Private Business Coaching

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Perhaps you’ve been thinking that you need some help but haven’t known where to turn to get exactly what you need. With so many programs, products and services to choose from it can be really confusing to know which choice will finally help you solve the problems you are facing and get solutions that bring you more clients, who gladly pay you what your worth, appreciate the work you do, and happily refer you to others. Perhaps you’ve even begun to feel that is just a distant dream, impossible to attain.

Tired of Easy Buttons, Magic Bullets, Fairy Dust and False Promises

Grow My BusinessMaybe you’ve already tried other coaches or enrolled in group coaching programs and found that you didn’t get the results you had hoped for and worse, you have less money in your pocket and are discouraged and frustrated from the experience.

If you’ve been thinking about working with a coach but you just aren’t sure which one is right for you or which one will truly give you the solutions you need to create the type of business you want so that you can live the life that you desire then I encourage you to read on.

You may have tried all kinds of group programs or other coaching options but none like the ones offered at Expert Elevation.

There are many options out there but few if any that can offer you the depth of experience, proven track record of success, and time tested approaches that I provide. I really understand how to grow service businesses and provide solutions for people who make their living sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience –what I call ‘expertpreneurs’®.

You see to run a successful service business requires marketing approaches that help you get seen and heard so people come to know who you are, understand the expertise you have, and begin to trust that you can provide the solutions they are looking for. Then and only then are people ready to open their wallets and invest in the products and services you have to offer.

What you need are strategies and tactics that are ideally suited for your type of business. Not generic programs, one size fits all approaches, or theoretical solutions. You need solutions that are proven to work for ‘expertpreneurs’® like yourself.

The Answer Doesn’t Need to Be Complex or Cost a Fortune

Maybe you’ve already invested thousands of dollars, tried complex programs and systems, and still are unable to create a business that brings you a steady income, ideal clients whom you enjoy working with, while at the same time gives you time to enjoy your life.

You’re likely not stuck and confused, even overwhelmed from a lack of trying to find the answer; it’s just that you’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

And maybe you’ve come to believe that you have to spend every waking moment on your business, or adopt sales techniques that make you feel like you are selling your soul to make a sale, and you desperately want a better way.

An approach that feels authentic to you. An approach that makes it easy to attract clients to you in an ethical way, that makes you feel excited to share what you have to offer, and is valued by the people who are ideally suited to become your clients.

My private business coaching provides an option that will allow you the space to grow and be who you need to be while showing you step-by-step how to create and build a more leveraged, efficiently-running business that will ultimately give you the lifestyle that you desire.

ELAINE'S HEAD SHOTYOU are a genius!! Your attention to detail coupled with your calm, deliberate manner is an absolute miracle. I am astonished at how much I comprehend now. Comprehend being the operative word. When I entered your program, I was hearing the words and of course knew the definitions to them, but to actually comprehend to the depth of the knowledge presented is awesome! You are, by FAR, FAR, FAR the best mentor, teacher, coach, I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend you without hesitation.

Your caring, sincere presence always shines through, which makes learning with you a total pleasure and the best learning experience I could possibly imagine. Thank you for being a part of my life and success.


Elaine Moorhead
Makeover Mastery

I often inspire my clients to THINK MUCH BIGGER than they currently are and show them the possibilities and opportunities that are wide open to them!

I care about entrepreneurs like yourself because I’ve been where you are. I struggled for years trying to find the solutions I was looking for before I figured out how to create a lucrative business and have the lifestyle I desired.

When you hire me as your private business coach you’ll benefit from my two decades of experience where I’ve learned as much about what not to do, as I did about what to do.

You get to learn the tactics, and strategies I’ve used to create 4 million dollar businesses, in various service industries and I’ll help you put the systems and processes in place to ensure it doesn’t consume all your time, make you feel overworked and overwhelmed, or like you can’t take time for a vacation.

After all what is the point of having wealth if you don’t have time to enjoy it?

Benefit From My Investment and Get Big Results

I’ve invested over two hundred thousand dollars on training, mentors, masterminds, workshops and coaching for myself and that benefits my private business clients because I bring all that knowledge and expertise to you without you having to spend that extra cash or years of time learning it all yourself!

I advise my business-coaching clients wisely on how they can implement strategies quickly that bring about big results.

My clients save valuable time and resources by gaining insights from me about where TO, or where NOT to spend time and money. The value I provide my clients doesn’t just come from the income generating strategies I provide them with but also approaches that save them from making costly and time consuming mistakes.

Discover Ways to Make Quick Cash

Many times, my clients come to me and they need to make more money right away because they are struggling to pay the bills or getting tired of having roller coaster income where they have enough one month and not enough the next.

Develop Strategy for SuccessYou are NOT alone if that’s you. If this is the case, we dive right in and focus on revenue generating activities you can do to create more income for yourself. Next we develop the systems and strategies to create a sustainable and lucrative business after you see some monetary relief.

Perhaps others of you have a stable business that’s bringing new clients in on a regular basis, but you feel you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t sure about how to grow your income and take your business to the next level. In many cases you are so busy working IN your business, servicing clients that you don’t feel you have time to work ON your business and you often feel overextended and overworked.

If that’s your situation I can show you how to add more leverage in your business so you actually work less while earning more. Yes, it’s possible, I’m living proof running several successful businesses of my own while having a lifestyle many would envy.

I’ll also show you hidden revenue streams in your business and growth strategies that significantly grow your profitability, while attracting more ideal clients so you love who you work with and enjoy running your business.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in and the areas you want to improve in your business working 1-on-1 with me can give you the clarity, focus and direction that you need to accelerate your income and create a sustainable and very profitable business that you love.

You can’t get this education anywhere, not in school, free teleseminars or even peer trainings because I work on your entire business with you, not just pieces of it, so everything you’re doing flows together and works like a smooth running, lead generating, moneymaking machine.

I encourage you to take a look at my VIP Day and my Momentum Private Coaching program and take action today to book a call to see if one of my private business coaching options is a good fit for you.

Sheryl Wolowyk, Income Acceleration Coach
Founder, Expert Elevation
Phone: 1-780-721-1968