Keep it Simple for Maximum Profits and Enjoyment

By Sheryl Wolowyk

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

In this age of information overload, instant gratification, and an overabundance of options for our businesses, this notion seems counterintuitive. After all, with all of the new exciting ideas out there, aren't you only hurting yourself by ignoring them?

It's almost impossible to keep up with the breakneck pace of the Internet. Someone comes out of the woodwork every single day with a new breakthrough marketing software, or social media lead-generator, you name it… You can't possibly master them all.

That's why in my business I like to stick to the basics. And believe it or not, I find a lot more success keeping it that way. And deal with a lot less stress.

So, today, I'm going to show you how keeping your business simple will earn you more profits, and provide a lot more enjoyment in the long run.

I'll show you my core formula for business success…

The least expensive way to generate the most income…

And how you can develop new habits, no matter how hard it may be…

The Winning Formula

Maximum-Profit-SMBack in the late 90's, Mark Joyner became a pioneer in Internet marketing.

He published a number of books, the most famous of which is called “The Great Formula”: A surefire way to find business success.

Now, when I first heard that title, it scared me a little bit. After all, “great” implies “long and complex”, right? Am I going to have to take years mastering a technique for a business I want to succeed now?

Mark actually went in the complete opposite direction. His “formula” was to first create an irresistible offer. Present it to a thirsty crowd. And, finally, sell them a second glass. Three simple steps to success.

That certainly sounds easy enough, doesn't it? All you have to do is what we've been talking about for months now. Find something your Ideal Client desperately wants – that eliminates their deepest fears and frustrations, or makes their hopes and desires reality. Then, offer your product or service in an irresistible way. And keep them coming back for more.

The big secret is… there is no secret. That's all you need for success – nothing more, nothing less. You don't need fancy marketing methods and technology, just a great product and a hungry market.

And frankly, that's what all of the long-lasting, super successful ExpertPreneurs® do – keep it simple.

When I created my Expert Elevation business, I took this “great formula” into consideration. After all, the way I operate is intended to help all ExpertPreneurs® to develop influential and lucrative businesses in the simplest way possible. Nothing overly complex or expensive. Just simple and effective techniques.

That's how I came up with my own formula – “Easy, Simple, and Lucrative”, sometimes referred to as E.S.L. Essentially, your business should always run with as little effort as possible, while still earning maximum profits.

This is not out of laziness, of course. This is due to working smarter, not harder. And making sure you are always streamlining your actions to prioritize what makes the biggest impact.

It also involves having a strategic approach to things, where you are clear on where you are going, which always makes it easier to figure out how you are going to get there. Figure out your strategy first, then the tactics will fall into place.

When you do what I'm suggesting above, you'll end up spending a lot less money and wasting a lot less time.

How to Maximize Profits on a Dime

Let's take a moment and analyze the ExpertPreneur® who tries to keep up with marketing fads.

Let’s imagine a tech savvy male entrepreneur who’s building out his business. He enjoys using expensive software and hardware to improve his sales. He probably also uses a lot of different communication tools to reach his clients.

However, you can also imagine that in order to keep up with trends, he has to spend a good deal of money on cutting-edge products. He must buy software, courses, tickets to events, etc… None of these things come cheap.

Even if he has the money to do this, you can assume that not every one of his investments is paying him back. Due to the 80/20 rule – that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

So, if he's spent $10,000 on various tools, he may make the same amount back, but has no idea which investment brought that in. It could have been anything. That makes it impossible to tweak and test for improved conversions, and to remove any excess fat.

On the other hand, the “Easy, Simple, and Lucrative” ExpertPreneurs® prefers to try just one or two new marketing techniques before jumping into something new. Let's say in this example we have a female ‘expert’ entrepreneur who prefers to choose one or two methods at a time. She chose lead generation as her main focus with effective use of funnels, landing pages, and a free report; all relatively low cost ways to market, which work in harmony together.

Granted, to do this effectively, it helps to spend money on a good CRM (customer relationship management) software system, but otherwise, the costs are low. So we'll say she spent $2000 (20% of $10,000) to outsource work to copywriters, hire a designer to make everything look nice, etc…

With this approach, the “E.S.L.” ExpertPreneurs® will be able to track exactly how her campaign fares. If she sees profits, or breaks even, she'll know it has the potential to be effective. And she can tweak different elements of it to see if there is room for improvement.

If she loses money, she'll know right away there's a problem, and be able to try something new. And frankly, she wouldn't have lost too much in the process.

She also has another benefit. Since she is only applying a few techniques, she can easily manage them, refine them, and develop expertise using them.

