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Attention: If you're an expert in your industry and you are ready to learn how to grow your business strategically, so you can STOP working way too hard for way too little money, this is for you…
Finally! Proven Strategies to Attract More Leads and Convert Them into Clients, So You Can Build the Lucrative Business of Your Dreams, Share Your Expertise, and Make a HUGE Difference in the World!
You CAN achieve your biggest, most important business goals!
It's time to discover exactly what's missing in your business and establish yourself as THE go-to provider in the marketplace, without the guesswork, without feeling like an insincere salesperson, and without learning everything the hard way!
I'll show you how.
From the desk of Sheryl Wolowyk
Dear Fellow Expert Entrepreneur,

If you're here, chances are you created your business (or are planning to do so) because you know you possess expertise – and you want nothing more than to build a successful business around sharing that knowledge with the people who need it. You're an expert entrepreneur – or an ExpertPreneur®.

Despite your passion, your dedication, and your determination, though, your business isn't thriving like you hoped it would.

Do any of the following sound familiar?
  •  You're working long, hard hours, between the actual coaching, consulting, speaking, writing, client service delivery, and marketing, and sales calls. But your bank account doesn't reflect it! You're not earning enough – or you're earning sporadically – and you're afraid you might have to go back to a J-O-B.
  •  You know there are people out there who need the knowledge you're sharing, but you feel like you're the “best-kept secret” in your industry. You aren't sure where to find clients, and they certainly aren't finding you.
  •  When you do get a lead, you're not sure how to convert it into a paying client. You're unsure about how to create an effective follow-up process, and the sales process makes you uncomfortable.
  •  You're dissatisfied with the business results you've gotten so far, but you aren't sure what to do to change them.
  •  You're embarrassed and frustrated about the amount of time, money, and energy you've invested in courses from people who professed to be “experts” but who never actually taught you what they promised they would or left you wondering how to apply what they taught.
  •  Or perhaps your business is somewhat successful at the moment, but you know it could be even more so. You're just not sure what you're missing!
If it does, you're in the right place.
My goodness! One session with Sheryl and she gave me such razor sharp clarity and strategies to increase my income. She is brilliant, passionate, and REAL!
Dr. Angie Welikala, Welikala Wellness Center
It's not your fault you're struggling to build a solid, profitable business.

You're stuck in the “time for money” trap, and you want OUT. You want to do what you love to do, every day – and live the expert lifestyle. But you're not sure what you have to do differently to get there.

As an ExpertPreneur®, your business has dramatically different marketing needs than those of a retail or manufacturing business, and using generic marketing techniques doesn’t work.

Rather than a tangible, quantifiable product, you are selling yourself, your knowledge, and an intangible transformation.

Here’s the thing:

In addition to positioning your service effectively, you must position yourself effectively. And by effectively, I mean in a way that differentiates you from the competition, so you stand out as THE best choice for the people who most need you.

That’s why you absolutely must create an effective client attraction and conversion system- to increase your income and your impact.

When you do, you:growth and success
  • Elevate yourself to the high-level authority status you've earned
  • Position yourself in a way that demonstrates the value you provide and separates you from the competition
  • Create an accurate profile of the clients who are ideally suited for what you offer, and to whom you stand out as THE go-to provider
  • Know exactly where to find those clients, what to say to connect with them, and how to build long-term relationships with them
  • Build a steady flow of prospects who come in automatically and find great value in what you do
  • Develop several different approaches to converting potential clients into paying customers who gladly pay you what you're worth
  • Create the kind of leverage that allows you to work fewer hours and make a bigger impact while earning greater profit
  • FINALLY experience the dream of business ownership you've been searching for
  • Have the financial and time freedom to do the things you love with the people you love

In other words, you FINALLY live life on your own terms!

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

I know – creating an effective client attraction and conversion system is exactly what I specialize in!

And I can show YOU how to do it, too.

I’ve tried coaches before but none compare to the advice and business insights that Sheryl gives. She really provides you a step-by-step process that helps you grow your business.
Sheila Axsworthy, Bensley

But first, who am I and why should you listen to me?

Sheryl WolowykI'm Sheryl Wolowyk, strategic business coach and successful entrepreneur who’s created 4 businesses in expert industries including consulting, coaching, training and speaking – all of which have reached 7 figures.

I specialize in teaching ExpertPreneurs® just like you how to grow their businesses strategically.

