Why You’re Not Creating More Clients

You've put a lot of time and energy into generating leads.

You've developed a valuable lead magnet…created targeted ads to attract your Ideal Clients as prospects… and inspired them with a powerful landing page to opt in and download it. All helping you build a large list of qualified prospects.

However, once they're on your list the momentum seems to stop. They stop responding to emails, clicking on links, and rarely, if ever, make a purchase. And you can't help but wonder, “what am I doing wrong?”

The most likely problem is that you're skipping essential steps in the process of converting prospects. A process that is vital to generating a steady stream of loyal clients.

That's why today I'm going to take you through the proven formula for creating more clients. Guaranteeing you build a more profitable business and help more people than ever before.

You'll discover the best way to get your prospects to fawn over you…

How to position yourself as their “trusted advisor…”

And the secret to getting them to open their wallets at the mere mention of a product…

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You're Wasting Your Money

All too often, Expertpreneurs® obsess over lead generation as the be all end all to their problems. At least, that's what the internet marketers hocking those products would like you to believe.

They tell you that if you generate a huge list, your business will suddenly start booming. You'll be able to send one email selling a product and create a huge cash windfall every time. Your business will practically run itself!

Unfortunately, that's just not how things work…

Asking a lead to become a customer right away is akin to meeting someone you like in a bar and saying, “Hi… let's get married!” You're asking for a huge commitment with absolutely no relationship whatsoever. It's ridiculous.

Sure, a few prospects here and there may buy something you offer, but they certainly won't stick around for more. And the percentage will be so low that you'll end up losing money on advertising costs.

While having a list is important to your business, you need a proven formula to convert those prospects into paying clients. And the best method is using an education-based marketing system.

With education-based marketing, you provide value to your prospects the second they get on your list, and continue to do so throughout their time in your business. Always putting their best interests first.

Why your not creating more clients. April

Prove You Care

What this does is prove to your prospects that you care and you know what you're talking about. You showcase your expertise by giving them the best information they can find to help them with their problems and achieve their dreams.

What do you think will happen if you merely bring leads in, send them a thank you email for joining the list and offer them a product? Nothing, really. They may buy it, but it's more likely they'll see you as a money grubbing marketer and ignore you.

With education-based marketing you'll develop a much better and more profitable relationship. They'll get excited to hear from you, and appreciate everything you're giving them for free.

In fact, the more value you offer at no cost, the better off you'll be. Because when you do finally go for a sale, they'll eat it up with very little resistance. Just because you treated them like a human being, not dollar signs.

So, how can you make sure you're taking them down the right path? Take them by the hand down the road to achieving the transformation they desire.

Why your not creating more clients April

Your Prospect's Journey

When a prospect enters your world, they’re taking their first step on a journey to experiencing a transformation. They have problems, fears, hopes, and dreams, and want to overcome them and improve their life.

You need to respect the time this takes and ease them down the path. If you rush them through it, they’re going to get turned off and run away.

In fact, it's a lot like the hero's journey you see in many books and movies. The hero rarely realizes their true potential within the first 30 seconds of the movie, right? They usually need time to sort things out first.

You want to be the person to help them through that process of discovery and growth. By doing so, they'll eventually realize they can change their lives and you're the one who can guide them.

Think about a classic like Lord of the Rings. Gandalf, the wise sage-like character, comes along and introduces a problem to our hero, Frodo. The ring he inherited is dangerous and he needs to leave his comfortable home to take care of it.

Of course, Frodo is resistant. He knew something was funny about the ring, but wasn't quite ready to take the leap to do anything about it. It was only after time and developing trust in Gandalf that he was ready to “take his hand” and go.

While this is a fantastical story, the core elements ring true. Even when we know we have a problem, we aren't always ready to jump in and solve it right away. That's why you need to educate your prospects in what's wrong and how you can help.

If you take the time to show how much you care, your prospect will come to understand just how bad things are, start to trust you, and agree to go on the journey. Meaning they'll convert into a quality customer.

And to do this effectively, each and every time, you need to take them through a tried-and-true client conversion formula.

The Client Conversion Formula

This formula is so reliable, I highly recommend you pull out a notebook or legal pad and write it down as a chart. Because you're going to want to use it for every single person who comes into your world.

Without further ado, here are the three major steps to converting prospects into clients:

1) Follow-Up Communications – As soon as your lead comes into your world, you want to send them communications that reinforce why they opted into your list.

Chances are, they came to you because you offered a targeted opt-in that spoke to their problems and fears, or hopes and desires. Your follow-up communications should remind them of why they wanted it and encourage them to consume it.

2) Education-based Marketing – Over the next ten to fifteen days you want to start building a relationship with your prospect. So you need to figure out what value and education you can give them to lead them from where they are to how your front-end product can help them.

Not only that, but this is your big opportunity to position yourself as their trusted advisor. So you want to share content chock-full of actionable, valuable tips. Give them the groundwork for solving their problem and lay out the steps they can take to overcome it.

And, as always, you want to keep their best interests in mind at all time. Never push a “hard sale.” That's a one-way ticket to losing your prospect.

3) Make an Offer – Once you've taken them by the hand and shown them who you are, how you can help them, and proven that you are the best choice for them to get the help they're looking for, you can go for your first sale. Typically, it's best to offer an inexpensive front-end product that goes deeper into the solution you introduced in your lead magnet and communications.

By this point, your prospect's walls are down from your valuable, selfless communications. They see you as a trusted advisor and recognize your ability to help them. So they won't need much of a “hard pitch” to take the leap.

As Peter Drucker said, “the aim of marketing is to make sales superfluous.” Since you've spent so much time setting the stage for your sale, they won't be nearly as resistant as they would if you just hit them with it right away.

Transform Your Sales Process For the Better

I promise if you write these steps down and implement them in your business, you'll have much better relationships with your prospects and many more sales. You'll help others in a meaningful way. And isn't that what it's all about as an Expertpreneur®?

So, take a look at your business and see how you can incorporate this formula today. Find ways to provide more value to your prospects, and start generating the quality, loyal clients you deserve.

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Sheryl Wolowyk is a best selling author, award winning speaker and business coach. She focuses on service professionals and “ExpertPreneurs®." As an income acceleration coach, she helps service entrepreneurs attract more ideal clients, get paid top dollar, increase their visibility and reach. Sheryl teaches her clients how to create lucrative businesses and influential brands by positioning their expertise, and communicating their value in an authentic and genuine way that doesn’t sound ‘salesy’ or feel uncomfortable. Her clients are able to quickly build connection, garner trust, and attract a steady stream of ideal clients without having to work all the time, or sacrifice their true priorities in life.

She has built 4 million dollar businesses, is Executive Producer and host of the “Expertpreneurs®” Radio Show, hosts Expertpreneur® TV, and has been seen on ABC,CBS, NBC, and FOX affiliate stations. Sheryl has provided her insight and advice in Forbes Magazine and as a National columnist for America’s Premier Experts. Sheryl is also editor and publisher of ExpertPreneur® Magazine, a free digital magazine available on the Apple newsstand and Google playstore in 150 countries. She’s also a founder of the XPRIZE Education Initiatives where she works with billionaire Elon Musk and Personal Development coach Tony Robbins to change how the world educates. www.expertelevation.com

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