Attention Coaches, Consultants,
Authors and Speakers:

Struggling to get clients consistently?
Feel Like You Have A JOB Again?
Frustrated with your slow progress?
Disappointed with the money you're making?

The Fact Is… If You Don't Have This One Thing,
Your Business Will NEVER Work Like You Want

It Will Only Get Worse!

So What is “THIS One Thing”?

The Clarity and Confidence You Must Have To
Make the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams a Reality.
That You DON'T Have Now!

Sheryl Wolowyk ExpertPreneur
If you're working way too many hours, always feeling like you are burnt out… If you feel
like you have a JOB again, instead of your own business… And you are NOT building the
long-term wealth, security and personal freedom to be able to do what you want, when you
want… because your marketing just isn't working like it could be…

This is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Hello, I'm Sheryl Wolowyk, Founder of Expert Elevation. With an important question for

If you started building your dream home, a solid house that would stand the test of time and weather, would you begin the project by building the roof first? Then building the walls and then the floors? Of course not. That would mean sure disaster, at the slightest wind or storm and if you leaned on your house just a bit, it would come crashing down, like a house of cards.

This may sound crazy to you, yet this is exactly what most “expert business” owners I see do, when becoming a coach, consultant, author or speaker. They find the fastest way to get the roof up, and worry about the rest of the house later.  And by then, it's too late because they never laid the proper foundation to support the roof or the walls… the operations, marketing and profits of their business.

If you find that your “expert business” is not
working like you expected when you started it…

house-falling-apartIf your lead generation is non-existent, or even worse, it's costing you a boatload of money, but not bringing you a steady stream of your target prospects, your Ideal Clients… If your marketing is just not connecting with your audience… and you don't know why… or what to do next to make it work the way you want it to, so you can build the business, wealth and personal freedom of your dreams…

Whether you know it or not, you are in the same serious situation most expert business owners find themselves in. But lucky for you, it's not hard to fix this, and start down the right path to enjoying your business every day. IF you know exactly what to focus on, above everything else.

Before we get to this serious situation, and why this directly concerns you…

I must tell you why I am in the unique position to help you escape the looming disaster of your “house of cards” coming crashing down around you. And why you're about to discover the solution to all of your problems, frustrations and disappointments, with your ‘expert business'. The solution that none of the “gurus” you'll meet, whether online or off, are even talking about. You see…

I've dedicated my life and business to
making a difference in the lives of others.

Specifically, helping expert business owners like you, who I call “ExpertPreneurs®.” Experts who have the best intentions of building their dream businesses and lives, also serving others, but have somehow veered off the path to having an enjoyable, fulfilling and profitable business that makes a difference in people's lives.

I too am an ExpertPreneur®, who discovered the key to building businesses that work years ago. Whether it's my consulting firms, my coaching for ExpertPreneurs®, or even the pharmacies my husband and I own and run, these critical “key” components come into play every time, and it all comes down to adjusting your focus, so you build a solid foundation for your business, before anything else.

The day I improved the performance of all of my businesses, was the day I decided to move from serving a general market, in my consulting and coaching firms and our pharmacies, to serving a specific sub-market of the general market. “Niching” my businesses was the beginning of creating a solid foundation and differentiating myself from the thousands of other consulting and coaching, and pharmacy businesses. But the big transformation happened when I took that to the next level.

I'm talking about gaining the clarity and confidence that is the foundation of any business. Especially an “expert business” like mine and yours…

Having Total Clarity About Your Market,
Your Target Prospect and Your Ideal Client

Not having this clarity is like building a house from the top down, without a solid foundation. And for your expert business, your foundation is being absolutely 100% clear about who your target prospect is. What your Ideal Client really looks like. After all, how can you produce products and services that help people, if you don't know what their most pressing challenges, frustrations and problems are? If you don't know their biggest dreams, desires and goals? The answer is, you can't.