For the past 20 years, I have studied best practices in learning and education. In fact, I earned my degree in education and am a founding member of the XPRIZE Education initiative, which is transforming the way we learn and educate around the Globe.

I'm the best-selling author of the book, Answering the Call, which reached #1 in both Amazon's Direct Marketing category AND Marketing for Small Businesses category.

The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors awarded me with the Quilly Award (specifically for best-selling authors), the Speaking Empire awarded me with the Best International Speaker Award, and the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers awarded me with the EXPY Award (for international speaking). And, I’m proud to say that America's PremierExperts® acknowledged me as one of the leading experts in my field.

I host ExpertPreneur® Radio on the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, which has 3.5 million listeners worldwide. I'm the editor and publisher of ExpertPreneur® Magazine, which is in more than 150 countries, on the Apple Newsstand, and in Google Play Stores. It features regular expert contributors like Orville Ray Wilson of Guerilla Marketing and Jack Canfield of the famed series, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

I LOVE what I do; I get the biggest thrill out of sharing my expertise to help people just like you create businesses that allow them to make a difference and a great living!
And I share my credentials and expertise only so you understand that I really know what I’m talking about when it comes to business strategy and how to create an influential brand and lucrative business.
But it wasn't always this way.

7 years ago, I was working at a thriving management consulting firm. I'd made partner after only 2 years with the firm. I was “successful,” and I should have felt happy. Right?

Wrong! Each day I felt a bit uneasy and wondered if this was what I was supposed to be doing. All the firm's partners had different visions for the growth of the company, so there was no “unified vision” for success to work toward. I liked my clients, but they worked for big corporations that were slow to make the changes I recommended… so I often questioned whether I was really making a positive impact (which is one thing about which I am absolutely passionate!).

I made a very good living, but something was missing.

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I knew I was meant to do something else.

One day, I got the clarity I so badly needed.

I had become interested in the rise of video marketing, and attended a live 3-day workshop on the topic. During a Q&A segment of the event, I found myself contributing to the audience discussion. More importantly, the host of the event called me up on stage on 3 occasions to elaborate on my responses.

I loved it!Turning  Point ExpertPreneur

I was in my element. I was speaking on stage to a large group of entrepreneurs, and I felt great, energized, and connected.


I still had an obligation to my current consulting firm. I wasn't sure how to branch out and begin working with the entrepreneurs I so badly wanted to.

I was confronted with a strong dose of internal resistance!

But then, over the course of a single weekend, my perspective changed.

My son's class pet died the Friday we were supposed to bring him home for the weekend. In tears, my daughter shared with me that not only had Max the guinea pig died, but so had her best friend's mother, Val, who had been battling stomach cancer. The same day, my aunt had a stroke and almost died. By Monday, my aunt's brother, my Uncle Richard, was on his way to see my aunt and had a heart attack.

Miraculously, both my aunt and uncle survived. They each received a second chance.

This series of events taught me an important lesson: We often do not get a second chance in life to do what we want to do – what we're meant to do. We often do not get a second chance to make a difference in the world … to embrace our destiny.

It took me a while, but I finally experienced what I refer to as My Big Turning Point.

Head versus heart, practicality versus passion, safety versus calculated risk.

I embraced the reality that we are all here for just a short time, and it's our job to make every day count.

As a result I left my partnership at the consulting firm and started my own coaching and consulting business. I was confident it would all fall into place, and because I wanted to build a business around my passions and strengths, I knew I had a good shot at success.

When I first launched Expert Elevation I had passion, determination, and dedication. But I didn't have a good plan for finding clients and positioning the value I could provide them.

I did a ton of research, experimentation, and groundwork. I developed a system for educating prospects through marketing, developing great relationships with them before asking for the sale, and then continuing great relationships long-term to increase the life-time earnings from each of my customers.

And throughout this learning process, I also realized that no one was teaching ExpertPreneurs® how to strategically grow their businesses.

Until now.

Starting a business can be confusing and a lot of hard work but Sheryl makes it easy. From helping get clarity on business strategy to providing invaluable growth tactics. Sheryl’s the best.
Paul Stephanson, First Access

Introducing my course, the Income Acceleration System for ExpertPreneurs® …

…the simplest and fastest way to build the ExpertPreneur® business of your dreams!

