July 2014 Coaches Corner

How to Deliver a Small Group Niche Workshop

business-simulation-games-workshopIf you've been following my communications, you've heard me sing praises about speaking at events to promote your Expertpreneur® business. It'll get you more sales, elevate your authority positioning, and earn you invaluable face-to-face time with potential clients.

Now, imagine how much greater this effect would be if it were your event.

I realize that probably sounds terrifying. You may conjure up images of renting out huge conference halls in fancy hotels, and having to fill 500 seats. Then the work of finding guest speakers, providing content to fill an entire weekend, and, of course planning out the logistics of making it all happen.

It would be expensive and a lot of work. Probably too much for you to handle by yourself.

Well, the kind of event I'm talking about is a lot simpler. Picture a small-scale workshop with a tight-knit audience of your most loyal customers. Perhaps two or three days in length, up to as long as 5 days.

You get to spend those three days working with clients who are ready to put in the work to transform their lives. You'll share valuable tips, tools, and strategies to get from point A to point B and everyone will grow by the end of your “hands on” event.

What's more, because it's such a valuable workshop, you can charge a premium price. After all, these clients are getting exclusive and invaluable training from you, in person. And they know they'll get immediate results when they leave and apply it in their lives.

Sounds a lot better, doesn't it?

That's why today I'm sharing insight into the incredible world of niche workshops. You'll see just how Easy, Simple, Lucrative and fun these can be. And the huge impact they can have on your business.

You'll discover just how much you can earn per person for a single simple event…

Great examples of how it's been done in the past with huge success…

And how easy it is to put together enough content to provide more than enough value…

High Value, Little Effort

time-is-money-balance1Your time is valuable, and your clients respect that.

This is why I emphasize finding ways to leverage your time to get maximum value. If you spend more time on marketing than managing your business, you'll earn more money. If you run a group coaching webinar with one hundred clients, you can earn more money than in a one-on-one session.

The small niche workshop plays to this perceived value of your time. Since you are devoting full days to be physically present in a space and work closely with a group of people, tickets will be more expensive. Attendees are paying for VIP access to you.

In fact, it's not unusual for a niche workshop like this to command a ticket price of $10,000 per person. And they typically cap off at twenty to thirty people.

Not a bad haul for a weekend of providing value.

The reason these workshops command such a high price, outside of providing an opportunity to work directly with you, is the value of the content being shared. You are presenting one topic your customers desperately want help with, and you are diving deep to help them improve and achieve.

The intent is not for you to stand around and give everyone a lecture. These workshops work best when they're interactive and provide a whole solution, from start to finish. You provide assignments and exercises, while giving opportunities for your attendees to talk, ask questions, do their work, and have it reviewed live, in real time.

If you sell an info product on building an email marketing campaign, and a customer buys it, they expect to learn how to do that. However, they don't expect you to stand over their shoulder and help them through it step-by-step.

This means that only a certain percentage of your buyers may actually finish it. And even less may find success with it.

With a niche workshop, you're essentially guaranteeing progress. You are working closely with them, answering questions and helping them overcome obstacles, so they are more likely to get results. They will leave the event in a better place than when they came.

That kind of guarantee is worth more than an info product. It's why access to Mastermind sessions with Dan Kennedy and other successful business owners costs up to $50,000 a year, while his info products, still valuable, cost significantly less.

Great Niche Workshops

Niche MarketHonestly, putting together a workshop like this doesn't have to be a challenge.

Because of the size of the event, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to set it up. You could rent a small room in a hotel or you could use a conference room in an office. Perhaps even an outdoor space, if your location is conducive to it.

Often, hotels are the easiest because they also provide a place to stay for anyone who is coming from out of town. However, you could limit your first event to a local audience, and dramatically open up your options for space.

Many of the greatest copywriters and marketers of our time have developed workshops like this to train new hopefuls and other business owners in their systems and strategies. John Carlton, for example, put together an entire workshop based on his 14 copywriting points.

