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Welcome to Session 7 of the IA Coaching Program

Session 7


Let’s begin with a simple fact: It’s easier to keep clients than get new ones. And it’s cheaper too.

On this call you’ll learn strategies and tactics to extend the time that clients stay with you, so that they stay longer and buy more from you. You’ll learn how to build brand loyalty, how to create multiple revenue streams, and how to make more money than you ever have before by creating product ascension ladders and using leverage in your business. When the call is over you’ll finally have the secrets that will allow you to exponentially grow your income and your business.

Call # 7

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 2:00 pm MST –  Customer Retention and Commitment

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Prosperity Pyramid


Customer Retention Report

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Discover the only thing BETTER than a paying customer.
Hint: It’s a repeated paying customer.

There are essentially two types of customers : one-time buyers and customers for life.
Getting one-time buyers (one and done, without worrying about future purchases) requires a completely different approach than developing customers who not only buy this time, but continue to buy from you EVERY time they need a service or product like yours.

In this report you’ll learn the secret to:

• Determining the overall lifetime value of your customers
• Creating an ascension model that allows you to create continuous opportunities for your clients to buy from you
• Creating “Stick Strategies” that keep clients longer and happier
• Treating your current clients like the VIP’s they really are.


Download the Income Accelerator Report here
Customer Retention and Commitment

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