Leveraging the Second Largest Search Engine: YouTube

It should come as no surprise that YouTube is a great place to connect with others.

With more than one billion unique users who watch six billion hours of video each month… are extremely active with commenting on content… and who share with every other social media platform, it's a force to be reckoned with. And it has helped launch countless careers for business owners of all kinds.

Not only is YouTube a social media giant, it's the second largest search engine in the world. Generating more traffic than even Yahoo and Bing.

It goes without saying, then, that any ExpertPreneur® with common sense needs to have a presence on YouTube. Yet, so many fail to use it effectively, if at all. And they are shooting themselves in the foot because of it.

That's why today I'm sharing the best practices for leveraging YouTube in your business. Getting you results like you've never seen before.

youtube.smallYou'll discover how “art” can transform YouTube into an extension of your brand…

How to generate quality content, even if you run out of ideas…

And how to make sure all of your efforts are seen by the right audience.


Bringing Your Brand to YouTube

On every major social media site, you have a central “hub” for your presence.

On Facebook and LinkedIn, your business page is your platform for expressing yourself and sharing who you are and what you do. People can come there to find out about your story, enjoy your content, and get to know you better. And they can choose to “follow” you, if they like what they see.

YouTube similarly has a hub called your “channel” that you can customize. They allow you to essentially “decorate” your page however you like through channel art. Which means putting up images like your logo, your company name, and anything else that showcase who you are and what you do.

This gives you a huge opportunity to customize your visitors' experience to reflect your unique branding and mission as an ExpertPreneur®. If you use a few “best practices” to make the most of it.

For one, your “banner” is the first thing users see when they come to your page. And one important element to making it look good is creating the right “size.”

YouTube is available on every major device in existence, and you want your channel to look good no matter where people are viewing you. If you don't, you risk it being pixelated or fuzzy when viewed on larger devices like TVs. Not good for a professional image.

So, aim to make your banners 2560 x 1440 pixels. It's a very large image but it'll be absolutely worth it.

Another key to a successful banner is putting the important elements towards the center. You want your logo and your main image to be in the middle because that's where YouTube crops from. If you have anything too far outside, it could get cut off.

The point is, banners have a few important requirements you want to keep in mind when making them. Which is why I recommend the ExpertPreneur® best practice of hiring a designer to make one for you. Your life will be a lot simpler and they'll get everything right in a much shorter amount of time than it would take you to figure it out yourself.

Beyond that, YouTube gives you the option to change your profile picture. Choosing the right photo is vital to your business because your profile picture is going to be an image users see over and over again.

My recommendation is to use a quality headshot that reflects your personality. And, if you can, add your logo to the bottom right or left hand corner of it. It will be small, but the idea is for users to immediately put you and your business together each time they see you.

That way, they know exactly who you are and what to expect from your videos. Eventually, equating you and your brand with the valuable content you provide.

Finally, in all of your videos, you have the option to include a watermark of your logo. By going into YouTube's InVideo section, you can upload an image that gets superimposed onto every single video you upload. Allowing you to, yet again, keep your branding tied with everything you do.

All of these tweaks might seem unnecessary, but they will help transform your standard YouTube channel into an extension of the unique brand you've created on your website. Helping you stand out among the “me too's” on YouTube and become a leader in your field.

Create Quality Content

The biggest obstacle to finding success on YouTube is creating quality content.

YouTube is a huge destination for “how to” videos. Whenever anyone needs to know how to do, create, or accomplish a task, they turn to YouTube for advice.

This is amazing news for you as an ExpertPreneur®. Your entire business is founded on helping others solve problems or achieve desires. So, you need to focus on creating videos showing your audience how to do just that.


quality content. smallThe first step is to do your prospect research. Find out your target audience's deepest fears and frustrations, as well as their hopes and desires. Whatever is keeping them up at night.

Then, find out how you can tie in your unique solution to help them out. And come up with bite-sized videos with step-by-step instructions for overcoming each obstacle.
The ideal length for a YouTube video is three minutes, which is perfect for giving a quick, actionable tutorial on any topic related to your industry. Showcasing your expertise without “giving too much away.”

For example, if you're a trainer, you could demonstrate quick workouts people can do. Perhaps show them how to do a few particularly difficult exercises you use frequently in your routines. Or maybe just give away a few fast, healthy breakfast recipes.

