April 2017 Coaches Corner

Performance Issues Affect Nearly Anyone

Have you ever met anyone who had everything they wanted and were capable of accomplishing anything? I certainly haven't.

The fact of the matter is, people are always looking to improve themselves, fix a problem, or discover something new. It's part of human nature.

And it's a huge opportunity for you to create a successful ExpertPreneur® business.

Think about it – everyone needs help with performance issues. Now, I realize the phrase “performance issues” conjures an image of bedroom woes, but it can apply to anything.

Actors have acting coaches, athletes have coaches specific to their sport, business executives have executive coaches. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Many ExpertPreneurs® think the market is too saturated and there's no room for them to start a business. I think that is bogus. If so many people in the world need help with performance, then there's plenty of opportunity to go around.

That's why today I'm sharing a few overarching issues people suffer from, and various ways you can help them.

I'll show you how you can break into the biggest market of all…

The Achilles heel for every business owner out there…

And why “soft skills” provide better income than anything else…

“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”

filmstripEver see this documentary? It's an incredible, uplifting story about a man who is 310 lbs, incredibly sick, and fearing where his path will lead. So, he takes it upon himself to turn his life around and ends up helping many others in the process.

This film is incredible because it shows the willpower of a man who is unhappy with his health and wants to fix it. It's exactly the transformational story the health and wellness industry thrives on.


It's no surprise that fitness, nutrition, and weight loss are huge industries. It seems like a new diet frenzy or workout craze sweeps the western world every month.

The reason there are always new coaches, authors and other experts hitting the market is because the desire to lose weight, look good, and feel better never goes away. Even if people are in relatively good shape, they believe they can look, feel and perform even better.

This is an enormous opportunity for you to step in and offer a unique solution to these people. And this isn't limited to ExpertPreneurs® who have experience in the fitness or nutrition fields.

Of course, if you do have that kind of experience, you can certainly carve out a space in the market. Teaching martial arts, yoga, or how to train for a marathon, for example, are all valuable performance-enhancing careers. Your unique experiences and education can bring success to these lucrative clients.

However, the physical side of health and wellness is only half the story. Many people who suffer from obesity and other obstacles to living a better life, have trouble believing they can achieve it, and, as such, struggle to commit.

Perhaps you've been there yourself.

Helping them find confidence and realize their true potential is a huge calling for ExpertPreneurs®. And the health and wellness industry is a great place to focus that energy.

Imagine helping clients make plans and commit to their weight-loss goals. Offering inspirational workshops and partnering with fitness and nutritional experts to pair clients with the right program for their needs.

Suddenly you've carved out a niche in a hugely popular industry that will probably exist forever. Helping others succeed like you've always dreamed of.

“Think and Grow Rich”

think-and-grow-richVirtually everyone wants to make more money. Having money gives you more options, and allows to enjoy the finer things in life. Who wouldn't like that.

It's not just about the money, of course. It's about the dream of freedom, doing what you want, when you want. Living where you want, and, of course, having a fulfilling life.

Yet, how many people actually develop that level of wealth? Not many. Much of the problem is not knowing how to make the money, not believing they can make the money, and not knowing what to do with it when they get it.

Limitations of the mind are the biggest performance issues of all. Just like those in the health and wellness market, people all over struggle with their mindset. Something Napoleon Hill recognized very quickly.

In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, he addresses those psychological barriers and shows readers how to overcome them.

Coaches everywhere have taken that concept and turned it into businesses of their own. They help others develop the right mindset for success, and enact a plan to make it happen. It's a fantastic model for an ExpertPreneur®.

Of course, beyond that, there are all of the practical ways to help people achieve their dreams. There are coaches who show people how to budget properly if they have trouble holding onto money. These financial and investment coaches show people how to get out of debt, and make their money work for them.

And, of course, teach the youngest generation good money habits and how to start early on the track to financial freedom.

I can't imagine meeting a single person who doesn't have a need for help with one of these performance issues. All you have to do is take advantage of one of them well to create the business of your dreams.

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

The_7_Habits_of_Highly_Effective_PeopleTalk about one of the most influential books of our time. Stephen Covey's exploration into how we live our lives and how we can improve ourselves is a testament to society's hunger for growth and change. This is especially true for business owners.

There are countless problems plaguing business owners today. Most of them come from “soft skills”, or attributes that influence their ability to communicate and work with others.

For example, a huge Achilles heel for business owners is lacking strong leadership skills. Whether they have no experience leading others or just don't like it, many struggle to manage their team. Inevitably their business starts to fall apart.

The fact is, most problems in a company come from the top. So, these leaders need someone to show them how to lead.

Skills like that are difficult to teach, so if that is your expertise, you can help a lot of businesses and earn a lot of money doing it.

If that isn't for you, there are plenty of other “soft skills” you can focus on: teaching people how to teach, or how to be a good speaker, or how to network. None of these skills are tangible, of course. You can't hold “being a good speaker” in your hand.

However, they are invaluable to peoples' success.

In fact, they tend to command a much higher respect and price than hard skills. Think about the instructor who teaches others how to use Microsoft Word vs. the instructor who teaches others how to teach Microsoft Word. Which is ultimately more valuable in the long run?

Business owners need help with countless things they can't put their fingers on. Time management, focus, clarity, communications. Perhaps a few of these categories resonate with you.

If you believe you are knowledgeable and could educate others in one of these fields, you have the makings of a great ExpertPreneur® business.

There's Plenty to Go Around

I never want to hear another ExpertPreneur® tell me there's no more space in the market. There are countless people out there in need of help with performance issues. Whether it's from an author, speaker, coach, consultant or other ‘expert' category.

That means now is a prime time for you to find the right niche, build your Authority, and become the “go-to” ExpertPreneur® in that area where increased performance is desired.

Take one or two of the ideas I shared in this newsletter and flesh them out. See if one of them leads to finding your “money spot” and unique selling proposition (USP). You will be glad you did.