Compare this to someone who tries something a few times, then jumps to the next thing, and then the next, without ever sticking with something long enough to see if it actually works.

Not only that, when a person jumps from tactic to tactic, they are constantly having to learn new things, and likely aren’t very competent at the tactic while learning it. Add to this the sense of overwhelm that one can experience when trying to apply multiple tactics in their business all at once, and you start to see why this isn’t a very wise approach.

Picking just a couple of tactics and applying them long enough to find out if they work seems like a better way to run your business, doesn't it?

Learning the Right Habits For Success

habits for success.SMHonestly, making things less complicated can be really challenging.

Most people are brought up to work hard. Our parents and teachers told us the only way to be a good, contributing member of society, is to put in a 40-hour work week, all while raising a family, maintaining a home, giving back to the community, and so on…

All of this is fine and good, but where do you find all the time? Many ExpertPreneurs® start their careers after having full-time jobs. So we're not only used to long days, but also stifling workplaces, where it takes forever to get something accomplished. Not to mention office politics,
bureaucracy, and unmotivated coworkers.

So, when we finally do break away and start a business we love, we find it very difficult to handle the change in pace and scheduling. We take forever to get things done, because we're used to filling up an eight-hour workday. We instinctively overcomplicate things because that “impressed” the higher-ups. And for some people things get more complicated than they need to be simply because time hasn’t been spent planning out a strategy and a simple tactical plan to action the strategy.

Basically, it's a whole bunch of nonsense that hinders productivity and our overall business success.

If you take the time to develop good habits, and fight to keep your business as simple as possible, you will gain an exponential amount of time to do other things. Think about it, if you save an hour each day, that's 5 extra hours a week to do more work. You can probably accomplish another project within that time, thus saving potentially another hour per day.

See how it can keep building up to a large amount of “free time?” Imagine how much faster you could build your business if you spent less time on each project. Think about the quality time you could spend with your friends and family, traveling, enjoying hobbies…

It truly is possible to develop a four-hour workday, and get more done than you would in eight hours.

The best way is to focus on one project at a time. Make a list of your priorities for the week and finish them in order of importance. Put all distractions to the side and just get those things done. When you finish one, move on to the next.

Just as I've talked about with finishing products, like your info product and your book, you must develop a laser focus to get things accomplished. Don't allow yourself to be distracted or move onto new ideas. Set aside time for brainstorming the night before or first thing in the morning.

If you take the time to develop good habits, you will end up running a much simpler business, make a lot more money, and work less in the process.

The Happiest Life

keep_it_simple_wallpaper_by_gg_xfury-d66wqqySMHonestly, I can't think of a better lifestyle than working for a few, focused hours on something you're passionate about, and then having the freedom to do as you please. It truly is the dream life for so many.

Yet, it's challenging. We are constantly bombarded with “revolutionary” ideas for running a business. Jumping from this method, to that strategy, to the best guru we hear about… it's too much. So we end up making our work and our lives too complicated.

When you tune out the noise and just focus on what works, your business will thank you for it. So will your bank account, and likely those around you who care about you and would like to see you more often. Remember my motto – keep it Easy, Simple and Lucrative – it's all about E.S.L.

It also involves having a strategic approach to things, where you are clear on where you are going, which always makes it easier to figure out how you are going to get there. Figure out your strategy first, then the tactics will fall into place.

When you do what I'm suggesting above, you'll end up spending a lot less money and wasting a lot less time.

Sheryl Wolowyk is a best selling author, award winning speaker and business coach. She focuses on service professionals and “ExpertPreneurs®.” As an income acceleration coach, she helps service entrepreneurs attract more ideal clients, get paid top dollar, increase their visibility and reach. Sheryl teaches her clients how to create lucrative businesses and influential brands by positioning their expertise, and communicating their value in an authentic and genuine way that doesn’t sound ‘salesy’ or feel uncomfortable. Her clients are able to quickly build connection, garner trust, and attract a steady stream of ideal clients without having to work all the time, or sacrifice their true priorities in life.
She has built 4 million dollar businesses, is Executive Producer and host of the ExpertPreneur® Radio Show, hosts Expertpreneur® TV, and has been seen on ABC,CBS, NBC, and FOX affiliate stations. Sheryl has provided her insight and advice in Forbes Magazine and as a National columnist for America’s Premier Experts. Sheryl is also editor and publisher of ExpertPreneur® Magazine, a free digital magazine available on the Apple newsstand and Google playstore in 150 countries. She’s also a founder of the XPRIZE Education Initiatives where she works with billionaire Elon Musk and Personal Development coach Tony Robbins to change how the world