And if you can't even produce products and services that help your audience, how in the world will you ever be able to communicate what you offer effectively, connecting on a deep level with your prospects, truly having the big solutions to their problems?

nicheAnother part of having total clarity is knowing what “niche” of your market bests suits you, where you can provide the most value and make a difference in people's lives. Just like I described earlier with my businesses, this involves you providing solutions tailor-made just for prospects in your niche market, for their specific situation, needs, problems and desires. Niching establishes your differentiation, and sets you apart from your competitors. Instead of just being a generalist, blending in to the market like thousands of other expert business owners, and making offers that are intended to help “everyone.”

The fact is, you can't help everyone, and your target market is never “everyone.” It's a smaller subset of the general market, where your strengths, passions and mission can do the most good. Where you can stand out from the crowd in your unique way. By addressing specific problems and desires of a specific group of people, who you know very, very well. Just as well as you know yourself.

And it does not stop there because not only must you define the “niche” you're serving in the bigger market, you also have to have…

Total clarity about your competitors.

Remember them? This is actually two groups of businesses that you must not ignore.

First, we're talking about your direct competitors. Those businesses who are selling similar products and services to the same target prospect you are. Who may very well know your target prospect much better than you do and are taking clients and money away from you, with each new sale they make.

Then there are your indirect competitors, who most ExpertPreneurs® totally ignore. We're talking about businesses whose target prospects are the same as yours. With the same pain, frustrations and problems… the same dreams, desires and goals. Only in this case, your indirect competitors are not selling products and services similar to yours.

Now we'll talk a little bit more about your competitors in a moment. I share this with you because in both cases, knowing all about your competitors can give you such a lift, it's really an Unfair Advantage. Do you think you could use an Unfair Advantage in your expert business? Just think what your life would be like if you did. We'll talk about that in a moment, too. First…

Here's the serious situation I mentioned earlier,
that you're most likely experiencing now…

And why this directly concerns you.

If you don't know exactly who your target prospect is… there is no way you can spend your advertising and marketing dollars in an efficient way. Which means making more from the target prospects you attract, than you spend on marketing.

If you don't know exactly what your Ideal Client looks like… it's very difficult to make your marketing work, no matter what you're doing, when you're making general guesses. As you can imagine, when it comes to speaking directly to your target prospects, and attracting many of your Ideal Clients, it's practically impossible to connect with them in a way that will compel them to listen to what you have to say, and to spend their money with you, if you're not clear on who they are.

clarity about the specific nicheIf you're not clear about the specific “niche” of the general market that fits you best… where you can bring the most value, in a unique way that only you can bring, you run the inevitable risk of having nothing more than a “Me Too” business. Just blending in with the thousands of other expert businesses that offer the same thing as you do (Which you may already have, and don't even realize it.)


And if you're not totally clear about who your direct competitors are… AND your indirect competitors… you are at a BIG disadvantage in your marketplace because you don't know how your competitors are marketing to the same people you do. You don't know all of the insights they have discovered, that lets them communicate much more directly with the market than you can.

Plus, you're not able to take advantage of special opportunities for increasing your business and profits by a landslide, just by becoming friends, or at least business associates, with your indirect competitors. As you can see, if you don't have the critical clarity and confidence you must have in ALL of these areas…

You have a serious problem.
That will just get worse if you ignore it.

Remember our house, that's built on a non-existent foundation? And what will happen to that house the moment a strong breeze comes through? It will fall, leaving you without a home. Well, the same goes for your business.

Until you become a smarter ExpertPreneur®, and build the solid foundation you're missing now. By taking the time to uncover everything you can about your target prospect, about exactly what your Ideal Client looks like. Getting total clarity on the niche market that suits you best, where you can make the biggest difference in people's lives, in your own unique way. And knowing exactly what's going on in your market at all times, including who your direct AND indirect competitors are, and how they are operating in the market.

market-research2So how do you get the clarity and confidence you must have, in all these areas? How do you get to know your target prospect, your Ideal Client as well as you know yourself?

