April 2017 Featured Article

Focus and Clarity For Expertpreneurs® Who Want to Succeed

succeed2Everybody wants to succeed at what they love to do.

However, so many people struggle with achieving their dreams because they don't know how to get there. And because they don't have a clear path, they get easily distracted and jump from opportunity to opportunity hoping for a “miracle solution” to their problems.

This is an epidemic especially among the Entrepreneur community, where you have inherently creative people generating new ideas by the minute. Inevitably, without the right focus, an Entrepreneurial type can easily get off track, try to start multiple projects at once, and ultimately never accomplish anything.

You may be familiar with this issue as an Expertpreneur® yourself.

The good news about this is that it opens up a wealth of opportunities for your business. If you know how to stay focused on a task, set goals, and create plans, you could help many Entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

And you'd make the world a better place. Think of all of the wonderful products that have come into our lives thanks to Entrepreneurs. If you can help even one person realize their ambitions, we could see a game-changing product and service hit the market.

All thanks to your service to them.

That's why this article focuses on a very important segment of the ExpertPreneur® business – focus and clarity. Showing you just how much you stand to gain by helping others succeed in their businesses.

I'll show you why the mind can be either your worst foe or greatest ally…

Why simple planning can make or break an Entrepreneur's dreams…

And why doing one thing at a time will earn your clients more money…

Limitations of the Mind

If you read any self-help book on finding success, it always starts with conditioning your mind.

Many of us were born and raised to be hard workers, taught to go to a job every day from 9-5 pm, pay our bills on time, and live a pleasant life. Lessons we were taught about how to make a living usually didn’t go much beyond that.

That's why super successful people like Richard Branson are such an anomaly. And why the media, aspiring Entrepreneurs, and others go crazy to finding out the “secret” to their success.

It's possible people who go above and beyond our expectations may have started out wired a little differently. After all, not everyone tries to fly a hot air balloon across the ocean like Richard Branson.

However, the persistence, confidence, and strength with which these people go through their lives is purely a function of their limitless thinking. They believe they can achieve greatness, so they achieve greatness. It's really as simple as that.

Of course, they also put a lot of hard work into it. However, it all starts with the mind. And no matter how hard you work, if you don't truly believe you can succeed, you'll never make it.

This is where most aspiring Entrepreneurs stumble and where they need an ExpertPreneur® like you to step in.

If you are the type who knows how to focus your thinking, create positive, goal-oriented affirmations, and visualize success, you could be a tremendous help to other business owners. In fact, your skill-set alone could save them from failure.

A large aspect of achieving focus and clarity in your business is believing in yourself. Knowing that if you put the effort into anything, you can succeed.

If you believe that, you will stay the course no matter what obstacles you face.

The biggest problem among people who don't sincerely believe they deserve greatness, is they end up looking for external solutions to their problems. The perfect business opportunity, the lottery, and “get rich quick” schemes.

Inevitably, what happens is they are super excited to start out. They believe deep down this is the answer. And they expect fast results.

Fast-forward a month or two, when they realize how much work it is, and they aren't seeing any immediate gains… they start to falter. They lose faith in their ability to find success, they start to blame their lack of skills and personality flaws, or external factors such as the economy, and they give up.

So, they either return to the daily grind they were hoping to free themselves from, or they move onto a “better” opportunity. Which we all know isn't the solution to the problem.

If you can instill in these lost souls the confidence that they can achieve their wildest dreams, and help them realize their true potential, along with providing a clear-cut path to building and maintaining those beliefs… You could transform a lot of lives.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

planDeveloping the right mindset is the foundation for success. The next step is putting together a plan.

As I've mentioned time and time again, you need to create an outline of where you are, where you want to be, and how you intend to get there. I also recommend that you put together a timeline and schedule for making it happen.

All too often, Entrepreneurs get distracted by their own creative minds. Just like some might want to try twenty different business opportunities to uncover the magic formula for success, many may get distracted by different strategies for building their own business.

I'm sure you've seen many ads with products that are the “be all end all” for marketing, a bank account-boosting affiliate product, or other solutions internet marketing “guru's” are trying to peddle. While many of these products have their own merits, Entrepreneurs who are scattered in their thinking pounce on them hoping they will solve all of their problems.

And as you can imagine, they rarely do.

The only way to success is to make a plan and stick to it. You need the clarity of knowing what you want, and the focus to get there to make it happen. It might sound old-fashioned, but it's true.

If you are the type of ExpertPreneur® who is good at making plans, sticking to them, and then reworking them for optimization, you could potentially help a lot of Entrepreneurs find success in their businesses and their life.

Think about it, imagine working with a business owner who is developing a sustainable energy solution for a small town. If they manage to complete it, and show that it's possible, it could spark a wave of change across the world.

However, the creative mind behind this has a lot of ideas. And it's a very large, daunting task. Given that Entrepreneurs have difficulty seeing large projects through to the end, there's a good chance they will get distracted before they finish it.

That's where you come in. You sit down with them and help them sort out all of their ideas. You talk it through, figuring out the best course to take initially. Establishing clarity in their goals and finding the focus to get there.

Finally, you develop a plan, and promise to check in repeatedly, holding them accountable. Because of your efforts, there's a much higher chance they are going to finish the project, and potentially change the world.

Exciting, right?

Doing One Thing at a Time

oneatatimeSimilar to the problem of not seeing things through to the end, is the Entrepreneur's desire to take on too many projects at once.

To be quite frank, I am guilty of this myself. While I have a solid plan for my business, I tend to get very excited about creating new products, forming alliances with other ExpertPreneurs®, and setting up different ways for prospects to come into my business.

While it's great to be that passionate about your projects, what ends up happening is you get stuck doing three or four things at a time, and it takes three or four times as long to get each of them done.

As MaryEllen Tribby, former head of Agora's “Early to Rise” says, one thing done equals money, and five things half-done equals no money.

As you can see, it's just bad business. That's why I work with other coaches to keep me accountable, and help me prioritize my projects to optimize my focus and my income.

If successful Entrepreneurs can suffer from this, anyone can. Providing a great opportunity for you to create a successful coaching business helping them find focus.

  • Are you good at prioritizing tasks?
  • Do you wake up every morning and make a list of things to do
  • Only work on one thing at a time until it's done?
  • Do you find yourself to be more productive than others?

If so, this could be a fantastic path for your business, or even an “add-on” to your current services.

Entrepreneurs want to get things done. They want to see success in their businesses. However, when they sit down to work in the morning, they generally don't make a list of things to do. They just go willy-nilly and end up getting very little accomplished, or at least less than they intended.

You can earn Entrepreneurs money faster by helping them prioritize projects. And in that process, they'll be able to cover the operating costs of their business and keep themselves going while they work towards their ultimate goals.

Personal Development is the Way to Go

personaldevelopmentIf you want a fulfilling career as an ExpertPreneur®, and have a knack for any of the niches I mentioned in this article, you need look no further.

Every Entrepreneur (heck, every person period) needs focus and clarity in their lives. They need to break free from their limited thinking, find confidence in themselves and their professional lives, and they need a plan to get from where they are to where they want to be.

You can be the person that provides that for them.

If this feels like the right path for you, take the time to consider how you could help others with these problems.

  • What do you do that could be your “signature solution” for others to follow?
  • What do they stand to gain from your knowledge?

Go down this path, and you could truly make the world a better place, while creating the life of your dreams. And that's all any ExpertPreneur® could ask for.