Total Clarity About What You Want (And What You Don’t Want)

ClarityLast week we talked about the importance of focus to your success as an Expertpreneur™. Not only will it help you reach your goals faster, but it will eliminate the inevitable distractions that come along with your entrepreneurial mind. But there's another element that is equally crucial to your success. Something that can tip the scales in your favor, and help you achieve your dreams faster than ever before. It also separates the best from the rest. Clarity is knowing what you want, and what you don't want in life, and in business. It's the pure, undiluted picture of your dreams, goals, and aspirations, along with understanding where you don't want to be. Understanding both sides of that coin is critically important. Today, I'm going to show you how to achieve absolute clarity in your business, and why that will take you to heights you never thought you'd achieve… You'll uncover a simple exercise to find your clarity and keep it from getting fuzzy… I'll show you the formula for wealth and freedom, guaranteed to catapult you to success… And a secret of Olympic athletes that give them the winning edge.

What Do You Really Want?

We spend a lot of our time as Expertpreneurs™ researching our target audience. We find out their hopes, dreams, fears, and problems. What keeps them up at night, and what is the root of their ambitions. But how often do we do that for ourselves? It can be difficult, even scary, to sit down and analyze what you want. I think that is the reason some people never reach for the stars. It requires you to look at what is great, what isn't great, and where you want to be. Sometimes that can be really challenging, and emotionally draining. But if you don't spend time trying to figure out what you want (and don't want), how will you possibly achieve it? So this is the exercise I want you to do ASAP. Sit down today, and start writing down everything you don't want. It might seem strange, but think about your life, your business and your goals. What is happening right now that you wish wasn't happening? What direction do you never want to go? When you are 80 years old, what will you regret not removing from your life? For some, it's the job they're currently stuck in. They always say they're going to quit, but stay because it's safe. Or perhaps it's where you live. Or maybe you are unhappy with your social situation. It could be anything, really, but you need to address it and put it in writing. Once you've fleshed out the list of things you don't want in your life, and your business, you can move on to the fun part – what you do want. Perhaps it's to live in a certain city, or near a beach. Maybe it's to be happily married with two children, with a successful business and the freedom to travel. Whatever it is, again, you need to write it down. Hold nothing back. Once you've created those two lists, I want you to do something with them. Post them on the wall next to where you work. Somewhere visible every single day. Because the more you look at these goals written out, the more clarity you will have about how to reach them. And if you start to see something from the “don't want” list creeping into your life, you'll be able to recognize it early. This is about knowing the big picture of what you want, and preparing your mind for making it a reality. Frankly, as Brian Tracy puts it, “It's not a goal if it's not written down.”

What to Do With Your Goals?

GoalsOnce your goals are written down, you are already miles ahead of most of the population. You've analyzed your life, you know what you want and don't want, and are ready to take action. Yet, figuring out where to go from there can be difficult. How do you break it down into steps? What can you do to achieve this? This is where you can use this basic formula to get what you want out of life: I + S + A = Wealth and Freedom, where I = intent (your goals), S = strategy (how you will make them reality), and A = action (the steps you need to take to make it happen). Once you've done the previous exercise, you've already laid your intent out in front of you. “I want to have this in my life. I don't want this in my business.” That's great! The next step is to develop a strategy. You know you want to build your successful Expertpreneur™ business. But how much do you want to earn from it? In how many years? Doing how many hours of work per day or per week? How many people do you want to help? If you wish to make $100,000 a year from your Expertpreneur™ business in 2 years, you must have a clear plan of how you will achieve this. Now, through the marketing and sales strategies I have shown you in past blog posts, in my Platform Newsletter, and in my Expertpreneur™ Magazine, you can develop specific steps to get there. Perhaps you're a relationship expert who really loves public speaking, and part of your “wish list” is to make a living doing that. You know you need to get out there and promote yourself. All while building up a list of people who are interested in what you speak about, so you can sell tickets to events, and eventually develop a line of products or services. Break this down into a timeline: You want to have your first speaking gig within a month. Then two in the next month, and so on. You'll also post a new article to your blog every week, and release a podcast once a month, to establish authority. You will also create a free report for lead generation, on a topic where you can provide value for your readers and demonstrate your insight and expertise. Now you have a plan, a strategy to guide you. Now all that's left is to take action! If it sounds simple, it's because it is! Becoming successful with your dream business is not rocket science – it just takes patience, planning, action and determination. Take the time to know what you want, and how to get there, and you'll arrive in no time!