This is the very same system I've perfected over time, and the very same system hundreds of my clients have used to create successful ExpertPreneur® businesses.

And now, it’s available to you!

Here is just a taste of what you can expect to learn when you enroll in the Income Acceleration System:

Income Acceleration System Foundation

Creating a successful, lucrative business requires a strong foundation. And it all starts with YOU! This is where we work together to uncover the obstacles that are getting in the way of you achieving the success you desire. These aren’t necessarily the things you think they are, and you may be feeling stuck and frustrated if you don't know what they are or where to begin the process of overcoming them.

I’ll also show you the things that are holding you back from building a lucrative business so you can blow past them. You’ll also discover the most important activity that you need to do in your business, and the 4 things you must do to get a steady stream of ideal clients.

THIS is what you need to know to establish yourself as an expert and ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace as THE right choice for YOUR ideal prospects and clients.

During the Income Acceleration Foundation module, you learn:

  • How to adopt an ExpertPreneur® Mindset to position yourself as unique among the competition
  • How to get absolutely clear on the obstacles that are holding you back and what to do to overcome them
  • The mindset you must develop and nurture to build the kind of business you want to build
  • How to get comfortable positioning what you do in a way that clearly communicates the value of what you provide
  • And more

Income Accelerator Module #1: Contact

Experience tells me the biggest challenge you're facing right now is getting customers and clients. Why is it a challenge? Well, if you're like so many of my clients, you MUST keep in mind the three pillars that are critical to your marketing–: Message, Market, Media – Match! These are key to your success. With the right components in place, including the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action), you can attract prospects, convert them into clients, and build long-term, prosperous relationships and I’ll show you how!

ContactsDuring this module, you learn:

  • What the Buyer's Process is, and why, if you don't know exactly where your ideal clients are in their buyer’s process, you'll never build the strong client base you need for steady cash flow
  • The importance of choosing precisely the right messages for YOUR ideal prospects or clients, in the best marketing mediums to reach them.
  • The 2 different ways in which you need to “put yourself out there”
  • The difference between Broadcast Marketing and Direct Response Marketing, and which one works more efficiently, saving you time and resources and helping you connect with ideal prospects quickly
  • What you MUST know about your ideal prospect (this goes WAY beyond simple demographics)
  • How to dial in on what your ideal prospect really wants, so you can give it to him or her
  • What to do once you've identified your ideal prospect so you can connect with him or her and start building your business
  • And more
Sheryl’s groundbreaking Income Acceleration System is a game changer. A beacon to businesses in search of a clear-cut path to profits. A boon to expertpreneurs eager to speed up their growth.
Rachel Resnick, Writers on Fire

Income Accelerator Module #2: Capture

If you've ever struggled to build your email list, you're not alone! You probably understand the difference between a big list (filled with your friends and family members) and a high-quality list (comprising people who are likely to need the services you offer). THIS is where you learn how to become a money magnet! Consider this your one stop source for everything you need to know about high quality lead generation!

During this module, you learn:

  • The difference between an organic list and a purchased list, and which one is likely to produce better results for you and your business
  • Exactly what to do to attract your prospects to you like a magnet
  • 10 effective list-building strategies to give you a steady stream of high-quality leads
  • When direct mail campaigns work (and when they don't)
  • What a landing page is, why you MUST have one, and the elements it must include to be effective
  • And more

Income Accelerator Module #3: Communicate

We're going deep here: We discuss the psychology of the sale, so you know how to guide your ideal prospect closer to a purchase decision using Education-Based Marketing. This is where you get the tools and techniques you need to develop a working plan for strategically communicating with your ideal prospects and clients to nurture your long-term relationships to get them to know, like, and trust you so they become paying customers!

During this module, you learn:

  • Why Education-Based Marketing is especially important for growing an expert business
  • The 4 “Must-Haves” of Education-Based Marketing content
  • Multiple marketing techniques to reach your ideal clients in a way they prefer (and in a way to which they respond!)
  • How to write marketing and sales copy that attracts and inspires your ideal clients to work with you (and how to do so the easy way – no use reinventing the wheel!)
  • The 5 steps of content production – which save you incalculable time and money
  • And more
I’d highly recommend Sheryl’s Income Acceleration System. Sheryl really understands challenges facing business owners, and provides great resources and strategies to attract clients.
Naomi Sansie, Sunrise Consulting

economic success of the dollar chartIncome Accelerator Module #4: Convert

Once you’ve attracted your ideal prospects, it’s absolutely essential to continue the conversation you've started! If you ever feel a bit squeamish about the sales conversation, this is where I'll shine a new light on the process, so you can sell your services in a way that feels GOOD – and authentically you!

