Shifting Your Thinking – The Prosperity Mindset

millionaire-mindsetThis week's blog post is going to touch on something that can be a little bit divisive.

I'm sure you have heard of The Secret and the Law of Attraction. It's nearly impossible to search online, read a magazine, or leave your house, really, without coming across an ad for some book or motivational speaker talking about it.

And many dismiss this concept as being “woo-woo” or “out there.”

They believe that it has no real ground, and the only way to success, aside from working hard, is by getting lucky or winning some sort of lottery.

Unfortunately, thinking that way prevents those people from ever finding true prosperity in life.

Because the truth is, you must have the right mindset to achieve success.

You must believe that you can accomplish what you have always dreamed about…

That you can have the wealth that you've longed for…

And, most importantly, that your desire for all of those things is not selfish.

The Beginnings of Attraction

Wallace Wattles was an American author, born in 1860, that subscribed to the “New Thought” way of thinking.

His most famous book, The Science of Getting Rich, was the foundation and inspiration for the now-popular film and book The Secret.

In his book, he challenges notions that are drilled into some people’s minds when we are young: that any desire for riches is selfish and only those who are lucky ever find success.

And the problem with these beliefs is that as we grow older they become self-limiting – we never reach our true potential because we don't truly believe that we can or should.

Wallace believed that people desire riches so that they may become all that they can be, which is the most noble cause of all.

Without wealth, you can not make use of things, and without things, you can not reach your full potential.

This may sound materialistic, but the focus is on bettering yourself. People who have financial freedom, usually have the most options for their own development. You may use your wealth to acquire things, help others, or allow time for your own development but you have more options when you have wealth.

And in becoming rich and improving yourself, you inspire others to do the same.

To him, that is the greatest way to combat poverty and suffering in the world.

So how can we change our thinking to set ourselves up for success?

The foundation of the law of attraction is as such: “There is thinking stuff from which all things are made. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought. A person can impress his thought upon formless substance and cause the thing he thinks about to be created.”

In a nutshell, there is an abundance of wealth in the world, and we just have to visualize what we want, truly believe it is attainable, and start taking actions to receive it.

If it doesn't exist already, it will come into existence by your thoughts, your belief in it, and your actions. Now it doesn't just happen by thinking it. You'll notice I mentioned taking action. The key is to take a lot of action, moving you forward and bringing about what you believed you could achieve. As a business coach, I'm all about taking action, but to often I see my clients holding themselves back because of their self-limiting beliefs.

When you create a powerful vision for where you want to go, truly believe you can get there, and take action, it's amazing what you can do. Kind of empowering, isn't it?

The real beauty of this mindset is in the next law that Wallace introduces: “A person must pass from the competitive to the creative mind.”

This goes back to our “Market of One” conversation; you are unique and bring a special perspective to your industry.

You do not need to compete with others to succeed.

If someone has something that you want, you do not need to take it from him to have it. There will be another for you to obtain.

Focus your energy on being creative and giving your all to your passions, and your thoughts will become a reality.

This leads to the last, and possibly most important law of all: the law of gratitude.

You can do every single thing that this book tells you to do, but you will never find the success that you desire without gratitude for what you already have.

Again, this might sound cheesy, but really take a moment and think about your life. What do you have? Most likely a roof over your head, friends and family, and a source of income.

You have so many things that others don't have; you need to appreciate them.

And you need to appreciate the things that you will have.

The hardest part of this way of thinking is believing that you have these successes before they actually manifest in your life.

But that belief is what spurs you to take the actions necessary to make those things a tangible reality.

What Do Others Have to Say About This?

I recognize that a lot of these ideas can be difficult to digest. After all, most of us have grown up in very “realist” households.

Your parents have probably said to you at some point, “money doesn't grow on trees” or “money is the root of all evil”.

Both of those statements, while most likely from a loving place, are very damaging and can convince you of failure before you even try to do anything.

You must get rid of those limiting beliefs.

There are a number of contemporary authors and speakers who expand upon Mr. Wattles' concepts and relate them to modern times.

For example, Dan Kennedy, says to maximize success you have to do what the rich do:

Make money, save money, and give money.

Dan suggests you create 2 bank accounts, and define percentages of every dollar you make. Perhaps 10% goes to charity, 20% goes to savings, and the rest goes to your bills and debt.

The key here is in the giving – it will liberate you and keep you feeling positive and prosperous.

Peter Diamandis, an incredibly well-known American engineer and physician and friend of mine, recently released a book called Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think.

The book really drills home the concept that there is plenty to go around for everyone to prosper.

He believes that we should be optimistic, because despite the issues we've seen with technology, we are reaching a breakthrough that will save us from many of our current issues and bring a wealth of opportunity to everyone on earth.

This brings up the point that many people operate with a “scarcity mentality” – this is particularly true for entrepreneurs. They believe that there aren't enough clients to go around, they won't be able to pay their bills, and constantly fear what tomorrow will bring.

You need to stop worrying.

There is plenty of everything to go around. You just have believe that your dreams are achievable, and return to focusing on what is possible, not the unattainable. And you must take the action to make it happen.

Challenge Yourself

I truly believe that of everything I have shared with you thus far, this is going to be the hardest for you to accept.

Changing your fundamental beliefs can be a monumental task.

But please understand that what I've shared with you in this blog post is 100% real.

It has worked for so many successful people and it will work for you.

Take the time to really define what your dreams are. See them. Believe them. Start thinking about them as if they've already happened.

You will be shocked by the transformation that will happen when you start doing this.

Prosperity will come flowing to you faster than you ever realized, and your biggest dreams will become a reality, when you demonstrate that you are ready to receive them.

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