Earn the Income You’ve Always Dreamed Of

How to Increase ProfitsIf you’re a consultant, coach, speaker, author, seminar leader, internet marketer or any other expert who advises, and inspires others from a position of established expertise and experience then you’re what I call an Expertpreneur® —. And if you’re looking for ways to accelerate your income and grow your business then you’re in the right place.

Cost Effective, Simple Solutions

My products show you how to significantly increase your earnings using simple marketing strategies that attract a steady stream of your ideal clients. And the powerful sales techniques that I teach will help you connect and engage with potential clients and close more sales. In my products you’ll receive step-by-step guidance on how to implement simple strategies, tactics and techniques that accelerate your income.

You’ll reach more people, position your value more easily, and have more sales. I even show you how to save time and money with marketing automation and sales systems. The strategies I teach you are simple to implement, and don’t cost a lot of money.

Products Designed to Meet the Needs of Expertpreneurs®

My products are designed to help you grow a lucrative business and an influential brand. Since I specialize in working with Expertpreneurs®, I have a deep understanding of the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to be successful. My products have been carefully designed to provide you exactly what you need. So take a look at my suite of products and check back periodically as I’m always adding to my product line.


Income Acceleration System

Introducing my course, the Income Acceleration System for ExpertPreneurs® … the simplest and fastest way to build the ExpertPreneur® business of your dreams!

This is the very same system I've perfected over time, and the very same system hundreds of my clients have used to create successful ExpertPreneur® businesses.

Creating a successful, lucrative business requires a strong foundation. And it all starts with YOU! This is where we work together to uncover the obstacles that are getting in the way of you achieving the success you desire. These aren’t necessarily the things you think they are, and you may be feeling stuck and frustrated if you don't know what they are or where to begin the process of overcoming them.

I’ll also show you the things that are holding you back from building a lucrative business so you can blow past them. You’ll also discover the most important activity that you need to do in your business, and the 4 things you must do to get a steady stream of ideal clients.

1. How to adopt an ExpertPreneur® Mindset to position yourself as unique among the competition

2. How to get absolutely clear on the obstacles that are holding you back and what to do to overcome them

3. The mindset you must develop and nurture to build the kind of business you want to build

4. How to get comfortable positioning what you do in a way that clearly communicates the value of what you provide.

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Expert Elevation

Make More Money Marketing Program

This 6 CD program created by world renowned sales guru Brian Tracy and award
winning business coach Sheryl Wolowyk contains the best business building
strategies specifically tailored for ExpertPreneurs®

If you make your living sharing your knowledge and expertise then you can't afford
to miss out on this powerful marketing and sales program designed specifically
for entrepreneurs in ‘expert' industries.

Consultants, coaches, speakers, authors and other expert entrepreneurs rave about
the success they attain when they follow the principles in this marketing series.

In the Make More Money 6 Step Marketing System you'll learn how to:

  • Find your ‘money spot' to create exponential revenue growth
  • Determine your ideal market niche and gain clarity around your ideal client to
    attract people you love to work with
  • Brand your business so you differentiate yourself and stand out in a
    crowded marketplace
  • Earn more money by attracting clients who happily pay you what you’re worth
  • Utilize leverage strategies to maximize your ROI, automate processes, and have
    your business earning money even while you sleep
  • Develop and implement a marketing system that will create a lucrative business

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Business Elevation System

Skyrocket Your SuccessBusiness Elevation System, I teach business strategies and online and offline marketing and sales techniques that will accelerate the growth of your business. You’ll be shown the Expertpreneur Roadmap™ where you’ll learn how to position your expertise, package your products and services for maximum revenue, and profit from multiple income streams using my Prosperity Pyramid™.

I’ll teach you how to create your position your unique value proposition so you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and I’ll show you proven strategies to increase the profitability of your business.

Using generic business strategies and marketing tactics don’t work for entrepreneurs who make their living sharing their knowledge and expertise. You need a program that’s tailored for “expertpreneurs”® like yourself. I’ve spent twenty years refining these strategies in several “expert industries” and I want to share them with you.

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Online Marketing Success System

Make More MoneyDoing business today requires entrepreneurs to have a solid business strategy, and great marketing and sales systems. It’s no longer enough to just open for business, work hard, and hope for the best. Successful entrepreneurs use integrated marketing and sales approaches to extend their reach and grow their business. But for many new to online marketing it can be confusing, frustrating, and challenging to know what strategies and approaches to use.

That’s why I created the Online Marketing Success System. I knew from personal experience how hard it was to find a simple to use resource; that covered the basic things entrepreneurs need to know and understand to grow their business online. Things like email marketing, search engine optimization, social media strategies, traffic generating techniques and website sales tactics.

Whether you have a bricks and mortar ‘expert' business with no online presence, or you have done some online marketing but its not been as effective as you'd like or whether you’re just getting started in business or have been around for a while. This simple to follow resource will become an invaluable part of your business strategy.

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