The Consultant’s Most Useful Client-Getting Tool

As an Expertpreneur®, you have a wealth of options for gaining clients.

You can create a powerful lead generation system to draw prospects into your world… develop quality, actionable content to showcase your unique expertise and perspective… and convert with irresistible offers that shoot straight to their heart. All pushing them towards “pulling the trigger” and working with you.

However, while effective, none of these strategies have the conversion power of one special tool. A tool so persuasive, you're almost guaranteed results if you use it.

I'm referring to the discovery call. And, believe me, it could dramatically transform your business.

That's why today I'm showing you what makes discovery calls so powerful and how you can implement them in your business, no matter your industry.

You'll discover just how effectively you can convert prospects to clients…

Why discovery calls are the most powerful proof you can provide for your services…

And the key questions you need to ask to make your prospect eager for more.

The Power of the Discovery Call

discovery call

Think about the last big purchase you made for personal development.

Perhaps you were thinking about getting in shape for a marathon… looking to improve your business… or seeking a life coach to help you through a difficult time. Chances are, you had to make a decision about who to work with.

How did you ultimately decide? Perhaps you researched expert's websites…. maybe you got on a mailing list and read a few blog posts… or you just looked at Amazon reviews for their products.

The point is, you wanted to find out if they're really who they say they are. And, more importantly, if they're right for you. Which can take a little while.

Now, let's say you were looking for a personal trainer. In your search, you stumbled across a fitness expert who offers a free half hour phone call to discuss your situation. No strings attached, no getting bombarded with pitches – just a good old fashioned chat.

You might consider taking them up on that. After all, what do you have to lose?

So, you fill out the contact form and request your time for the free call. They get back to you quickly to confirm and you get a little excited – you're taking a huge step in improving your life!

Finally, the day comes. You sit down, get comfortable, and prepare yourself… this is it!

The expert calls you and greets you warmly. You make small talk and they briefly go over the purpose of the call. They want to get to know you and offer you as much help as they can in this short time.

So, they ask you questions about life – what do you do for a living? What are your hours? Do you have time in your day to exercise? What are your eating habits like? Do you live with family, friends, or a romantic partner?

They care so much, the answers just flow from your mouth. You happily share everything you can about yourself and feel like you're talking to a friend.

Then, after about twenty minutes go by, the fitness expert starts giving you their assessment. They came up with a few quick fixes for your day-to-day schedule to achieve your fitness goals. Add a few fruit and veggies here, take away a snack there. Throw in 15 minutes of exercise here, and so on.

You're frantically writing down everything they have to say. You can't believe how much information they're giving you – and for free. You truly believe they are the solution to your problems.

Once you're at the end of the call, they wish you the best of luck on your fitness journey. And tell you to reach out with any further questions. And that they can keep you on track and give you an even more detailed plan for your success.

When you hang up the phone you think… “Wow! That was amazing! They really know what they're talking about and I really believe I can do this. I should call them again.”

Now, when you implement their ideas, who is the first person you're going to want to talk to when you hit an obstacle or achieve a milestone? Who is the person you are going to recommend to others? Who are you most likely to spend a lot of money with down the road?

That's the power of a discovery call. It's your opportunity as an expert to show people exactly what you do, get them to start the process of working with you, and knock them off the fence into becoming your client.

Why Discovery Calls Work


Through that story, you can see the appeal of a discovery call. It's your chance as an Expert to get “face-to-face” time with your prospects and prove your worth, without having to sell anything.

However, it's more than just that. Discovery calls help you immediately overcome objections in the decision-making process.

First, you're helping your prospect see problems or challenges they didn't know they had. For example, if you eat three sandwiches every day, you might not realize that could affect your fitness goals. After all, they're easy to make.

Here comes a fitness expert that not only tells you sandwiches are holding you back from success, but gives you simple alternatives you can try immediately. Talk about providing value!

