August 2016 Featured Article

Why You Need to Finish That Info Product

finish lineDo you remember back in college when you had a big paper due? You knew your topic, did all of your research, but every time you sat down to write it you got distracted and found something “better” to do?

Slowly the deadline snuck up on you, and you started to panic. You knew you had to finish it, but you couldn't fight procrastination.

Finally, it was the night before the due date. You had to finish it or you would fail the class. So you stayed up all night, hunched over, and wrote whatever came to mind. You just put it together and turned it in.

All too familiar, right?

The funny thing is, this happens all throughout our lives. And once you're out of the school environment and working for yourself, no one is giving you a deadline. You're no longer accountable to anyone but yourself.

So we put off important things in our business because we aren't forced to concentrate. And as an Expertpreneur®, the biggest victim is also a very important thing you can create as part of your business: your info product.

As a consultant, coach, author, or speaker you definitely should consider having an info product to position yourself well and to create a lucrative passive source of revenue. So, in this newsletter, I'm going to talk about how to overcome these roadblocks, so you can create the best info product possible, and get it out to your market.

You'll learn the secret to beating the dreaded P's…

One tip that can save you months of extra work…

And how much you stand to earn by finishing your first info product…

Getting it Done

get it doneThere are two inherent human instincts that prevent us from accomplishing everything we want: perfectionism and procrastination.

Think about the story I brought up in the beginning of this article. Why could we never bring ourselves to finish those papers in school?

  1. We put things off as long as humanly possible. Especially daunting tasks that will take a lot of time and effort.
  2. We tend to obsess over things being perfect. Which prevents us from ever finishing them.

See how they go hand-in-hand? Perfectionism and procrastination create a vicious cycle of getting nothing accomplished.

So, how is it that so many Expertpreneurs® are so prolific? They seem to churn out info products month after month.

The key here is they understand that “good enough is good enough,” as Dan Kennedy once said. No info product will ever be perfect, no matter how hard you try.

You just have to go for it. As long as it offers a solution to a problem your ideal prospect has, it's great. If you realize later something could be improved, then you can change it. There are no rules against that.

What you must never do is sit on a project forever because you are scared something might be “wrong” with it. If you do that, you'll procrastinate until the end of time.

Because in real life, no one is giving you a deadline. There is no final crunch where someone is breathing down your neck, threatening to fail you for not finishing your info product.

With that said, you must regularly dedicate time to crafting your product. Don't allow other projects, or social events, or family problems to get in the way. This is the most important thing you can do for your business, whether you're creating an information product or getting other important projects done.

By putting it off you only hurt yourself. And risk hurting your business, staying hopelessly stuck in the “trading time for money” trap.

Make it Simple

Your info product does not have to be a saga of epic proportions. In fact, breaking your expertise down into accessible, digestible pieces is the best way to attack it.

And the most lucrative way for your business.

You see, as I've mentioned in the past, you are the expert, your client is not. They don't know everything you know. In fact, they may know nothing about what you know.

That is a good thing. Because that means a little helpful information will go a long way.

When you start working on your first info product, you can start at a very basic level. Cover that level as thoroughly as possible, making it easy to understand, digestible, and actionable.

Then, when you finish, you can focus on a new product for a different level.

For example, if you are a relationship coach, your ideal clients might be young married couples. But, even though they are young, there are still more stages of marriage to experience. Perhaps you have a product for newlyweds. Then one for marriage after one year, three years, five years…

I'm not a relationship expert myself, but you get the point: even among your ideal clients, there will be different levels such as a beginner, intermediate and advanced level. So you choose a place to start, and move on once you are finished.

Not only will your catalogue of products grow, it will allow different points of entry for new clients, expanding your reach and profitability.

In time, you can even turn your info products into a suite. Imagine if you offered those relationship products, as part of a product ascension strategy, where your prospect can access one product after another as they move through the first 10 years of a marriage. You would create loyalty to your expertise for 10 years of their life.

Not a bad life cycle for a client, right?

The Potential

The fact is, once you have an effective info product, things start to really change for your business.

First of all, it becomes your calling card. The thing people can check out first to see if they want to invest in coaching with you. Or attend your live events.

Look at AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc), for example. They offer a bevy of courses for making a living as a writer. However, their flagship course is the Accelerated Copywriting Program. And that's the most common point of entry for their members.

But once you've taken that course, you'll see how many ways you can further your success by consuming other more specific or advanced courses. You could learn about niches like travel or the health industry. You can learn how to create a web presence for your business. The list goes on and on.

These establish AWAI as an authority. Then, through content and email marketing, they encourage customers who purchase these products to attend events, where they can learn more and meet more people. Perpetuating the positive relationship, and focusing on growth to build their businesses.

The point is, it all works as an ecosystem to retain clients, allowing them to get what they need, when they need it, at their own pace. No matter where their interests lie, there's a way in. And a way up into higher, even more helpful solutions.

All thanks to targeted info products.

An info product will also be your first avenue to building strong passive income in your expert business. If you create an effective sales page, strong marketing funnel, and easy-to-use check out system, customers can purchase your product anytime, even while you're sleeping. And all you have to do is tweak your marketing system every month or so to make sure it's running smoothly.

You'll also open the doors for joint venture (JV) and Affiliate relationships. When you have a flagship info product, like the AWAI copywriting course, you can strike deals with other marketers to sell each other's products. AWAI sells a Dan Kennedy “Copywriting for the Info Marketing Industry” course once a year or so. And he sends staff to attend AWAI events to meet, and potentially hire, hopeful writers.

These relationships are only possible if you have something to represent your business. A product that provides a solution to a target market's problems. Something they can use and get results from.

Just Do It

just do itNot to steal Nike's slogan, but there's no better way to put this. You have to start working on your info product and get it done.

No more excuses; no more delays. Make it happen. You will thank me once you're finished.

(And to help you get started, you can get a copy of my Free Special Report.. How to Create Your First Info Product, right here.

You have valuable information and expertise to share, and the more ways your prospects can access it, the better. If they can buy something that embodies who you are and what you have to share, your business will start to boom.

They'll tell their friends about their relationship with you. They'll start following your content updates, and become an active member of your community. They'll go to your live events.

The possibilities are endless. But what I can guarantee is you'll go from an expert with a side-job to a true Expertpreneur® living the life of your dreams.