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time, money, quality Are you tired of inconsistent cash flow?

Constantly trading time for money?

Working with energy-draining clients?


Then this is for you: the ultimate solution for generating a steady stream of cash, attracting Ideal clients, and selling 24/7. All wrapped up in a simple, turn-key package you can directly implement in your business.

Our client-generation solution combines the magnetic power of storytelling with tried-and-true online marketing principles to develop and optimize:


  •  An inspiring webinar.
  •  Compelling communications required to get your Ideal Clients to attend.
  •  A powerful, value-packed product or service for them to buy.

And here's the kicker: we'll do all of the work for and with you, allowing you to focus on what you do best – sharing your unique genius with the world.

Webinars are proven lead generation and money-making machines. And highly optimized webinars tied to a strong product or service can easily draw in $100,000 worth the sales time and again…

All it takes it making sure every element is in the right place and attracting exactly the right kinds of people.

Our team of master script writers, marketers, copywriters and product development experts have successfully created these systems many times before. And we're so confident in our ability to create a lucrative, automated webinar cash machine for you that we're willing to bet half of our fee on it.

The Done for You Webinar Cash Machine is an amazing program, from the support to create the story that attracts clients, to the email sequence and multiple campaigns, you covered all the bases. Had I met you at the beginning of my online business journey I would have saved about $68,529.13.

And besides the money, there was the time invested in my learning curve plus courses and workshops that I attended to end up with only 15% of what you provide in your Done For You Webinar Cash Machine. This is the best way to get in the online business arena by far.

Rennie Gabriel, CLU, CFP®
UCLA Instructor and award-winning, best-selling author

Share your unique genius

So, if you're ready to step off the income roller-coaster…
Start working with the clients you've dreamed of for years…
And generate $100,000 worth the sales (without lifting a finger)…

Then email Sheryl Wolowyk at Sheryl@expertelevation.com with Webinar Cash Machine in the subject line to schedule your Webinar Cash Machine strategy session. You’ll receive a convenient time to discuss your business goals and walk through the entire process to see if you can benefit from leveraging automated webinars to bring thousands of dollars into your business.

P.S. Just for having a strategy session with Sheryl, we'll give you our Make More Money Marketing System (worth $497) created by Sheryl Wolowyk and legendary sales guru Brian Tracy for free.


In this 6 DVD series you’ll:

  • Find your ‘money spot’ to create exponential revenue growth
  • Determine your ideal market niche and gain clarity around your Ideal Client to attract people you love to work with
  • Brand your business so you differentiate yourself and stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Earn more money by attracting clients who happily pay you what you’re worth
  • Utilize leverage strategies to maximize your ROI, automate processes, and have your business earning money even while you sleep
  • Develop and implement a marketing system that will create a lucrative business

This program sells for $497 but is yours absolutely FREE just for jumping on a call with us to find out more about our Done-For-You Webinar Cash Machine service.


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