The same goes for any kind of coach. You have the ability to see problems your prospect probably doesn't recognize. That's a fantastic opportunity to show off your knowledge and get them on your side.

Second, discovery calls frame your services around providing solutions, not selling a product.

Because you spend the entire call getting to know your prospect and helping them understand what's wrong and what they can do to solve the problem, you're selling without selling. You're proving you're in it to help, not just make a quick buck. And that's huge when trying to get clients on board.

Third, it's a fantastic opportunity to establish the consequences of inaction. When you listen to all of these problems your prospect has, you get to know first hand what their dreams are and what's holding them back.

By discovering this, you can not only tell them how to make a change to achieve what they want, you can show them how not taking action will affect them negatively. For example, if you're a business coach and your prospect is refusing to speak at industry events for their business, you can show them how they're setting themselves up for failure.

They may not realize they're on that path. You have the power to make them aware and teach them how to avoid failure. Ideally, encouraging them into working with you, so as not to continue to do things wrong.

Finally, you're actually starting the coaching process without them realizing it. They've already spilled their heart out to you and you've given them valuable advice. So, it's a natural extension to keep working with you.

Essentially, this is your chance to give your client 100%. Get to know them inside-and-out, make them feel comfortable with you, and excite them about how you can change their lives.

What will happen is they'll grow close to you quickly, and believe you're on their side. They'll see first hand how much you know and they will grow to trust you. Ultimately, you'll develop a loyal follower who will most likely become a client.

So, how can you make sure you're asking the right questions to have a real impact on them? Luckily it's not too complicated.

What to Ask Your Prospects


The key to a successful discovery call is asking the right questions. Getting in deep so they tell you everything you need to know to help them.

what to ask

First of all, you want to get to the bottom of what their problems are now. So, if you're a business coach, you might ask:

Q: What made you decide to start your business?
A: I love teaching others how to play the violin and wanted to build a business around doing that.

Q: Who is your target market and why did you choose them?
A: Anyone who wants to play the violin, I guess…

Q: How are you promoting your services?
A: I put an ad in the local newspaper.

These questions give you a lot intelligence to work from. You know what the prospect loves, and you can clearly see what they're doing wrong. They don't have a clear target demographic and aren't advertising nearly enough.

However, you don't want to just lash out and tell them they're doing it all wrong. Let them share their fears and frustrations themselves . A great way to do that is by asking “comparison questions.” For example:

Q: How has your business developed since you started six months ago?
A: I have a few students I work with regularly. About 10 per week. The money is okay, but I still work full-time as an elementary school teacher.

Q: What have your sales been like since you started newspaper ads?
A: I get a few bites each week, but not too much. Most of my students come from the school I already teach at. But I don't have a lot of time with my regular job.

Q: What kinds of clients have you attracted since you started?
A: Mostly my students. I have a few elderly students who want to play while in retirement. They're a lot of fun.

These get to the heart of the matter and encourage the prospect to open up. In doing so, they feel more connected to you and you're able to give them even better advice.

You have a lot to play with here. Now you can dissect their current strategies, let them know why they're not working, and provide simple, easy-to-apply solutions.

For example, you could give suggestions based on what they've told you: perhaps have them record themselves teaching basic techniques and put them on YouTube. Or start offering group classes for more casual students so you can maximize the time they have. Anything you tell them will get them thinking about how they can do better.

You can bet they'll be so impressed with you they'll be dying to work with you again. And you'll finally have that client you've been hoping for.

You Can Do This


Just by doing what you love – communicating with your ideal prospects and helping them transform their lives, you're putting yourself way ahead of your competition. And practically guaranteeing they become paying clients.

That's the beauty of doing this. All you have to do is study the example questions in this post and come up with a few that work for you. The discovery call can be any length, though the longer you have with your prospect, the closer you'll get.

What you'll find is you'll help a lot more people and get more business faster and easier than ever. All you have to do is take the leap and give it a whirl. You'll be so glad you did!

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