How Smart Expertpreneurs® Leverage Twitter

With over 300 million unique visitors each month, Twitter is the second most popular social media platform around.

If you aren't on Twitter yourself, chances are you have family, friends, and colleagues who are. And they rely on it as their window into what's happening in the world, as it's happening.

Beyond that, practically every single business has a Twitter account. It lends itself so well to “herd-building”, people can become famous just by excelling at Twitter. It happens all the time.

Frankly, as an ExpertPreneur®, if you're not on Twitter, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Denying yourself a chance to build a huge, loyal following, and circulate them through your entire online ecosystem. Ultimately transforming them into well-paying customers.

That's why today I'm extolling the virtues of Twitter, and showing you how an ExpertPreneur® can leverage it to build their business faster than ever.

You'll discover how it can transform even the simplest business very quickly…

How you can stay in touch with your followers and maintain your authority positioning with ease…

And keep up-to-date without spending every waking moment online yourself...

The Power of Twitter

Have you ever gotten lunch from a food truck?the-power-of-twitter

This very trendy sub-set of restaurant culture has been taking over major cities lately. What started out as small operations in Southern California have transformed into gourmet destinations in the likes of New York City, Toronto, and Chicago. And people are eating it up, pun intended.

Believe it or not, one of the first major food truck successes was a little-known experiment called Kogi BBQ in Southern California. They were cooking up Korean/Mexican fusion street food in the form of Korean Tacos. If you’ve ever tried them you’ll know they’re quite delicious.

When they started out, all they did was show up at a random location, start cooking and selling their product, and then leave when they ran out of food or business, whichever came first. Their only form of marketing was word of mouth and putting their Twitter handle on the side of their truck. If customers connected with them on Twitter, they could find out where Kogi BBQ would show up every day (and what specials they were offering.)

Slowly but surely, they started to build a huge following. Through encouraging their customers to connect on Twitter, they started a conversation about their business. They saw bigger and bigger lines as people started to anticipate where they would be. Building up a huge following essentially from scratch.

Long story short, they are now the most iconic food truck in history. They have multiple trucks running all over the country, and they've even opened up a few sit down restaurants in Southern California. All thanks to serving up a quality product, consistently showing up, and leveraging the power of Twitter.

As an ExpertPreneur® you can use this to find success in your business, too.

The fact is, any business can grow exponentially using Twitter. All it takes is showcasing your authority, engaging your followers, and implementing a few simple tactics for building an audience quickly.

And best of all, it can leverage you as an expert far and beyond any other method.

Position Yourself as a Major Authority

TwitterIf you think about the guys who run food trucks, they truly are experts in their industry. They have a unique perspective on the cuisine they create, and commit to it 100%.

As an ExpertPreneur®, you already have a leg up on other businesses by knowing your industry inside and out. And beyond that, if you've been reading my blogs, you know your audience just as well.


So, for you, Twitter is a huge opportunity to expand your audience exponentially with very little work. And develop a following akin to leaders like Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki, and Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess).

First of all, if you've already built a content system for your business, you're armed with plenty to share with your followers. And all of it will, of course, link back to your website.

However, with the speed of Twitter, you can exhaust your personal database of content fairly quickly. And that's where content curation comes into play.

Content curation is simply repurposing and sharing other people's content for your audience. This can be as complex as writing a counterargument to a thought piece in your industry, or as simple as “retweeting” a news headline.

There are countless ways you can position yourself as an expert on Twitter, but these are a few of the most common ways to boost your authority without spending every day developing fresh content yourself.

1) Follow major publications and share big headlines – This may seem obvious, but you should keep up with well-respected news outlets like the New York Times and CNN. As well as internet hotspots like Digg, StumbleUpon, and Buzzworthy.

All of these sites have “to-the-minute” updates, and/or in-depth discussion on topics that are perfect to share with your audience. Even better, you can comment with your opinion on each news piece and show your audience how in touch you are.

One pro-tip: If you're feeling confident in your copy, try changing the headlines for your tweets. Chances are you can make it snappier for a Twitter audience – “How to” and “Why” articles are particularly popular.