Anything that is useful, actionable, and related to your business counts as quality content. And it connects you (because they're seeing your face) to the knowledge you're sharing.

That's the other big element at play here – YouTube is your opportunity to showcase who you are. Connect your humanity to your business, and get people to like you on a personal level.

If you're too shy to create videos or feel you're “bad on camera”, you can get around this by doing audio presentations and using still images of yourself speaking or your headshot for the visual. You could also consider doing one of those whiteboard animation videos, but I'd still recommend tying a photo in with it.

You want people to connect your face with your business. The more personal the relationship, the better. And the more shareable your content becomes.

Finally, it can be a lot of work to continually develop videos, and you may run out of ideas. If you've hit a brick wall, a great solution is to team up with other business owners and create content together.

Seek out indirect competitors who you might like to work with. Or perhaps an expert you're co-authoring a book with. Anything to alleviate the pressure from you for coming up with “all of the ideas.”

You'll benefit from putting two heads together and getting in front of yet another leader's audience. A win-win for everyone!

No matter what, all of the energy and time you're putting into developing this content will pay you back tenfold. People will get excited about your solution, your personality, and your business.

However, none of it matters if your content isn't getting in front of the right people. And that's where YouTube really shines.

Connecting and Converting the Right Audience

What makes YouTube so great for users is how easy it is to find what you're looking for at the click of a button. And connect with like-minded people who are in the same boat as you.

That's what makes it such a great choice for an ExpertPreneur® to develop a following. You have the power to attract a quality audience with your quality, targeted content. You just have to make sure they can find you easily.

One great way to do this is to leverage the “title” and “description” areas of your videos.

converting  audience(1)The title is obvious – you want that to be as clear and concise as possible. However, you also want it to stand out from the crowd. Just like with your Value Proposition for your business, you want your videos to stand out from others just like them. So, keep in mind your unique approach when coming up with your titles and let it shine through.


In your descriptions, you want to include any keywords that tie in with your content and business. Using the personal trainer example, you want to use exercise and fitness keywords people use, like “abs” and “fast workout.” No need to hold back.

Another important element to include is a link to your website. Having a killer presence on YouTube is great for your business, but it won't do you much good if you aren't converting those followers into prospects and paying customers.

Having your website included in your description is vital to getting interested parties to come into your world and find out more. Ideally, getting onto your list and potentially buying a front-end product.

Another great way to ensure they go to your home base is to implement those small pop-ups on the videos themselves. You can have it show up a few seconds before the end of each video with a link to your website. That way they know where they can go for more about you.

In fact, this is a great way to leverage intrigue in your content, as well. If you develop a how-to series and split it into parts, you can include part one on YouTube and then in your pop-up say, “for part 2 click HERE,” taking them to your website.

There they can find the rest of the videos, where you can offer them a free report or an opportunity to get onto your list to get updates on new content. Since they're already interested in what you're saying, they'll be more likely to bite.

Once you start connecting with your target audience, you're going to start getting comments and interactions on your videos. That's your chance to really get down to that personal level and get to know your prospects one-on-one.

However, just like with any other social media platform, commenting is time consuming. So, I highly recommend you have an assistant monitor your comments, and then meet with you periodically to generate thoughtful replies.

You'll impress your viewers by interacting with them and develop deeper relationships than ever before. All boosting your chances at success.

Finally, YouTube is just one part of a social media ecosystem that could transform your practice into a huge business. All you have to do is consistently connect and share across platforms to keep users across the board engaged.

With every YouTube video you post, you want to share it on every other platform you're on. Thankfully, it's super easy – with every video you upload, you get a special link and buttons to share quickly and efficiently.

If you keep cross-posting your content across your social media channels, while always making sure to keep your website front-and-center, eventually you'll draw all your followers to your central hub. Transforming them from engaged social media users into prospects, and ultimately clients.

Become a YouTube Superstar

If you follow these simple steps for leveraging the second largest search engine in the world, not only are you going to engage your target market and have a new channel for providing high quality valuable content, you'll truly set yourself apart and portray your uniqueness to your world and your market.

So, I highly suggest you write all of these steps down, make time in your calendar today, and maximize your presence on YouTube. It will absolutely be worth your effort, and you'll put yourself well on the path to developing the business and audience of your dreams.

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