Practice Integrity and Authority Every Day

practiceOften, the simplest changes have the largest impact on our lives.

We work day in and day out to build our Expertpreneur™ business, keep on top of marketing trends, and stay ahead of the competition. All in the hopes of improving our bottom line and living the life of our dreams.

However, while all of that is necessary, sometimes you have to take a step back and work on the basics. The cornerstones of your business.

I wrote an article a few months ago on total clarity in your business. Knowing what you want and don't want. It focused very simply on taking time to dig deep within yourself and understand what's important to you.

And just doing that exercise can have a profound impact on your business.

Well, for my next blog post on psychological triggers, I want to focus on the simplest (and most important) elements. Things that don't require dramatic change to implement, but are absolutely vital to your success.

So, today I'm going to share three important triggers to improve your business from the ground up.

You'll learn how not “walking your talk” can permanently lose you clients…

Why “authority” can make or break your prospect's buying decisions…

And the simplest element of all you must incorporate to run an effective Expertpreneur™ business…

Practice What You Preach

I'm sure you are no stranger to people who say one thing and do another. It's prevalent all over our world, in our government, and in our personal lives. And it's not a very appealing quality.

When we believe someone acts incongruently to what they say, it puts us off. We suddenly wonder if we can trust them at all. We doubt every little thing they say, even if we don't try to.

We question their integrity.

I attended an event once where a “marketing guru” was giving a presentation on how to market your small business. She was an expert who had given a number of good webinars and released a few books. I found her information valuable.

Well, at her presentation she gave yet another speech packed with useful, actionable information. But when she opened the floor for questions, things went wrong.

At one point she proclaimed that all she had ever done to learn marketing was take a 101 course online. Now, you and I know that you don't need a college education to understand marketing, but by throwing out a “jokey” sort of comment like this, people started to question her knowledge.

One man said, “how am I supposed to trust someone who took one quick online course on the subject?”

Then, after someone asked about social media, she gave a spiel about how it wasn't worth bothering with. Again, it's fairly common knowledge that social media is here to stay, in some shape or form and is a valuable platform for any “expert” business.

Slowly, the people around me started to murmur in displeasure. A woman turned to me and said, “I was with her until she said that thing about social media. She has no idea what she's talking about.”

See how quickly your integrity can be tested?

I've talked at length about congruency in your business. Making sure that everything you do matches up with the image you are trying to present. That your products, your content, your live events all should fit who you are.

People can tell right away if you are being false. If the image you portray is something too far away from who you are deep down, or if you claim to know more than you actually do, people will find out eventually.

If you say you are an expert, you must act like an expert. You have to present ideas in a professional, yet accessible way. And keep a consistent voice at all times.

It wasn't just the marketing guru's incorrect information that turned people off. It was her flippant attitude towards the subject and lack of awareness of her industry. She did not practice what she preached.

And after that presentation, she lost a lot of business.

Developing Authority

authorityAuthority is all the rage these days, and the biggest reason for the surge in content marketing.

You already are an expert, but positioning yourself as such in the eyes of your target prospects is the next step. Providing them with free, useful, and actionable information that keeps them coming back for more. And staying on the cutting edge of your industry.

The importance of authority is twofold. One, it is crucial for you to carve out a piece of the pie for yourself. With the vast amount of people vying for attention on the internet, as well as offline, you have to stand out.

And the best way is to become an authority in a niche where you can provide your unique perspective. However, there's another reason: It's reassuring to your prospects.

Think about the last time you were going to make a big purchase. Let's say you were planning to buy a car. You've done your research, considered your options, and made an informed decision.

Yet, you'd still want final input from an “expert” before pulling the trigger. Perhaps a member of your family. Or a mechanic shop that you know and trust. Just having the comfort of an authority figure eases your anxiety.

Think about how you can better position yourself as an authority. There are many ways you can go about it: Create new content. Put out a new ebook or free report. Host a webinar. Speak on stage.

Even little things like registering your business with the Better Business Bureau, sharing recognition you've received, awards you've won… all establish you as safe and “in the know.” Endorsements from industry leaders and testimonials from satisfied clients work well, too.

Any little thing you do will position you better in the eyes of your ideal client. The more they believe that you know your industry, the more likely they are to buy from you.

The Most Important Thing

honestyThis might sound a little cliché, but there is one thing, deep down, that matters more than anything else…


I love Joe Sugarman's quote about this subject, when talking about marketing materials, “Copy will say what you think you wanted it to say, but it will also say what you thought you covered up.”

Essentially, he is telling you to put everything out there front and center. No matter how scary it might be to be vulnerable, people will respect you for it.

No white lies, no smoke and mirrors, and no exaggerations… they all add up against you. You may get away with them for a year, five years, or even longer. But at some point, they will catch up with you and it will be impossible to talk your way out of it.

This is why, in my last blog post, I emphasized the importance of putting your products' flaws out there front and center. If, for example, your product doesn't have the most attractive layout, then say it. And then show them why it doesn't matter.

They will be so happy, and surprised that you did that, they will be more inclined to buy from you.

But products aside, isn't it a lot less challenging to just be honest from the get go? If you start lying, you have to remember your lies. And that's a losing proposition.

Think hard about what you are good at and what you aren't as good at. If there are ways to work around your weaknesses, find them! If not, then put them front and center and position why they don’t matter as much as your strengths.

Don't leave anything to chance. As soon as you start hiding something, it becomes far more apparent than ever before.

I know it's intimidating, but I promise it will improve your life as an Expertpreneur™. And your business will boom because of it.

Understand Your Prospects' Psyche Inside-and-out

Over the course of this month, you've learned about a large number of psychological triggers to improve your sales materials and earn more profits.

By implementing these, you are guaranteeing that you reach your audience in a more organic way. They'll take notice of you, and want to work with you to improve their lives.

I encourage you to read and re-read these posts, as these points are applicable all throughout your business. In fact, they are the foundation for every interaction you have in life.

Knowing what makes people tick will make you a better salesperson, better speaker, better marketer and better Expertpreneur™. Putting you on track to helping more people, and living the life of your dreams.

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