During this module, you learn:

  • Simple yet powerful ways to get your sales message noticed, read and acted upon by your ideal prospect
  • To identify which forms and messaging work best for you and your target audience
  • The principles of conversion and how they apply to selling the invisible benefits you provide
  • The foundational elements your sales messages must incorporate in order to be as effective as possible
  • Cialdini's 6 world famous principles of Influence and how they apply to sales strategies
  • The most effective ways to sell face-to-face, online, and over the phone
  • How to harness the incredible power of referral marketing to ensure you've got a steady stream of interested prospects knocking on your door
  • And more

Income Accelerator Module #5: Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

Congratulations! You've converted a prospect into a customer. That was just the beginning! Now it's time to raise the bar, and the level of your relationship. It's time to convert your customers into raving fans who will gladly spread the word about how great you and your company are – and about the incredible outcomes and transformation you provide.

During this module, you learn:

  • The difference between client satisfaction and client engagement – and how to ensure your clients experience both
  • Everything you need to know to create your own automated customer communication strategy
  • The psychology behind the power of social influence, and how to put it to work for you and your business so you earn more income and expand your reach
  • Strategies for leveraging social media to grow a loyal community of followers
  • And more

iStock_000027903186LargeIncome Accelerator Module #6: Customer Retention and Reactivation

What if you could turn your clients into lifelong customers who always sing your praises? You'd be making a big difference, and those lifelong customers would be telling everyone they know about it! So how do you ensure your customers get the kinds of results that make them want to stick around? That's what we cover here.


During this module, you learn:

  • Stick strategies” that decrease return/refund rates by encouraging your customers to keep your products and services
  • Tips and advice for ensuring your customers get results by completing products they order, getting started quickly, and experiencing success early on
  • How to recover and re-engage clients from whom you haven't heard in awhile
  • What a spiral revenue model is, and how to use it to increase the lifetime value of each customer
  • The ONE tip that will allow you to truly create a life of personal freedom for yourself
  • And more
In short, you get everything you need to build the business you truly want to build: the business that allows you to transform people's lives, share your gifts and expertise, and build the freedom you want and deserve!
Sheryl Wolowyk blew me away with her power packed Income Acceleration System. I’ve never seen any program deliver such strong, succinct, actionable training for monetizing expert brands online. Sheryl gives a no-holds barred, step-by-step approach for creating sustainable streams of income unlike anything I’ve seen delivered anywhere. I cannot recommend her training enough!
Michelle Nedelec, Awareness Strategies

Now, you're probably wondering how we're going to cover all this.

First of all, you should know I am completely committed to your success as an ExpertPreneur®. I have been where you are, and I have discovered a system that works for creating a lucrative, profitable business. It's my mission to share that system with you!

To that end, here's what you get when you join the Income Acceleration System:

The Income Acceleration System Foundation series, which gives you the ExpertPreneur® Mindset you need to achieve incredible success

6 Income Accelerators – online modules you can access at your convenience and digest at your own pace.

This includes:

  • 21 video lessons – that teach you winning business strategies and tactics
  • 25 audios –in case you want to listen while on the go, instead of watch
  • Transcripts – to read and make notes on
  • Informational PDFs for each module – including how to create headlines that get attention and garner interest, how to generate lead magnet ideas, how to create powerful calls to action that compel your prospects to buy, and more.
  • Tip Sheets – which provide additional insight and proven tactics
  • Activity Guides – to direct your action to achieve the success you want
  • Module-specific checklists – to ensure you’re taking all the necessary steps along your business-building journey, including where to find your ideal clients, list-building strategies, creating an effective lead magnet, building an effective landing page and more.
  • Templates so you can just fill in the blank to identify your ideal clients, create engaging taglines and elevator pitches, and easily complete the activities necessary to have a successful business
  • How-To Guides – to provide step-by-step guidance to get things done

So, now are you wondering how much all this is going to cost you?

First of all, I would love for you to consider this an investment rather than a cost.

