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Income Acceleration Summit.

Event Overview:

You can have confidence that by sharing our event with the people on your list you will be helping them to discover the fastest way to fill their high-paying client pipeline!

When people attend the Income Acceleration Summit they will learn to:

Effectively sell on stage, over the phone, and on webinars. Hold their audience full attention and interest.
Learn the 7 steps to creating a talk that sells. Understand how they can go from being afraid to speak and make offers… to confidently delivering their talk authentically and in a way to attracts clients.
Deliver talks that grab attention and create engagement. Use multiple marketing platforms to get seen and heard.
Discover the Get Booked Speaker Formula to speak on more preferred stages. Anticipate and know how to handle common objections confidently to make the sale.
Use Phone Scripts so they know what to say and how to say it to get to “Yes”. Use webinars, and other online automated funnels to attract clients 24/7.

They will also:
  • Learn to win over any audience whether they are speaking for 5 minutes or 60 minutes
  • Learn strategies to fill events, whether they are live in person events, online webinars, teleseminars or virtual workshops.
  • Come away with dozens of lead generation strategies to increase visibility and reach and stop being a well kept secret in their industry.
  • Learn how to get their message out in an automated fashion through pre-recorded videos, webinars, and teleseminars, so they can earn money even while they sleep.

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Target Audience:

This event is for entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone that shares their message to generate business leads and sales. It doesn’t matter if they are a beginner or a seasoned presenter, or if they are giving regular sales presentations and business pitches or if they've never spoken in front of a group before, this event will help them get more clients.

Promotion Details:

Event Investment: Regular price on our websites: $997 but your list gets the event for FREE – when they make a refundable deposit of $197 *Deposit returned when they attend the event
JV Commissions: $1,000.00 Per Sale if they purchase one of our year long coaching programs
Promotional Dates: January 16, 2017 – February 28 2017
Two options for promotion:

Option One – Video + Free Gifts

Send 3 Emails with Video Links : 3 emails with links to 3 different videos.
Videos also provide 3 downloadable free gifts. (one gift for each video)

Option Two – Just Free Gifts

Send 3 Emails with links to the free gifts (no teaching videos in this option)

Regardless of which option you choose, we’d ask that you also send emails to promote the webinar directly.

(See the email marketing copy for the videos, gifts, and webinar invitations to send out to your list.) Click here to view copy.

Emails contain links to Videos that provide great content and invite people to optin for free gift.

When they optin for free gift they watch a video inviting them to register for a FREE webinar.

The webinar is 60 min and teaches great content then invites them to register for the Income Acceleration Summit event.

For Option 2 they skip the teaching videos and just get offer for 3 different gifts (one gift offered in each email).

When they optin for a gift they see a video inviting them to register for the webinar.

During the webinar we teach and then invite them to register for the Income Acceleration Summit.

When people register for the Income Acceleration Summit event they get $800 in FREE Gifts just for signing up for the event.

These gifts are emailed to them over a few weeks leading up to the event. The gifts provide value before registrants even get to the event.

The Registration FREE gifts include:

E Speaker Mastery Audio Series (Value $350)

Client Conversion Template Kit (Value $300)

5 Clients in 5 Minutes Through Spotlight Speaking Report (Value $50)

How to Land Your Dream Speaking Gig Video and Tip Sheet (Value $100)

Location: Hilton Squaw Peaks Resort Phoenix, Arizona

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