How do you make your “expert business”
work like you want it to?

Well you can make your advertising and marketing cheaper and work much better. You can make all of your marketing fit your audience like a glove.

By practicing prospect research. But not any old research. You have to practice and embrace SERIOUS prospect and market research. That reveals exactly who your target prospect is, how they think, and how they feel about the help you provide. Market research that pulls back the curtains and shows you who your direct competitors are, and who your indirect competitors are, too. Serious research that enables you to develop the specific “avatar” that is your Ideal Client. Exactly what they look like, what their most pressing challenges and desires are, and what they think about their situation, and about what YOU do.



When you shift the way you approach your expert business, and make your #1 focus gaining 100% clarity about the niche market you operate in… who your perfect target prospect is, what your Ideal Client really looks like, you have taken your first steps to…

Creating a solid foundation
and saving your business from failure.

foundation2If you're ready to finally get the clarity and confidence you must have to know your market, prospects, Ideal Client and competitors as well as you know yourself… so you can finally get off the “income roller coaster” caused by not attracting your target prospects, and relying on referrals for business…

If you're ready to leave the JOB lifestyle behind, and build a real business that provides the enjoyment, prosperity and freedom you dreamed of when you first started it… by building the foundation of your business properly so you can help many more people than you do now, and get handsomely rewarded for your efforts, dedication and help…

I have good news for you. You don't have to just make guesses about what niche would be a good fit for you anymore. You don't have to continue approaching your marketing in a general way, trying to attract all the wrong people. You don't have to operate your business every day without knowing exactly what your Ideal Client looks like and where to find them. And you don't have to stick your head in the sand, hoping your competitors will just go away.

You see, I'm here to help you. I'm in your corner, because I only help ExpertPreneurs® like you. And because I have been where you are now, with a clear understanding of the problems, challenges and frustrations you face on a weekly basis, along with your dreams of your ultimate business, and the lifestyle that comes along with it… I've created something very special for you.

How you can “fix” your serious situation

Here's how you can build your strong foundation, that will make everything you do in your business easier, more enjoyable and much more profitable. It's called…

Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out

And it's the key you are missing right now, that will enable you to recraft what you're doing, and get on the path to having the business of your dreams.

Inside Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out, you'll get all the strategies and tools you need, to get to know your target prospects better than ever before. Without a lot of work, without trying to figure out complex methods or having to do anything “technical”, because this turbo-powered resource has been specifically designed to conform to what I call “The ESL Way.” Which means it's…

Easy, simple and lucrative!

You'll get infinitely more confidence and clarity about what you do now. And you won't even have to use all of the strategies and methods I have for you to do it. Each of these individual strategies are that powerful on their own!

You'll begin your journey with Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out in hand, by identifying the market “niche” where you can bring the most value, in the unique way that only you can. Finally finding the market niche that makes sense for you. Which enables you to differentiate yourself from the crowded market.

Then you'll shift your focus to one particular person in that niche market… Your Ideal Client. You're going to love this, because when you have total clarity about your Ideal Client, your expert business will never be the same.

I'll walk you through developing a clear “avatar” of the type of person who meets the criteria of being your Ideal Client. The person you can help the most. The person who needs your help the most. Next, it's time to start the simple but in-depth process of…

Getting to know your target prospects
as well as you know yourself.

We're talking about their deep desires and dreams. What really bugs them and the worst things in their lives that they want eliminated NOW. Along with all of the small details that enable you to create products and services that truly help them, and to ramp up the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing like never before. Once you uncover these methods, you'll wish you would have known about them ten years ago!

shaking-handsYou'll discover “insider secrets” for finding out where your target prospects, your Ideal Clients, hang out. So you will not only learn more about them, but know where to reach them in the places they frequent, both online and offline.

As you're discovering who your target prospects really are, and where they hang out… at the same time you'll uncover how to research and build the “keyword universe” that connects what your Ideal Clients are searching for, to your online presence and research avenues.