When you turn your business into a moneymaking, life-changing machine, you will quickly recoup your investment – and then some. You will know exactly how to structure your business so you can escape the “time for money” trap, reach more people, AND increase your income – while working fewer hours and experiencing greater levels of freedom and enjoyment.

This is hands-down the fastest way to grow your ExpertPreneur® business of your dreams!

What is that worth to you?

$10,000? $20,000?

I'm asking you to invest just a fraction of that.

For just $1997, you can develop the exact same skills I developed – the skills that I have used to build 4 businesses up to the 7-figure mark. The knowledge and skills my clients have used to build their own dream businesses.

Program Payment Options

Pay In full Option


ONE payment of ONLY $1,997

– OR –

Easy Payment Plan Option

To make your investment easier, you can take advantage of our payment plan of



How many clients will you have to land to earn back that investment? 4? 2?

And I am confident you will – quickly.

Plus, to make the investment as easy as possible for you, I'm also offering a 6-month payment plan, where payments are just $399 for 6 months.

But that’s not all.

To ensure you have absolutely everything you need to reach your biggest business goals, and to make this a no-brainer for you, I'm including this special Bonus Training Package!

 Bonus #1. Your List-Building Toolkit ($347 value)

List BuildingIncome Accelerator #2 gives you everything you need to know to generate high- quality leads. This toolkit gives you everything you need to implement your new knowledge and supercharge your list-building results!

You get:
  1. The List-Building Strategies Checklist
  2. The Lead Magnet Idea Generator
  3. The Step-by-Step Process for Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets
  4. The Lead Magnet Effectiveness Checklist
  5. 8 Essential Elements of an Effective Landing Page



Bonus #2. The Ramp Up Your Revenue Referral Roadmap ($497 value).

With this resource in your toolbox, you'll get so many referrals you'll finally be able to work ONLY with those who suit you best! This roadmap guides you through making the most of your positive customer experiences by covering a step-by-step referral process, a referral marketing action plan, referral generation strategies, referral boosting ideas, and creating a referral culture.

Bonus #3. Creating Compelling Educational Content Quick Start Guide ($629 value).

Creating content that educates and provides big value is a common roadblock for ExpertPreneurs®. The most successful ExpertPreneurs® are the people who truly understand what their prospects need and want – and who create compelling content from this perspective. This Quick Start Guide explains how you can become the Trusted Advisor to whom people turn for guidance and a paid solution.

Bonus #4. Access to Expert Elevation Community ($299 value).

In the Expert Elevation Community, you have the opportunity to get answers to your pressing questions, make new friends, and grow your network of like-minded ExpertPreneurs®.

The strategies in this Special Bonus Training Package alone have a value of $1772.

And, to encourage you to take action NOW to build a business that allows you to serve the people who need you AND to achieve the levels of financial and time freedom you crave, I'm adding in these 3 Fast Action bonuses!
Webinar page add green bonus button add banner


Income Accelerator #7: 6- Figure Signature Solution System

  •  Available only to those people who register TODAY.

Income acceleration coaching program


I promised you everything you need to know to generate cash flow, right? This is where it all comes together! This bonus Income Accelerator is designed to give you absolute clarity about your unique genius, who your unique ideal client is, and how to create the presence you need to, online and in person.

Your Signature Solution is your unique way of delivering value and benefits to your clients. Position its elements correctly, and you have a lucrative revenue stream that does the work for you, and you achieve the freedom you're really looking for.

Position it incorrectly and you struggle to get clients and risk going broke!

Basically, THIS is the difference between a lucrative business and one that struggles.

During this module, you learn:

  •  How to choose your market niche, and why it's absolutely critical that you do so – if you don't, you may never achieve the financial results for which you work so hard!
  •  A powerful 4-step process for creating your Ideal Client Profile – and the challenges you may face if you fail to do this.
  •  Where to find your “Money Spot” (THIS is where your skills, knowledge, and experience all come together – so trust me when I say you'll be THRILLED to discover it!).
  •  A 3-step process for identifying your ideal clients' “top of mind problems,” so you can position yourself as the solution!
  •  An easy-to-follow 8-step sequence for creating your Signature Solution – so you clearly communicate what you do, and the value you provide … and you have people asking how they can sign up for your services
  •  A simple method for writing benefit-rich bullets describing the transformation your services or products deliver in a compelling way, so people can't wait to buy from you the first time – and again and again
  •  The single specific sentence ALL your marketing materials must include if you want to create a flood of interest
  •  How to craft the ultimate elevator pitch and tag lines that draw people to your business
  •  And more.


