Income Acceleration Group Coaching Program

Income Acceleration. What is it and why should you care?

Time for change

Simply put, it’s the concept and processes that move any hard working “expert business” owner from the life they have now to the life they truly want. This means giving up the struggle of trading time for money, struggling to get new clients, being frustrated by slow growth and not enough money, and being on the verge of burnout… And, transforming to a place where you work smarter and get to do what you love to do everyday, work on your terms, make the money you want, and build a business that creates long-term clients. Since understanding how to attract clients, and convert them to paying customers is the key to success in any business, I’ve designed the Income Acceleration Group Coaching Program to show you exactly how to do this.


This program will show participants how to create their own Income Generation System and understand how to:

  • Contact your ideal clients Consistently and Systematically.
  • Capture your ideal clients’ information to create a better follow up system.
  • Communicate your Marketing Message in a way your audience resonates with.
  • Convert prospects into clients and customers (i.e. – getting the sale).
  • Connect with them in a way that doesn’t make them feel like a target with a wallet.
  • Create Customer Retention and Commitment so that they’re not a one-time sale.
You’ll learn this and everything you need to have your own Client Attraction and Conversion System.

Why should you join the Income Acceleration Group Coaching Program?

If you’re just getting started with your business, and you’re not quite sure what to focus on and what is critical to creating a strong business foundation then this program is ideal for helping you get set up properly and earning income quickly. If you’ve been in business for awhile but not getting the results you want (you know, if the dream you created when you started your business hasn’t become a reality), you’ll want to attend to find out what you're missing and should be doing in your business to turn things around so you can have many more ideal clients, who pay you well and happily refer you to others. The reason most Expertpreneurs® (our term for consultants, coaches, speakers, authors, and other service based professionals who make their living sharing their knowledge and expertise) don’t succeed is that they don’t have a system that supports building the business they truly want. They also struggle because they try to go it alone. And that’s where this program comes in.

Income acceleration is all about using foundational principles to create a system that sets you free.

It’s about creating structure, stability, security, and serenity. It’s about running a smarter business, not a harder working one. It’s about learning how to raise your visibility and reach so that you can be clear on who your ideal clients are, how to reach them, and most importantly, how to engage them in a meaningful way so that they will choose to hire you. When you learn these principles, (which I refer to as “The 6 C’s of income acceleration) you’ll be on your way to building a solid, long-lasting, wealth producing business. Let’s begin by talking about what we’ll cover on the first call where we discuss the first income accelerator – Contact.

Call # 1 – Income Accelerator: Making Contact Consistently and Systematically

Getting clients isn’t just about throwing ideas out into the void and hoping that someone will connect with them. It’s about knowing who your clients are and understanding that how you connect with ideal clients varies based on who you are trying to reach.

What is the single biggest challenge that ‘expert’ business owners face?

Getting customers and clients. In theory, most business owners know that the practice of getting clients includes attracting leads, turning them into interested prospects and ultimately paying clients.

But, in practice this is where most expert business owners stumble.

They know they NEED to have a process for attracting clients but they falter when it comes to putting themselves out there.

What I mean when I say “putting yourself out there.”

positioning your businessI’m not speaking about being willing to market yourself. I’m talking about doing the right activities that put you in front of your ideal people. Part of the reason many expert business owners stumble around this is that they are fuzzy on who they should actually be marketing to. The first step in creating a system of contact is getting clear on who your target prospect or “Ideal Client” is. Your ideal client is the person or business you can help directly with your unique skill sets, life experiences (yes, they are VERY important), strengths and passion. I call this your money spot. In this session you’re going to get clear on how to find out who your ideal client is, where to find your ideal client once you know who they are, and what to do when you find them. Get this wrong, and no one is listening Get this right, and you’ll have new prospects, entering your world every day.

Call # 2 – Income Accelerator: Capture Your Ideal Prospects (and build your list)

It’s not enough to simply connect with ideal clients. It’s not enough to have them pay a visit to your website. If you want to create a true relationship with prospects (one that eventually inspires them to hire you), you must create a system to capture your ideal prospects.

What’s the most valuable resource that a business owner has?

Hint: It’s not your content. It’s not your logo. It’s not even a catchy website URL. It’s your list. Your mailing list. The people who have voluntarily raised their hands and said, “Yes please”! Your list is your most valuable resource because they are the people who know, like, and trust you. They have given you their most valuable resource: time.

Fact: It’s much easier to convert prospects who have a relationship with you than complete strangers.

Don’t believe me? Try and walk up to a complete stranger on the street and ask them to do anything: sign a petition, donate to charity, or buy a candy bar. The odds are because there’s no context to the relationship they’re likely going to brush you off. No, you’re much better off creating a system that allows you to capture the information of a stranger and begin a process that helps turn them into a qualified lead for your business. In this session you’ll learn a variety of ways to grow your list of prospects with both online and offline methods. At the end of this session you’ll know how to have an automated process for attracting more prospects to your business and how to get them on your list so you can build rapport with them and get them to view you as their trusted advisor so that when they’re ready to buy they think of you first.

Call # 3 – Income Accelerator: Communicating your Marketing Message

It’s not enough to simply find new leads and hope they become clients. It’s not even enough to capture new leads to your lists and hope they start paying you. If you truly want to find more money in your business, check your message.

The money is in the message.

Have you ever heard that expression before? If not, then you’ll want to pay attention because what I’m about to share just may change your business. The process of finding new clients is just that, a process. It’s not a magic pill or some secret sauce. It’s just a process that follows a logical order. Business Training It begins with making contact with your ideal client. It continues with you capturing their information.

Now it’s time to start a real conversation with your prospect. One that, if done properly, will lead you one step closer to them becoming a paying client.