Just having this intelligence will let you use “Pay Per Click” advertising like you always wish you could, and because you'll know exactly who you are targeting, you'll reduce your advertising and marketing costs across the board, saving you a boatload of money. Then the fun get's even better, as you dive into…

The “secret” world of Competitive Intelligence.

This is where you'll get crystal clear about who your direct competitors are, how they are communicating with YOUR target prospects. Including the kinds of offers, products and services they are providing as solutions to your target prospects problems and desires.

You'll see why NOT knowing who your direct competitors are, is like driving your car with a blindfold on. Only you're driving your business and marketing with a blindfold, which can be just as dangerous to your wallet!

During this in-depth training, you'll also discover how to identify your “indirect” competitors. These businesses, who are selling products unrelated to yours, to your target prospects, and who could end up becoming your best marketing partners. Enabling you to create…

Your Unfair Advantage

You, making sales of your products and services on autopilot, without lifting a finger. Without your direct competitors knowing anything about your “secret” marketing. The whole process is laid out for you in detail, so you can use it to create your own powerful marketing partnerships and alliances that most ExpertPreneurs®  will never even think of on their own.

Then you'll get a tutorial on seeking out insights from trends and news in your market. How you can be on the “cutting edge” of what people are talking about in YOUR market. Allowing you to communicate to your target prospects like an insider, like one of them. And getting in front of your Ideal Clients, as they are staying current on the goings-on of the subjects and areas THEY are most interested in.

And in case these deep insights leave you thirsty for even more, and you want an even deeper look at the conversations your target prospects are having with each other… You'll discover a secret weapon held closely by marketers and copywriters who are at the top of their game. You'll get the skills to “spy” on conversations and comments made by your Ideal Clients, about the market, about your competitors, about the feelings and “gripes” they are carrying around with them, out of range of most expert business owners and researchers.

Then you'll leverage what you takeaway from these conversations to finally possess…

The “secret sauce” for connecting with your target prospects

hot-sauceYou'll connect with your market on a deep level. A level that few expert business owners, even savvy marketers, can even come close to achieving.

Are you starting to realize that with Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out in hand, you'll feel like you have a crystal ball? Being able to look into your market and see what few others can see? Well it's true and you'll soon have many more “ninja” research secrets at your disposal 24/7, anytime you want more clarity and confidence in your marketing and that's a great feeling!

And we're still not done yet! With this powerful research resource, you'll be able to easily tap into the world's largest sources of research and data, our Colleges and Universities, to access specific information about your target prospects, their problems, and how academic leaders have already discovered the knowledge you seek.

Heck, you'll see how valuable offline research can be to your expert business, too… even in the days where it seems everything is going digital.

I'll show you how to use the global resources of the world's biggest store, to get insights and comments from your target prospects you would have dismissed otherwise. Research revealing their deepest likes, dislikes, and “wish lists.”

getting to know

Pick up Your Copy of Getting to Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out

Oh, and I almost forgot… you'll also learn how to tap into a massive collection of communities, public forums, social media platforms… many of which have been around almost from the start of the Internet. Which is like being able to listen in to your choice of millions of personal phone calls!

You'll uncover an easy way to pull intelligence from “Big Data”… details about the websites your target prospects use, that give you accurate demographic details to help you really know who your Ideal Client is, and more importantly who they are NOT. All without spending hundreds per month for subscriptions to
the Big 3 data aggregators online.

Then we'll wrap up this extensive training by bringing you back to your website. Where you can find out more about your market by talking to people on your list, or even new visitors to your website. And tap into all of the intelligence about how people interact with your website, using a free service you may be using right now, but ignoring because you don't know how to leverage it.

Now, let's take a quick look back at your expert business and the frustrations and disappointments you've faced. The fact is, just like I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, if you're operating without total clarity about your market, your target prospects, your Ideal Client and your competitors…

You Are Operating With A Serious Disadvantage Right Now

crossroadYou can continue the battle you face every week with your expert business… relying too much on referrals, and stuck riding the “income roller coaster” because your business is always “feast or famine.”