PowerUp Your Platform bonus

Diane Lefrandt's Power-Up Your Platform ($1997 value)

  • AVAILABLE TO those who CHOOSE THE 1-PAYMENT OPTION and who are amongst the First 30 people to sign up!

This program is designed to help you stand out, create a strong first impression with credibility shortcuts that command attention, and communicate value for increased profits in your business. Diane is a good friend of mine and co-founder of 3D PR Group, and creator of the Power-Up Your Platform program – and is nationally respected as the expert in branding, platform development, and strategic planning. She specializes in positioning clients for the greatest success in traditional and online media coverage.

Metallic icon with white design on green backgroundFAST ACTION BONUS #3:

1 Ticket to The Income Acceleration Summit Live Event ($997 value) –


This 3-day live, full-immersion event is designed to help you implement everything you're learning through the Income Acceleration System home study course so you can stop working harder, and start working smarter by learning my effective client attraction and conversion system to grow your business.

By the end of this 3-day “Get it done” experience, you'll be a better marketer than 95% of business owners out there!

You walk away with your marketing done – and ready to implement. You'll have your client attraction strategies completed – from attention-grabbing headlines to compelling marketing messages – and you'll have customized the hottest marketing templates out there – which will accelerate the sales process. You'll have the skills and the experience to close sales with ease, reduce refund requests, and get clients to stick around, buying from you again and again. THIS is where you become absolutely unstoppable in your business!

My system is designed to help you attract a steady stream of clients who pay you top dollar and buy from you again and again, reach the people you're meant to serve, and earn six or seven figures while still enjoying plenty of time and freedom to live your life.

In addition to this powerful system, you'll receive dozens of done-for-you templates that will save you days or even weeks of precious time, and checklists and guides to ensure you have all your bases covered as you create and build an effective client attraction and conversion system.

Finally, the networking at this event is invaluable! You'll meet likeminded entrepreneurs and build supportive relationships as you grow your businesses!

You get LIVE coaching, directly from me, designed to help you exponentially grow your business.

The people who are most successful with my system are the people who complete both the Income Acceleration System home study course AND the Income Acceleration Summit Live Event – because you first gain the knowledge and then spend 3 entire days putting it to work in your business! Combine the know-how with the tools for unstoppable business growth!



Plus, you make this investment at no risk! I am beyond confident that what you learn during our time together will guide you in making your business more profitable. But just in case the program doesn't meet your expectations, you're covered by my personal, Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 30 day Guarantee. That is, spend 30 days going through the Income Acceleration System and the bonuses, and apply everything you learn to your business. If, within 30 days of your purchase, you don't believe the course was worth the investment, let me know and I'll give you a full refund.

ACT: Action Changes ThiingSo are you ready to join me?
Maybe you still have a few questions…

Below, I've listed some of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you determine whether the Income Acceleration System is a good match for you.

Q: I am SO busy already – on the verge of overwhelm. I am not sure if I have time for this. How can I commit to adding something else to my plate?

A: The Income Acceleration System is designed with busy professionals like you in mind! It is completely self-paced. You can review and replay the course videos and audios at your convenience and at your own pace. Plus, consider how much time you're currently wasting on ineffective tactics that aren't working for you. Once you've completed the Income Acceleration System, your entire business will be more streamlined and efficient, saving you TONS of time and energy!

Q: My business is struggling. How can I justify this expenditure?

A: What is the value of 1 client? 10? Hundreds? What you learn here will bring you clients for the life of your business. Can you really afford not to invest in your business knowledge and access these proven concepts and done for you tools, templates, and checklists?

Q: This sounds complicated. Will it work for me even if I don’t have a lot of business or marketing experience?

A: Yes! The Income Acceleration System is perfect for you, even if you are unfamiliar with technology. It's not about technical know-how or prowess. What you learn will get you started off on the right foot, ensuring you are profitable, efficient and effective as a business owner, from the beginning. No wrong turns, or hard, messy business lessons required!

Q: I'm just getting started. OR, I need something advanced. Will this work for me?

A: This program is designed to work for businesses at any stage. I meet you where you are. If you're just starting out, it will set you on the right path from the beginning. And if you're more advanced, you can apply these strategies to the processes you already have in place and take your business to the next level.