2) Follow and engage with the big dogs – Chances are, you look up to a few industry leaders. Whether they're in your field or others, they all have a ton of followers on social media and are invaluable allies in your quest for an audience.

Of course, the best people to follow are those who fall into “indirect competition” – people who sell to a similar audience as you, but not the same type of product or service. Each leader you “follow” will open you up to a whole new group of potential followers.

Beyond that, don't be afraid to follow the major celebrities, politicians, and Entrepreneurs that everyone likes. You'll learn a lot just by keeping track of what they post and how they engage their audience. And you'll create an opportunity to connect with their audience.

You see, if you tweet “@” those leaders, they most likely won't see what you're saying. However, every person that follows them has a chance to see it. And that is a chance to grab their attention, engage with them, and get them to follow you.

Do this enough, and you'll build a huge following for your business in no time.

3) Maintain variety and your personality – Sharing the same type of content over and over again can be exhausting for both you and your audience. That's why it's vital to your success to vary the kinds of content you share.

Of course, you still want to tweet links to popular articles and thought pieces in your industry. However, it's also good to share pictures, info graphics, and even videos.

Guy Kawasaki is a very prolific tweeter, and one thing you'll notice is he's constantly sharing different types of media. You'll find videos, photos, and links to articles abounds. Each appealing to different facets of his audience and keeping his tweets as “fresh” as possible.

The large majority of his tweets will revolve around Entrepreneurship, getting a job, and being productive. However, he'll also share things that personally interest him.

Whether you like cute animal videos, amazing photos, podcasts, or interviews, you should be sharing it with your audience. The magic of social media is in the personal connections it facilitates. You feel you know the people you interact with extremely well – akin to real-life friendships.

And that's what separates the best from the rest. When you take ownership of your personal likes and dislikes, and freely share them with your audience, they'll grow to like you even more. Sure, you may risk alienating a few people, but those who follow you will be far more loyal.

Engagement is a Two-Way Street

two way streetProbably the most important tidbit I can share with you about social media, let alone Twitter, is the importance of giving back.

All too many business owners approach media in the wrong way. They want to build an audience and they act very selfishly. Sure, they share interesting articles and engage with the major movers and shakers, but they inevitably take a huge misstep: They ignore their followers.

For one thing, when someone follows you, you need to follow them back. Or, at the very least, thank them for it. Give them a shout out for getting into your world so they feel good about themselves.

Beyond that, you need to take note of what's going on in your Twitter feed. What are people talking about? Are they asking questions? Are they trying to engage with you?

If you reply to these tweets and join the conversation, you'll endear yourself to those people. They'll believe you truly care and will engage with your content more, as well. You'll probably get a few new followers for it, too!

The beauty of this engagement is it starts a conversation. One that you can steer in any direction, showcasing your expertise.

Another great way to give back, is to offer “social only” contests and promotions. By offering deals, discounts, and limited access to content, you are giving them a reason to pay attention to what's going on in your world.

Think like that food truck, for example. On Twitter, they could decide one day to have a two hour buy one get one sale. And just like that, a huge line would form outside of their business for two hours and people would be thrilled.

It rewards your followers for being loyal followers, and keeps them excited about your business. It also bolsters your communications – you can develop a deeper connection with those who participate in your event.

No matter your strategy, as long as you put your audience first (just like you would with your business), you'll see huge gains in your following. And finally become the leader you've dreamed of being.

Start Down the Road to Twitter Success Today

It's no doubt that using Twitter effectively can transform your business for the better. You'll generate a huge following, position yourself as a thought leader, and engage with your audience on a deeper level leading to more sales.

Of course, taking the time to study Twitter and actually engage meaningfully is a daunting task. Especially as a busy ExpertPreneur®.

Well, the good news is you can very simply pay an assistant a modest hourly wage to implement all of your ideas for you. All you have to do is connect at the beginning of the week or month, lay out a plan of action, and have them do the ‘busy’ work. They'll be thrilled to spend time on social media, and you'll get the benefits of Twitter without investing the time.

So, no matter your situation, you have no excuse to not get started with Twitter. You will be absolutely thrilled with the progress you see. And, who knows, you may even get hooked!

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