You can continue your attempts at marketing, without really knowing all you can about who your target prospect really is, what your Ideal Client looks like. Operating in a general market, instead of finding the niche market that makes sense for you, where you can provide the most value and help the most people, in the unique way only you can, and differentiate yourself from the crowd. And being oblivious to your competitors, stealing clients and money from you every day, with each sale they make.

Or… you can get your copy of
Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out today.

getting to know

For the low price of only $37



And join the ranks of “ninja” marketers who are killing it in their businesses. I'm talking about ExpertPreneurs®  just like you… who made the smart move to get to know their prospect and their market as well as they know themselves, years ago.

As we wrap up our conversation today, can you see the fork in the road coming up? One direction leads to the high road, where expert business owners prosper, and live the good life you've always dreamed of.

The other direction continues down the low road you've been on for some time. The road that brings nothing but frustration, problems and disappointments. Which for the expert business owner, turns into self-doubt, procrastination, and lack of confidence, which stops businesses in their tracks every day.

Now I'm here to help you. And I hate to see ExpertPreneurs® living the life of the “low road.”

But I have to let you in on a flaw that I have.

I'm not very proud of it, but it is what it is and I feel strongly about it.

I have a big problem with anyone who gets any of my products or programs, spends their money on them, and then does not do anything with them.

serious-entrepreneurs3What I do is not just about making money. I'm here to help expert business owners have better businesses, and live better lives.
With that said, if you're not totally serious about transforming your current business into the business of your dreams… If you're not 100% committed to making your business better, so you, as an expert business owner, help many more people who need YOUR help…

I have to tell you something that may surprise you, even shock you.

Here it is: If you're not serious about elevating your expert business, and creating a life of enjoyment, prosperity and personal freedom. If you're not serious about helping many more people than you are now…

I'm asking you to NOT order Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out.

That's right. If you're not serious, you can close this page and carry on with your day. It was nice to meet you.

But… if you ARE serious about making your expert business the best it can be… so you can pursue your passions and help many more people who need your help…

This special resource was created specifically for YOU!

getting to know

And you can get your copy right now, for only $37, here:


And you're protected by my No Hassles, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time in the next 30 days, you think that Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out is not the most useful and business-transforming market research resource you've ever seen…

And if you don't see real improvements in your market research and your knowledge of your target prospects, your market niche, the picture of your Ideal Client and your competitors…

Just email my support team at and I'll have every penny you paid returned to you promptly. That's my promise to you.

So if you want to make your expert business work like you want it to, make your advertising cheaper and work much better, make your marketing fit your audience like a glove, and differentiate yourself from all the “Me Too” businesses out there, by:

  • Knowing Your Target Prospects Better Than Ever Before…
  • Gaining More Clarity And Confidence About What You Do…
  • Identifying The Market Niche Where You Can Bring Unique Value…
  • Knowing The “Avatar” Of Your Ideal Client…
  • Knowing Your Prospects and Competitors Like You Know Yourself…
  • Researching Where Your Prospects Hang Out…
  • Discovering Your “Keyword Universe”…
  • Revealing Your Direct Competitors and Indirect Competitors…
  • Going Deeper By Researching Market Trends and News…
  • Discovering and Leveraging Your Prospects' Own Words…
  • Tapping Into Research Papers, Niche Books And Magazines…
  • Leveraging The Power of The Biggest Store In The World…
  • Spying On Question Sites, How-To Sites and Forums…
  • Getting Website Demographic User Data Easily…
  • Interviewing Your Prospects And Clients…
  • Surveying Your Prospects As They Enter Your World…
  • And Making Discoveries Inside Your Website…

Don't waste another minute. Drop what you're doing and..


Purchase Your Copy of Getting To Know Your Ideal Client Inside and Out.






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