Q: My business is unique. Will this program work for it?

A: Yes! The marketing principles I teach you apply to any business where people make their living sharing their knowledge and expertise, especially unique businesses.

Q: What is unique about your program? Is it just another marketing and sales program that promises results but doesn't deliver?

A: The Income Acceleration System is unique in that it's designed specifically for ExpertPreneurs®, specifically to turn YOU into a strategic entrepreneur. I teach you to focus on ONLY those things that will help you reach those goals so you can accelerate the process of achieving them. You'll never be uncertain about what to do, or how to do it again!

Q: I currently have a full-time job. Will this program work for me?

A: Yes! This program will set you on the right path when you ARE ready to launch your business. This is the perfect time to get this knowledge under your belt. You don't need anything to start out – a business, a website, or a product – this is all about getting the knowledge you need so you're ready to succeed as soon as you're ready to launch.

So NOW are you ready?

Before you click on the ORDER button, let me caution you about one thing: This course is NOT for you if you're going to join it and not do anything with it. It's not for you if you are:

  • All talk and no action
  • Looking for a “push button” way to get rich so you don't have to do anything other than watch money roll in (hint: this doesn't exist)
  • Someone who wastes opportunities to transform your life, but then complains about not having the life you want
  • Looking for a better life but not committed to making it happen
  • Not 100% serious about and committed to improving your life and improving the lives of all those people who are in need of what you're offering

On the other hand, if you're ready to learn everything you need to know to create a streamlined, profitable business – and to reap the rewards as you make a huge difference in the world, earn a great income, and enjoy plenty of free time to do what you want with the people you love – then this IS for you. I'd love to have you!

So are you in?

Yes, Sheryl, I'm in!
  • I'd love to enroll in the Income Acceleration System!
  • I understand that for my investment of $1997 (payable in 1 payment or 6 installments of $399), I receive:
  • The Income Acceleration System Foundation, which gives me the ExpertPreneur® Mindset I need to achieve incredible success
  • 6 Income Accelerators
    This includes:
  • 21 video lessons
  • 25 audio lessons
  • Transcripts
  • Informational PDFs
  • How-To Guides
  • Tip Sheets
  • Activity Guides
  • Module-specific templates and checklists 

Plus, I receive your Bonus Training Package:

Bonus #1. Your List-Building Toolkit ($347 value)
Bonus #2. The Ramp Up Your Revenue Referral Roadmap ($497 value)
Bonus #3. Creating Compelling Educational Content Quick Start Guide ($629 value)
Bonus #4. Access to Expert Elevation Community ($299 value)

If I buy now, I also receive this FAST ACTION BONUS: Income Accelerator #7: Your Signature Solution –


I also receive FAST ACTION BONUS: 1 Ticket to The Income Acceleration Summit Live Event (Tickets sold after the Product Launch sell for $ 997).

And If I choose the 1-payment option when investing in the Income Acceleration System and I’m one of the first 30 people to buy now, using the 1-payment option:

FAST ACTION BONUS: Diane Lefrandt's Power-Up Your Platform ($1997 value)

unnamedPlus, I understand I make this investment at no risk. I'm covered by your personal, Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 30-Day Guarantee. That is, I can spend 30 days going through the Income Acceleration System and the bonuses, and apply everything I learn to my business. If, within 30 days of my purchase, I don't believe the course was worth the investment, I can let you know and you'll send me a full refund.

Sign me up!

Program Payment Options

Pay In full Option


ONE payment of ONLY $1,997

– OR –

Easy Payment Plan Option

To make your investment easier, you can take advantage of our payment plan of




Right now, you have a choice:

You can continue on as you have been, struggling to get clients you love, charge what you're worth, and build a business that supports the lifestyle you SO want and deserve.

Or you can make a change. You can invest in yourself, your business, and your future, and learn from an expert exactly what to do, when, and how, to turn your business into a moneymaker, a life-changer, and a conduit for your unique genius!

What's it going to be?!

I look forward to working with you!

To your business success,



P.S. IF this feels like a good match for you – the solution you've been looking for –take action NOW and join me.

Don't wait until “the right time.” Don't make the choice later.

Make the choice now! It's your future, your business, your life.

Join me!


Program Payment Options

Pay In full Option


ONE payment of ONLY $1,997

– OR –

Easy Payment Plan Option

To make your investment easier, you can take advantage of our payment plan of




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