The Olympic Secret

Olympic SecretNow that you've created your lists and put together your strategy for success, you are on your way to achieving your dreams. But there is one extra element that can give you a boost even through the hardest times. For example, every single person at the Olympics is at the top of his or her game. They are in peak physical shape, and all have a chance at the gold. So, how is it that some rise to get the gold medal, and some don't? The short answer is: they hone their mental game. Often using visualization as a tool. Chances are you've heard of The Secret and other new-age concepts to help people achieve their dreams. And while some of these methods seem far-fetched, there is a truth to their foundation: people who take time to visualize their success find success. I can actually give you a personal story attesting to this. Believe it or not, I used to be a varsity athlete at University. And in my 3rd year as a student, we made it to the national championships. We lost in the semi-finals and ended up with a bronze metal. Before we flew home we got to watch the final match. After seeing the final game, we realized, “hey, we're actually good enough to win this thing.” The problem was, we didn't believe we could until we witnessed the final game, and saw that the two teams playing for gold were no better than we were. The difference was, they believed they should be playing for gold, and we had doubts about our ability. We had been satisfied just to make it to the National Championship tournament. But no more… For the next year, my final year in University, we made our goals crystal clear. We would settle for no less than the championship title from nationals. Of course, that meant we had to train harder, and focus on every step along the way. We treated every game as if it were the championship game, and worked better together than ever before. We took time every day to picture winning the championship game and we were clear on what we needed to do to get there. And you know what? Not only did we win that year. But we were undefeated along the way. When visualization meets talent and drive, the possibilities are limitless. Studies show basketball players who visualize free-throws, in addition to practicing them outright, perform better than those who just practice. Proving you can achieve anything you set your mind to. A great way to remind yourself of your goals is to print up or cut out pictures of what you want. A business associate of mine really wanted to live in the Caribbean, in Grenada. So he put up a picture of a house in Grenada in his office, and looked at it every day for 5 years. He now lives in Grenada during the winter months. Conditioning your mind to believe that you can achieve what you want is crucial to getting there. You'll work harder and doubt yourself less. You'll also be able to get back on track faster when there are setbacks. The mind is a powerful thing, indeed.

Clarity for Success

Success is by design, not by accident. People who have made it far in life, who have built businesses, won championships, etc… don't just find themselves in that position one day after a life of bumbling around. They work hard and never stop pushing towards their dreams. And that unstoppable drive comes from having the clarity of what they want, creating a plan and taking purposeful action. It's the only way to make it through all of the road blocks. And go from where you are now, to where you want to be. I want to see you succeed with your Expertpreneur™ business. You have the talent and passion to be great, and live the life of your dreams. But you need to do the work of digging deep to find out what you truly want. And how you will get it. It may be hard, and emotionally taxing, but it will be worth it in the long run. You'll look back when you are retired and think “this is exactly what I wanted my life to be.” How many people can truly say that?

About Sheryl Wolowyk

Sheryl Wolowyk is a best selling author, award winning speaker and business coach. She focuses on service professionals and “ExpertPreneurs®." As an income acceleration coach, she helps service entrepreneurs attract more ideal clients, get paid top dollar, increase their visibility and reach. Sheryl teaches her clients how to create lucrative businesses and influential brands by positioning their expertise, and communicating their value in an authentic and genuine way that doesn’t sound ‘salesy’ or feel uncomfortable. Her clients are able to quickly build connection, garner trust, and attract a steady stream of ideal clients without having to work all the time, or sacrifice their true priorities in life.

She has built 4 million dollar businesses, is Executive Producer and host of the “Expertpreneurs®” Radio Show, hosts Expertpreneur® TV, and has been seen on ABC,CBS, NBC, and FOX affiliate stations. Sheryl has provided her insight and advice in Forbes Magazine and as a National columnist for America’s Premier Experts. Sheryl is also editor and publisher of ExpertPreneur® Magazine, a free digital magazine available on the Apple newsstand and Google playstore in 150 countries. She’s also a founder of the XPRIZE Education Initiatives where she works with billionaire Elon Musk and Personal Development coach Tony Robbins to change how the world educates.

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