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Event Overview:

You can have confidence that by sharing our event with the people on your list you will be helping them to discover the fastest way to fill their high-paying client pipeline!

When people attend the Message to Money Summit they will learn to:

Have confidence and build credibility. Hold their audience full attention and interest.
Make every presentation persuasive. Deliver a unique authentic message.
Open with impact and grab attention. Master their delivery without PowerPoint.
Tell memorable stories and examples. Create inspiring talks that move to action.
Position their value and make more sales. Leverage their experience and knowledge.

They will also:
  • Get a ‘WOW’ factor sheet that will help them win any audience over in the first 30 seconds of beginning to speak
  • Understand, anticipate, and know how to handle common objections confidently with our mindset techniques and ninja scientific tools – they’ll discover how easy it is to convert thousands more dollars in sales that they’ve been leaving on the table
  • Walk away with a one sheet to provide meeting planners and other event hosts that professionally positions them and their expertise and gets people excited about having them speak at their events.
  • Come away with ‘stick strategies’ that lower their refund rates, increase the number of clients that want to stay in programs and keep their products, and have people excited to get started with them.

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Target Audience:

This event is for entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone that shares their message to generate business leads and sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned presenter, or if you’re giving regular sales presentations and business pitches or if you’ve never spoken in front of a group before, this event will help you get more clients.

Promotion Details:

Event Investment: Regular price on our websites: $997 but your list gets the event for FREE – when they make a refundable deposit of $197 *Deposit returned when they attend the event
JV Commissions: $1,000.00 Per Sale if they purchase our coaching program
Promotional Dates: June 1 to October 1, 2016
Email Series with Video Links: 4 emails with links to 4 different videos Emails contain links to Videos that provide great content and invite people to register for the event
Gifts People Get When They Attend the Event Get Booked Today (Value $200)
29 Foolproof booking tips (Value $200)
Speaker One-Sheet Template (Value $50)
Elevator Pitch Template (we call it your “intromercial')
(Value $50)
WOW Factor Sheet ($200)
Event Dates: October 20, 21, 22, 2016
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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