As an Expertpreneur®, the odds are you’re never short of ideas. The catch is to understand how to formulate your thoughts and turn them into valuable content that you can share with your audience. The more you share and the more ways you share with them, the more your message gets out there and your exposure and influence grows. Many Expertpreneurs® don’t know how to communicate effectively with their prospects in a way that connects, builds engagement, and positions themselves as trusted advisors. But once you learn how to do this and do it consistently your relationship with your prospect changes for the better. On this call you’re going to learn what to say, how to say it, and when to say it so you get prospects to begin to know who you are, what you stand for, and the value you provide. You’ll also learn how to create marketing funnels so that you can communicate with your prospects in an efficient way that delivers value and ultimately asks for a sale.

Call # 4 – Question and Answer

On this call you’ll be given a chance to review the key principles we’ve covered on client attraction and get your questions answered. I’ll invite participants to discuss how these concepts can be applied in their business and I’ll ensure you have clarity about what steps to take and what you need to do to attract more ideal clients to your business.

Call # 5 – Income Accelerator: Converting Prospects into Clients and Customers

The sales process begins with making contact with a potential client. It continues with capturing their information and developing a relationship that offers them real value while positioning you as an expert. The next logical step? Positioning yourself so that you can ask for the sale and convert the prospect into a client. Many entrepreneurs fear sales. They often feel awkward asking prospects for money and feel uncomfortable with the overall idea of selling. Selling often gets a bad rap and that’s because, for most of us, when we think of selling it conjures up the vision of a sleazy sales man in a polyester suit trying to pull a fast one on you. On this call I’ll help you reframe the role of sales and its place within your business and help you get excited about offering your gifts to the world. I’ll show you where the sales process begins, how to effectively build a relationship with prospects so that by the time they are ready to buy they are already wanting to do business with you. On this important call we’ll discuss many different ways to convert prospects into paying clients on-line, over-the-phone, face-to-face, and other methods that involve one-to-one connections, as well as one-to-many.

You’ll walk away from this call understanding how to make offers that convert, with ease and authenticity. This call alone can transform your business into a money making machine that brings you the financial freedom you’ve been looking for.

Call # 6 – Income Accelerator: Creating (and Maintaining) a Connection With Your Customers

IWord Cloud Customer Satisfactionf you’ve ever felt courted during the sales process only to then feel “abandoned” once the transaction was completed, you’ll enjoy this conversation around how to create and maintain connection with your customers throughout the life of the sales cycle. Once you’ve converted a prospect to a customer, your job is not over. It’s just begun. I’m not speaking to the service or product you’re about to deliver but about how you handle the relationship that comes with it.

Most entrepreneurs lower their interaction with clients once service begins. Expertpreneurs® strive to raise the bar.

From the moment your prospect becomes a client or customer, your number one goal (in addition to providing the best service and making good on your promises) is to help turn them into what I call “raving fans” – brand advocates who will eagerly and joyfully tell their friends, families, and co-workers about the work you do and how amazing you truly are. On this call we look at how to not only satisfy your customers but also delight them. We’ll discuss how to create an amazing customer experience, and you’ll learn how to create your own Customer Scorecard so you can ensure you are paying attention to your customers, giving them exactly what they need, and turning them into raving fans, who help you get even more people to work with you and accelerate your income.

Call #7 – Income Accelerator: Customer Retention and Commitment

There are essentially two types of customers: one-time buyers and customers for life. Getting one-time buyers (one and done, without worrying about future purchases) requires a completely different approach than developing customers who not only buy this time, but continue to buy from you EVERY time they need a service or product like yours.

Let’s begin with a simple fact: It’s easier to keep clients than get a new one.

It’s cheaper too. Whether you have calculated it or not, there’s a cost associated with the process of getting a new client. Every client that comes to you has to go through all the marketing steps that take them from initial point of contact, all the way to being able to make a purchasing decision that results in hiring you. Even when you begin to develop marketing systems and funnels to automate the process, it still takes work. Consider that versus keeping a client who has ALREADY gone through this process, determined they trust you and has already paid you for your service. On this call you’ll learn how to extend the time that clients stay with you, so that they stay longer and buy more from you. You’ll also learn all about product ascension ladders where you create solutions to the initial top of mind problems that your clients have but then develop additional products and services to meet their next needs and wants. After this call you’ll be able to anticipate the needs of your clients so well they’ll begin to wonder if you’re reading their mind. When you learn how to create ascension ladders you’ll finally have the secret that will allow you to exponentially grow your income and your business.

Call # 8 – Question and Answer

On this call we’ll wrap up the program, ensure we address any lingering questions and give you a plan to sustain the momentum you’ve achieved and take things to the next level of income.

Program details:

Format for this Group Program: 8 calls – 6 teaching sessions and 2 Q & A. 8 live audio session where participants will be taught the 6 Income Accelerators necessary to create their own Client Attraction and Conversion System. During the 6 sessions we cover each one of the Income Accelerators in detail. Call 4 and 8 are question and answer calls where participants can call in to ask questions about the concepts being taught; discuss how concepts apply to their own business; and get answers to anything they’d like clarification on. This ensures that participants are understanding the concepts and able to apply them effectively to their business.

Cost of program:

The regular cost of the Income Acceleration Group program is $ 2,000 but if you’re seeing this information you've been given an opportunity to enter the program at 50% off the regular price or $ 997.00.

Program schedule:

Calls will take place beginning  April 21st and go until June 2nd, for 8 sessions over six weeks. If you can’t make a call don’t worry as the call will be recorded and available for playback at your convenience. If you can’t make the Q & A calls you’ll be given an opportunity to submit your questions in advance of the call and Sheryl will provide answers during the recorded session, so you’ll be able to get the information you need when you listen to the replay. So to get started right away just click this button to take you to the purchase page.

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