
  • Simple strategies in staying motivated daily.

This is for you if:

  • You are stuck or in a rut.
  • You are ready to get real results with ease.
  • You want to sustained momentum and success.
  • You are done working way to hard for way too little.


FREE Gift offer from Patricia Barnett, you will receive a special gift “The Vital 7 – Seven Essential Elements to Create a Vision that Works FOR you!”

It has been said for centuries that “Without a vision, the people perish” and yet did you know, it is actually the specificity of a vision where the true power resides?

Many speakers and coaches know the importance of having a vision, however few know the essential elements a vision MUST have to actually work for you.

Imagine having a vision in place that is so powerful it actually acts as a guide to helping you stay on track to reaching your goals, creating results and achieving success… even through the most challenging of times.

Knowing the “how to’s” of creating a solid and compelling vision will help you increase your business, double your income, quicker and faster, while keeping your sanity!