Since the workshop was solely about those 14 points, he was able to spend ample time honing in on each one.

For example, the first section was dedicated to headlines. He talked at length about the process of making a good headline, and then gave 10 minutes or so to the group to work on their own.

After they finished doing their assignment, he would open up the floor for each person or group to come forward and present their work. He would provide support and constructive criticism, showing them how they could improve their headlines even more.

Imagine, as an attendee, getting that kind of personal attention from an established expert in a field. You'd be guaranteed to leave with a mostly finished marketing piece you could immediately implement in your business.

Likewise, Mike Filsaime, an incredibly successful marketer and educator, did a workshop on viral marketing. His topic was an in-depth look at viral marketing. And similarly, he had his attendees work on marketing communications throughout the one and a half-day session, providing his expertise to help each attendee improve their viral strategy implementation as they went along.

It's hard to beat that kind of attention and value.

The workshop doesn't even have to showcase an advanced concept. You could invite people who are new to your industry, and are interested in getting started, to a bootcamp-style training that will prime them to jump in and get started when they are finished.

Perhaps you are a fitness coach who specializes in martial arts. You might set up a “certification workshop” where newbies come and go through an introductory day-long course showing them all of the basics they need to know to bypass beginner-level courses.

You might charge less for this ticket. However, it would still provide an immense value to the attendee as it's essentially a “fast-track” to the intermediate trainings. And it would generate new customers for your business who wanted to take their education further.

Do I Have Enough Content?

A big concern for anyone who wants to put together an event like this is having enough material to fill the time. After all, it's just you and your best clients in a room for a few days.

The good news is, because of the nature of the workshop, you don't have to cover a broad range of topics. You just have to pick one focus, and go as deep as possible with it. And as an Expertpreneur®, that shouldn't be a problem at all.

For example, I created a program I call the Income Acceleration System. It's a coaching program that walks clients through developing an Easy, Simple, and Lucrative business that runs without monopolizing all of their time.

In addition to this, I run an Income Acceleration Summit. It's a workshop where I take all of the concepts from the Income Acceleration System coaching program and dive deeper into them to give a better understanding of what is going on. It's geared towards those who are members of the coaching program, and want to take it a step further, or who want to advance the quickest way possible.

Essentially, participants are guaranteed to develop a deep understanding of my concepts, and walk away with an actionable plan to implement immediately. They even get some of their marketing done during our time together.

I don't have to create a bigger curriculum or go crazy with new concepts to fill up this workshop, because there is plenty to discuss about what they learned in the coaching program. Going deeper instead of broader is a better way to maximize the value of the workshop for your clients. It makes it easier on you, and enables them to put the strategies into action.

It's important not to underestimate the value of your critique and feedback to your clients. They view you as an authority in your field and respect your expertise. Because of the laser-sharp focus of the event, and your undivided attention, they can have actual tangible results by the end of your time together.

In the case of my workshop, they walk away with marketing strategies, and the exact steps for putting them into action. They will actually have a client attraction and conversion system upon leaving the event. This could earn them thousands and thousands of dollars when they implement it.

And that's the key – the value of what you provide is that it will pay your clients back tenfold when they leave. Whether it's monetarily speaking or in quality of life or whatever transformation it is that you provide.

Overcome Your Fears

Putting together an event sounds intimidating. After all, everyone's eyes will be on you. And you will be put on the spot to present valuable tools and strategies to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations, or to help them eliminate their problem, frustration and stress.

However, you already know you have the knowledge to do that. You wouldn't be an Expertpreneur® if you didn't feel confident in your skills to transform your Ideal Client's life.

So, give it a shot. See if by the end of the year you can plan and promote a small workshop event where you work closely with a tight-knit group of people and provide extreme value. And see how well it serves your clients and your business.

I think you'll like it so much, you'll want to do it again and again. And your profits will soar because of it.